Packard Files

DAVID PACKARD COLLECTION of Hewlett-Packard Company Executive Office Files, 1937-1996

Dave Packard

Dave Packard

These records, including the earliest files from the Hewlett-Packard Company, were in records storage for years before returning to the HP Archives in 1995.  In the Company’s first years the records were kept mainly by David Packard (DP).  Eventually these records became the Company’s central executive files with input from William R. Hewlett (WRH) as well as Packard.  In later years the records again became Packard’s files.

Important DP dates: DP resigned from HP on 1/23/69; DP was confirmed by the U.S. Senate on 1/23/69 as Deputy Secretary of Defense and administered the oath of office on 1/24/69; DP resigned from Department of Defense on 12/13/71; DP was elected Chairman of the HP Board on 1/21/72.  DP was HP employee number 5000 and Hewlett was employee number 5001 [thus avoiding the numbers 1 and 2].  DP was a member of the Palo Alto School Board 1948-1956; president of the Board 1954.  He served on the Stanford University Board of Trustees 1954-1960; president 1951.


The collection is divided into the following series and boxes: