1971 – HP Journal Index

January 1971 v.22 n.5

Cover: Half-module and rack versions of the HP Model 3480A/B

A New High-speed Multifunction DVM. Plug-ins provide true rms ac capability as well as dc and ohms. Reading speed is 1000 per second of ohms and dc, by Lee Thompson, Craig Walter, H. Mac Juneau, pg 2-15. 3480A, 3480B 3481A, 3482A, 3484A.

What is the HP Model 3480A?, pg 12

Electrical Isolation: Coupling from Low to Chassis, pg 13

[Authors:] H. Mac Juneau, Lee Thompson, Craig Walter, pg 16

February 1971 v.22 n.6

HP/CAI. This computer-assisted-instruction or CAI, system makes impressive contributions to the state of the art of CAI. It’s a combination of field-proven hardware, a standard computer language, and well tested curricula. The first curriculum is an elementary mathematics drill and practice program, by Samuel D. Edwards, William G. Ansley, pg 2-10

HP/CAI – In the Beginning, pg 3. Computer-Assisted-Instruction.

HP/CAI – The Future, pg 9. Computer-Assisted-Instruction.

[Authors:] William G. Ansley, Samuel D. Edwards, pg 10

Distortion in Complementary-Pair Class-B Amplifiers. In which the author develops, among other things, a new treatment of crossover distortion, by B. M. Oliver, pg 11-16

[Author:] Dr. Bernard [Barney] M. Oliver, pg 16

March 1971 v.22 n.7

Cover: One of the reactors at General Electric Company’s Vallecitos Nuclear Center.

On-Line Data Reduction for Nuclear Analyzers. Sniffing out minute amounts of radioactivity in our environment is just one of the talents of the versatile multichannel analyzer. Here are four multichannel analyzer systems – two of them brand new – that include on-line computing devices capable of anything from straight number crunching to completely automating the analysis, by Jonathan R. Cross, James A. Doub, John M. Stedman, pg 2-10. 5406B, 5402A.

Identifying Radioactive Materials. How multichannel analyzers work and why they need on-line data reduction, pg 4

The Systems in Action. In the following paragraphs each of the four types of multichannel-analyzer systems is described in more detail and examples are given to illustrate what each system can do, pg 5

Multichannel Analyzers and People, pg 6

[Authors:] Jonathan R. Cross, John M. Stedman, James A. Doub, pg 10

Very High and Very Low Resistances – Why and How They Are Measured. These extremes of the resistance range can tell a great deal about properties of materials and the quality of semiconductor contacts, by Yoshihisa Kameoka, Jean E. Bonhomme, pg 11-16. 4329A, 16008A, 4328A.

[Authors:] Yoshihisa Kameoka, Jean E. Bonhomme, pg 16

April 1971 v.22 n.8

Cover: Model 1930A Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Generator

Manipulating Digital Patterns with a new Binary Sequence Generator, by Edward S. Donn, pg 2-8. 1930A.

[Author:] Edward S. Donn, pg 8

How to Make a Nuclear Spectrum Hold Still. It’s simple with this new digital spectrum stabilizer, by Steven Upshinsky, pg 9-11. 5586A.

[Author:] Steven Upshinsky, pg 11

Astronomers Find Optical Timing of Pulsars More Accurate. Measuring light pulses instead of radio pulses yields more accurate information about pulsar characteristics, by Laurence D. Shergalis, pg 12-13.

[Author:] Stephen [Steve] F. Adam, pg 16

Programmable Step Attenuators Use Distributed-Thin-Film Attenuator Cards. New programmable Step Attenuators employ a special transmission-line configuration with common outer conductors, so only center conductors need to be switched, by Stephen F. Adam, pg 14-16. 33300 Series, 33300A, 33300B, 33300C, 33300D, 33301A, 33301B, 33301C, 33301D, 33304A, 33304B, 33304C, 33304D, 33305A, 33305B, 33305C, 33305D.

