1952 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1952 v.3 n.5-6

Simplified Microwave Frequency Measurements Using the 10-MC Frequency Counter, by W. D. Myers. 524A.

The “Perfect Load” and the Null Shift-Aids in VSWR Measurements, by J. K. Hunton, W. B. Wholey


March/April 1952 v.3 n.7-8

A Precision Directional Coupler Using Multi-Hole Coupling, by E. F. Barnett, J. K. Hunton

May/June 1952 v.3 n.9-10

The -hp- Direct-Reading UHF Signal Generators, by Arthur Fong, W. D. Myers. 614A, 616A.

July 1952 v.3 n.11

A Novel Impedance-Measuring System Using Standard -hp- Instruments

August 1952 v.3 n.12

The -hp- Audio Signal Generators. 205AG, 205A, 205AH, 206A.

September/October 1952 v.4 n.1-2

Greater Flexibility in the -hp- 3800-7600 Mc Signal Generator, by W. D. Myers. 618B.

Measuring Large Resistances with the -hp- 410 VTVM

Checking Klystron Linearity with -hp- Equipment


November 1952 v.4 n.3

A New 100 KC Counter for Use in Electronics and Industry, by E. A. Hilton. 522B.

December 1952 v.4 n.4

Those New -hp- Oscillators, by Brunton Bauer,  B. M. Oliver. 200AB, 200CD.

Greater Power Capacity for the 8.5 – 10 KMC Test Set, by P. D. Lacy. 624B.