1949 – HP Journal Index

September 1949 v.1 n.1

A New Amplifier for Milli-Microsecond Pulses, by N. B. Schrock. 460A.

October 1949 v.1 n.2

A New Frequency Standard and Time Interval Generator, by Brunton Bauer. 100D.

November 1949 v.1 n.3

Design Notes on the Resistance – Capacity Oscillator Circuit (Part I), by Brunton Bauer. 202B.

December 1949 v.1 n.4

Design Notes on the Resistance – Capacity Oscillator Circuit (Part II), by Brunton Bauer. 201B.

1950 – HP Journal Index

January 1950 v.1 n.5

Greater Reliability in UHF Impedance Measurements, by W. B. Wholey. 805A.

February 1950 v.1 n.6

A New 0.07-10 Microsecond General-Purpose Pulse Generator, by G. S. Kan. 212A.

March 1950 v.1 n.7

A New 10-500 Megacycle A-M Signal Generator, by H. E. Overacker.  608A.

April 1950 v.1 n.8

Direct Measurement of Impedance in the 50-500 MC Range, by Arthur Fong. 803A VHF, 417A VHF, 100-500 MC VHF Detector.

May 1950 v.1 n.9

Direct Reading UHF Power Measurements, by B. P. Hand. 430A, 475A, 475B.

June 1950 v.1 n.10

The Explanation for Certain Cathode-Follower Effects, by Brunton Bauer. 451A, 710A, 712A.

Extended-Range Metered Power Supply


July 1950 v.1 n.11

New 125-Volt Fast Pulse Amplifier, by N. B. Schrock. 460B.

August 1950 v.1 n.12

A New Monitor for FM Communications Services, by J. E. Stiles. 337BX.

New Aural and Video Monitors for TV Stations. 335C-D, 336C-D.

September 1950 v.2 n.1

A 3800-7600 MC Signal Generator Using a Parallel-Plane Type Resonator, by W. D. Myers. 618A.

October 1950 v.2 n.2

A 10 MC Scaler for Nuclear Counting and Frequency Measurement, by A. S. Bagley. 520A.

November 1950 v.2 n.3

The 700-Megacycle Voltmeter and Its Applications, by J. R. Petrak. 410B, 46A-95D, 452A, 453A, 455A, 458A, 459A.

Diode Replacement Kit Available for Model 410A


December 1950 v.2 n.4

A New Low-Power Klystron Supply, by J. R. Petrak. 715A.

Balanced Load Measurements with VHF Bridge, by W. B. Wholey. 803A VHF.

Repair of Hewlett-Packard Instruments


AIEE-IRE-NBS Conference on High Frequency Measurements

1951 – HP Journal Index

January 1951 v.2 n.5

The High-Speed Frequency Counter – A New Solution to Old Problems, by A. S. Bagley. 524A.

February 1951 v.2 n.6

The -hp- Program for Waveguide Type Measuring Equipment, by N. B. Schrock. 809B, 810B, 444A, 806B, S810A, 442A.

March/April 1951 v.2 n.7-8

Power Measurements from 10 to 12,400 Megacycles, by B. P. Hand, N. B. Schrock. 476A, 430B.

May 1951 v.2 n.9

Inexpensive Quality

June 1951 v.2 n.10

A New Generator of Frequencies Down to 0.01 CPS, by R. H. Brunner. 202A.

July 1951 v.2 n.11

Accuracy in -hp- Voltmeters and Oscillators, by R. M. Demere, Brunton Bauer. 400A.

August 1951 v.2 n.12

-hp- Distortion Measuring Equipment, by Brunton Bauer. 300A, 330B, 330D, 320B.

September 1951 v.3 n.1

Good Practice in Slotted Line Measurements (Part I), by W. B. Wholey

October 1951 v.3 n.2

Two New Test Sets for SHF Measurements. 623B, 624A.

Good Practice in Slotted Line Measurements (Conclusion), by W. B. Wholey. 624A, 623B.

November 1951 v.3 n.3

Recent Developments in -hp- Waveguide Type Measuring Equipment, by J. K. Hunton, N. B. Schrock. 444A, 806B.

December 1951 v.3 n.4

Oscillators for many purposes. 650A, 204A.

1952 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1952 v.3 n.5-6

Simplified Microwave Frequency Measurements Using the 10-MC Frequency Counter, by W. D. Myers. 524A.

The “Perfect Load” and the Null Shift-Aids in VSWR Measurements, by J. K. Hunton, W. B. Wholey


March/April 1952 v.3 n.7-8

A Precision Directional Coupler Using Multi-Hole Coupling, by E. F. Barnett, J. K. Hunton

May/June 1952 v.3 n.9-10

The -hp- Direct-Reading UHF Signal Generators, by Arthur Fong, W. D. Myers. 614A, 616A.

July 1952 v.3 n.11

A Novel Impedance-Measuring System Using Standard -hp- Instruments

August 1952 v.3 n.12

The -hp- Audio Signal Generators. 205AG, 205A, 205AH, 206A.

September/October 1952 v.4 n.1-2

Greater Flexibility in the -hp- 3800-7600 Mc Signal Generator, by W. D. Myers. 618B.

Measuring Large Resistances with the -hp- 410 VTVM

Checking Klystron Linearity with -hp- Equipment


November 1952 v.4 n.3

A New 100 KC Counter for Use in Electronics and Industry, by E. A. Hilton. 522B.

December 1952 v.4 n.4

Those New -hp- Oscillators, by Brunton Bauer,  B. M. Oliver. 200AB, 200CD.

Greater Power Capacity for the 8.5 – 10 KMC Test Set, by P. D. Lacy. 624B.

1953 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1953 v.4 n.5-6

More about the -hp- Precision Directional Couplers, by E. F. Barnett. 752, 750.

March/April 1953 v.4 n.7-8

A New Signal Generator for Aeronautical Radio and UHF Television, by H. E. Overacker. 612A.

Field Repair Stations


May/June 1953 v.4 n.9-10

The -hp- TV Monitor, by Robert Grimm. 335E.

July/August 1953 v.4 n.11-12

Measurements to 100 Megacycles with the -hp- Frequency Counter, by Dexter Hartke. 512AR, 512A.

September/October 1953 v.5 n.1-2

Time Interval Measurements with the -hp- Electronic Counter, by D. R. Scott, E. A. Hilton. 522B.

November/December 1953 v.5 n.3-4

A New 60-Cycle Per Revolution Generator for Precision Tachometry Measurements, by Wm. Girdner. 508A.

Table of Important Transforms [There is also a separate reprint of this table, with additional text and graphics and a 1954 copyright, in the 1953 folder].

1954 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1954 v.5 n.5-6

A New Signal Generator for the 7,000 to 11,000 MC Range, by Arthur Fong. 620A.

William Hewlett Elected I.R.E. [Institute of Radio Engineers] President


March/April 1954 v.5 n.7-8

Frequency and Time Measurements with the New -hp- High Speed Counter, by Alan S. Bagley, Wm. D. Myers, Dexter Hartke. 524B, 525A, 525B, 526A, 526B.

May 1954 v.5 n.9

Wider Range and Higher Stability in the new -hp- 4 MC Voltmeter, by John Zevenbergen. 400D, Solid state, Silicon diode.

June 1954 v.5 n.10

The -hp- 500-Volt, 200-MA Metered Power Supply, by Don Broderick. 712B.

A Convenient Source of Multiple Pulses


July 1954 v.5 n.11

New Conveniences for Microwave Power Measurements, by Wm. Gallagher, B. P. Hand. 487A, 477A.

August 1954 v.5 n.12

Advanced Performance in two new VHF Signal Generators, by H. E. Overacker. 608A, 608B, 608C, 608D, 608A-95A.

September/October 1954 v.6 n.1-2

The -hp- Microwave Reflectometers, by N. L. Pappas, J. K. Hunton. 416A, 717A, 670HM, 6705M, X382A, X421A, X916, S485A, 370, 375A, 752, 870A, 920A, 914A.

November/December 1954 v.6 n.3-4

New Broadband Microwave Power Amplifiers using Helix-Coupled TWT’S, by P. D. Lacy, D. E. Wheeler. 490A, 616A, 491A, pg 1

A New Helix-Forming Machine with Micro-inch Error, pg 6

1955 – HP Journal Index

January 1955 v.6 n.5

A Precision Wave Guide Attenuator Which Obeys a Mathematical Law, by B. P. Hand. 382A.

A New Precision Wave Guide Phase Shifter, by E. F. Barnett. X885A.

February 1955 v.6 n.6

A New 10 MC to 12 KMC Coaxial Crystal Detector Mount, by N. B. Schrock. 420A.

New Plug-In Decade Counters of Refined Design, by Marvin Willrodt. Etched circuits, Printed circuits, AC-4A.

Two New Transformers for Measurements on Balanced Systems. AC-60A, AC-60B.

March 1955 v.6 n.7

A New Standing Wave Indicator with an Expanded VSWR Scale, by Brunton Bauer. 415B.

More Conveniences in the -hp- Microwave Power Meter, by Don Carmean. 430C.

Notes on Bolometer Elements


April 1955 v.6 n.8

A New 10 CPS-600 KC High Stability VTVM, by John Zevenbergen. 400AB.

Some Effects of Waveform on VTVM Readings (Part I), by B. M. Oliver. 400D, 410B.

May 1955 v.6 n.9

A New 1 CPS-1 MC Square Wave Generator with a 20-Millimicrosecond Rise Time, by Don Broderick. 211A.

Some Effects of Waveform on VTVM Readings (Part II), by B. M. Oliver. 211A.

June 1955 v.6 n.10

The New -hp- 15-21 KMC 10 MW Signal Generator, by Wm. D. Myers. 628A.

Some Effects of Waveform on VTVM Readings (Conclusion), by B. M. Oliver

July 1955 v.6 n.11

A New 120 KC Industrial Counter for Measuring RPM, Velocity, Quantity, Flow, etc., by Frank Koziuk. 521A, 506A.

Summary of –hp- Electronic Counters


August 1955 v.6 n.12

A Simple Precision System for Measuring CW and Pulsed Frequencies Up to 12,400 MC, by Dexter Hartke. 540A.

September 1955 v.7 n.1

A New 3 CPS-100 KC Electronic Frequency Meter with Discriminator Output and Expandable Scale, by Duane Marshall. 500B, 500C.

October 1955 v.7 n.2

High-Directivity Coaxial Directional Couplers and Reflectometers, by C. S. Reis, H. C. Poulter, J. K. Hunton. 764D, 765D, 766D, 767D.

November 1955 v.7 n.3

Square Wave and Pulse Testing of Linear Systems, by B. M. Oliver

Step Function Response of Typical Networks


December 1955 v.7 n.4

An Enhanced Accuracy High Readability VTVM, by John Zevenbergen. 400H VTVM.

Use of the “Notch Wattmeter” with -hp- Signal Generators

1956 – HP Journal Index

January 1956 v.7 n.5

New TWT Amplifiers with Provision for Simulating Special Microwave Signals, by Geo. W.C. Mathers, Peter D. Lacy. 492A, 494A.

February 1956 v.7 n.6

Three New -hp- Audio Oscillators, by Brunton Bauer. 201C, 200J, 202C.

The -hp- Balanced R-C Oscillator Circuit, by B. M. Oliver. 200J, 202C.

March 1956 v.7 n.7

A New DC-300 KC High-Sensitivity Oscilloscope with Triggered Sweep, by Dick Reynolds, Duane Dunwoodie. 130A.

April 1956 v.7 n.8

A New DC-10 MC Oscilloscope with Dual-Trace and High-Gain Preamplifiers, by Robert A. Grimm, Norman B. Schrock. 150A, 151A, 152A.

Penholder Style Probes


Oscilloscope Project Leader (Norman B. Schrock)

May/June 1956 v.7 n.9-10

A New 10-15.5 KMC 10 MW Signal Generator, by Wm. D. Myers. 626A.

A Simple 0-500 Volt Metered Power Supply, by Brunton Bauer. 711A.

Balanced Output from the -hp- Square Wave Generator

July/August 1956 v.7 n.11-12

A 0-1.1 MC Frequency Counter with Time Interval Markers, by Jeffrey B. Wolfington. 523B.

The -hp- Readout Systems. 523B.

Summary of –hp- Electronic Counters


September/October 1956 v.8 n.1-2

A Micrometric 12-40 KMC Waveguide Slotted Line with Interchangeable Sections and Untuned Probe, by J. K. Hunton. 814A, 815A, 446A, 805A, 809B.

November/December 1956 v.8 n.3-4

A New Adjustable Gate Time Counter from a New -hp- Affiliate. Dynac, Inc.

Flow Measurements

New Photo-Electric Tachometry Transducer

Dynac, Inc. – A New Service for Specialized Instrumentation. DY-2500.

Radar Signal Simulators

1957 – HP Journal Index

January 1957 v.8 n.5

An RC Oscillator that Covers the 20 cps-20 kc Range in a Single Dial Sweep. 207A.

Design Principles of the 1001:1 Range Single-Band RC Oscillator, by Nicholas Kovalevski, B. M. Oliver

February 1957 v.8 n.6

A New 8-12 KMC Voltage-Tuned Sweep Oscillator for Faster Microwave Evaluations, by P. D. Lacy, Daniel E. Wheeler. 686A.

Backward Wave Oscillator Tubes

March 1957 v.8 n.7

A Fast Digital Recorder with Analog Output for Automatic Data Plotting, by Alan S. Bagley, Ed A. Hilton. 560A.

Operation of the Digital Recorder


April 1957 v.8 n.8

A 250 CPS-100 KC Oscillator For High Stability Applications, by Albert Ennor, Edna MacLean. 200T.

How Model 200T Stability Curves were Plotted


Higher Accuracy in Measuring Audio and Sub-Audio Frequencies, by Albert Ennor. 526C.

May/June 1957 v.8 n.9-10

A Note on Measuring Coaxial Coupler Directivity, by Howard C. Poulter

High DB-Resolution Meter Scales for -hp- VTVM’s. 400D-DB, 400H-DB.

July 1957 v.8 n-11

A Small, Convenient Frequency Counter For General-Purpose Use, by Frank Koziuk. 521C, 508A, 508B.

Some Handy uses for the -hp- 650A Test Oscillator, by Arthur Fong. 650A.

August 1957 v.8 n.12

A Rack-Mounting DC-300 KC Oscilloscope With Expandable Sweep, by Duane Dunwoodie, Dick Reynolds. 130BR.

September/October 1957 v.9 n.1-2

Permanent Record and Oscilloscope Techniques with the Microwave Sweep Oscillator, by Peter D. Lacy, Daniel E. Wheeler. 686A.

Supplement to Vol.9 N.1-2 [inside issue]

Sputnik’s Doppler Shift Measured and Recorded with -hp- Counter and Digital Recorder

November/December 1957 v.9 n.3-4

An Improved Method For Measuring Losses in Short Waveguide Lengths, by Peter D. Lacy, Kenneth E. Miller

Derivation of Waveguide Small-Loss Equation, pg 3

How Doppler Shift Records Provide Satellite Range and Height Data, pg 5

1958 – HP Journal Index

January 1958 v.9 n.5

An Automatic Noise Figure Meter For Improving Microwave Device Performance, by Howard C. Poulter. 340A, 345A, 347A.

Noise Figure and Its Measurement, by B. M. Oliver, pg 3

February 1958 v.9 n.6

Increased Operational Simplicity In a New DC-Several Hundred KC Oscilloscope, by Duane Dunwoodie. 120A.

New HP Research and Development Divisions, pg 6

March 1958 v.9 n.7

An Increased-Sensitivity Micro Volt-Ammeter Using a Photoconductive Chopper, by John M. Cage. 425A.

April 1958 v.9 n.8

A Precision Delayed-Pulse Generator for Measuring and Generating Short Time Intervals, by Marvin Willrodt, Don Broderick, Dexter Hartke. 218A, 219A, 219B, 219C.

May 1958 v.9 n.9

A Fast, Automatic Printer for Digital Type Data Devices, by Ed A. Hilton. 561A.

A Current-Limiting Regulated Power Supply for Transistor Work, by Donald F. Schulz, pg 4. 721A.

June/July 1958 v.9 n.10-11

A Clip-On DC Milliammeter for Measuring Tube and Transistor Circuit Currents, by Arndt Bergh, George S. Kan, Charles O. Forge. 428A.

-hp- Board of Directors Enlarged, pg 4.

August 1958 v.9 n.12

An Automatic DC to X-Band Power Meter for the Medium Power Range, by B. P. Hand. 434A.

September/October 1958 v.10 n.1-2

A Dual-Trace Automatic Base Line Oscilloscope for the DC-Several Hundred KC Range, by John Strathman. 122A.

Two High-Performance Attenuators For the DC-500 MC Range, by Arthur Fong, Harley L. Halverson, pg 3. 355A, 355B.

November/December 1958 v.10 n.3-4

5×10-8/Week Time Base Accuracy in the 10 MC Frequency Counter, by Leonard S. Cutler, LaThare N. Bodily. 524D.

Assuring Time Base Performance, pg 5