May 1971 v.22 n.9

Cover: Dry lake bed dramatizes ability of new 1700-series Oscilloscopes to bring lab scope performance anywhere it may be needed

A Power-Thrifty Portable Oscilloscope. A big step forward in battery-powered scope performance – up to 75 MHz bandwidth with dual-trace operation and delayed sweep – is taken by the new 1700-series Oscilloscopes, by Thomas K. Bohley, Donald R. Bloyer, Robert E. Mast, pg 2-10. 1700A, 1701A, 1707A.

No-Fuss Trigger Circuit, pg 6

High-Efficiency Power Supply, pg 6

Low-Power Amplifier, pg 7

[Authors:] Bob Mast, Tom Bohley, Don Bloyer, pg 9

NBS Publishes Revised List of Physical Constants, pg 11

Effective Stripline Device Characterization. Characterizing stripline devices for high-frequency designs requires more than elegant instrumentation – demands placed on the device-handling hardware are surprisingly severe, by George R. Kirkpatrick, pg 12-16. 11608A, 8746A.

[Author:] George R. Kirkpatrick, pg 16

June 1971 v.22 n.10

Cover: Rotational microwave spectroscopy gives exact information about the structures of molecules

The Routine Rotational Microwave Spectrometer. For the first time, it’s now a simple matter to get high-quality data using this 30-year-old technique. A new spectrometer makes the centimeter-wavelength region of the spectrum available for routine analytical work, by Howard W. Harrington, John R. Hearn, Roger F. Rauskolb, pg 2-12. 8460A.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Rotational Microwave Spectroscopy, pg 4

New HP Division for Physics and Physical Chemistry, pg 6

[Authors:] Howard W. Harrington, John R. Hearn, Roger F. Rauskolb, pg 12

An Easy Way to Analyze Graphs, by Ivar W. Larson, Dean C. Millett, pg 13-16. 9107A.

[Authors:] Ivar W. Larson, Dean C. Millett, pg 16

July 1971 v.22 n.11

Cover: The 9401B Digital Test Unit, heart of a new digital test subsystem that multiples the capabilities of these modular computer-controlled systems

General-Purpose Test System Gets Digital Capability. HP’s most general-purpose computerized automatic test system can now test digital and analog/digital electronic devices as well as purely analog devices. A new subsystem gives it a functional logic test capability, by Leif Gudnitz, Homer Tsuda, pg 2-9. 28035A.

Digital Testing versus Digital Testing, pg 4

Software Drivers and BASIC Statements for Digital Testing, pg 7

[Authors:] Leif Gudnitz, Homer Tsuda, pg 9

Optical Power Measurements Made Easy. This new low-cost radiant flux meter system gives direct radiometric measurements in the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet regions of the spectrum. It zeros and calibrates itself too, by Michael R. Mellon, Charles L. Hicks, pg 10-16. 8330A, 8334A

Multitudinous Applications, pg 14

Units of Optical Power, pg 15

[Authors:] Charles L. Hicks, Michael R. Mellon, pg 16

August 1971 v.22 n.12

Cover: A 5300A mainframe, a 5310A battery pack, a 5303A 500 MHz counter module and a makeshift antenna

Lilliputian Measuring System Does Much, Costs Little. A mainframe costing less than $400, a choice of four functional snap-on modules including a 500-MHz counter, and an unusual battery pack are the elements of this rugged, portable, MOS/LSI/LED instrument system, by Ian T. Band, Hans J. Jekat, Eric E. May, pg 2-12. 5300A, 5301A, 5302A, 5303A, 5304A, 5310A.

A Package for Portability and Serviceability, pg 9

[Authors:] Eric E. May, Hans J. Jekat, Ian T. Band, pg 11

An Almost All-Solid-State Strip-Chart Recorder. Linear motor pen drive replaces complex servo system with only one moving part, by Charles K. Michener, pg 13-16. 7123A, 7123B, 7143A, 7143B.

[Author:] Charles K. Michener, pg 16

September 1971 v.23 n.1

The Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope For the Frequency Domain: A Special Issue. As the HP spectrum analyzer family adds new members, frequency range now extends from 20 Hz to 40 GHz. There are new tracking generators and a preselector. The family is reviewed, its new additions elaborated, pg 2-3

A Fully Calibrated, Solid State Microwave Spectrum Analyzer. Microwave spectrum analysis with performance advantages previously associated only with lower frequency instruments, by Richard C. Keiter, pg 4-9. 8555A.

[Author:] Richard C. Keiter, pg 9

Tracking Generators. Tracking generators, working with spectrum analyzers, expand measuring ability, by John Page, pg 10-11. 8444A.

[Author:] John R. Page, Jr., pg 11

A Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzer. Fully calibrated spectrum analysis now is extended downwards to 20 Hz, by Irving H. Hawley, Jr., pg 12-15. 8556A, 8553B, 8554L, 8555A, 8443A, 8444A, 8445A.

[Author:] Irving H. Hawley, Jr., pg 15

October 1971 v.23 n.2

Cover: Inside the new 2100A Computer is another computer, the microprocessor, most of which fits on the two boards shown here

Price, Performance, Architecture, and the 2100A Computer. Here are the why’s behind the design of HP’s new minicomputer, by Fred F. Coury, pg 2-3

[Author:] Fred F. Coury, pg 3

Microprogramming, ROMs, Firmware and All That. Behind the scenes in HP’s new mini is a sophisticated microcomputer with its own instruction repertoire and an expandable memory, by Charles T. Leis, pg 4-9. 2100A.

ROM Simulator Tests Computer in Five Minutes, pg 8

[Author:] Charles T. Leis, pg 9

A Lot of Memory in a Small Space. This new core memory is fast, rugged, reliable and small enough to expand to 32K words inside the 2100A mainframe, by Robert J. Frankenberg, pg 10-12. 2100A.

[Author:] Robert J. Frankenberg, pg 12

A Bantam Power Supply for a Minicomputer. How do you get a 500 watt power supply with several regulated dc output voltages into half a cubic foot of space?, by Richard D. Crawford, Gregory Justice, pg 13-15

[Authors:] Richard D. Crawford, Gregory Justice, pg 15

UTC Time Scale to Change in 1972, pg 16. Coordinated Universal Time, GMT ,Greenwich Mean Time.

November 1971 v.23 n.3

Cover: Model 1810A Sampling Oscilloscope plug-in

A Scrutable Sampling Oscilloscope. Some find sampling scopes enigmatic, choosing to forego their high-frequency response and sensitivity rather than use them. Here’s a sampling scope for people who don’t like sampling scopes. New circuit ideas make it as easy to use as a real-time scope, by William Farnbach, pg 2-8. 1810A.

[Author:] William Farnbach, pg 7

Frequency Stability Measurements by Computing Counter System. Here are methods for making either time-domain or frequency-domain measurements conveniently, accurately, and with high resolution, by David Martin, pg 9-14

[Author:] David Martin, pg 14

More Informative Impedance Measurements, Swept from 0.5 to 110 MHz. An accessory Probe converts the Model 8407A Network Analyzer into a vector impedance measuring system that gives instantaneous swept display of a component’s or network’s complex impedance versus frequency. The system compensates for the effects of the Probe’s own capacitance and inductance on the measurement., by Julius K. Botka, pg 15-19. 11655A.

[Author:] Julius K. Botka, pg 19

New UTC System, pg 20. Coordinated Universal Time.

Time Step and Elimination of the Frequency Offset of the UTC System, pg 20. Coordinated Universal Time.

December 1971 v.23 n.4

Cover: John Shanahan and Hamilton Chisholm present a new signal generator that’s also a versatile synthesizer

Uniting Signal Generation and Signal Synthesis. A simultaneous solution is devised to the problems of signal generation and signal synthesis, while optimizing both for bench and automatic use, by John C. Shanahan, pg 2-13. 8660A, 8660B.

[Author:] John C. Shanahan, pg 13

The Indirect Synthesis Approach. There are many advantages but some disadvantages, pg 7

Remote Laser Interferometry. This unique remote interferometer, affectionately dubbed The Magic Cube, significantly improves the stability, accuracy, and scope of laser interferometer measurements, by Richard R. Baldwin, Andre F. Rude, Gary B. Gordon, pg 14-20. 10565A.

Magic Cube and Modules Make Many Measurements, pg 16. 10565A.

[Authors:] Richard R. Baldwin, Andre F. Rude, Gary B. Gordon, pg 20