1955 – HP Journal Index

January 1955 v.6 n.5

A Precision Wave Guide Attenuator Which Obeys a Mathematical Law, by B. P. Hand. 382A.

A New Precision Wave Guide Phase Shifter, by E. F. Barnett. X885A.

February 1955 v.6 n.6

A New 10 MC to 12 KMC Coaxial Crystal Detector Mount, by N. B. Schrock. 420A.

New Plug-In Decade Counters of Refined Design, by Marvin Willrodt. Etched circuits, Printed circuits, AC-4A.

Two New Transformers for Measurements on Balanced Systems. AC-60A, AC-60B.

March 1955 v.6 n.7

A New Standing Wave Indicator with an Expanded VSWR Scale, by Brunton Bauer. 415B.

More Conveniences in the -hp- Microwave Power Meter, by Don Carmean. 430C.

Notes on Bolometer Elements


April 1955 v.6 n.8

A New 10 CPS-600 KC High Stability VTVM, by John Zevenbergen. 400AB.

Some Effects of Waveform on VTVM Readings (Part I), by B. M. Oliver. 400D, 410B.

May 1955 v.6 n.9

A New 1 CPS-1 MC Square Wave Generator with a 20-Millimicrosecond Rise Time, by Don Broderick. 211A.

Some Effects of Waveform on VTVM Readings (Part II), by B. M. Oliver. 211A.

June 1955 v.6 n.10

The New -hp- 15-21 KMC 10 MW Signal Generator, by Wm. D. Myers. 628A.

Some Effects of Waveform on VTVM Readings (Conclusion), by B. M. Oliver

July 1955 v.6 n.11

A New 120 KC Industrial Counter for Measuring RPM, Velocity, Quantity, Flow, etc., by Frank Koziuk. 521A, 506A.

Summary of –hp- Electronic Counters


August 1955 v.6 n.12

A Simple Precision System for Measuring CW and Pulsed Frequencies Up to 12,400 MC, by Dexter Hartke. 540A.

September 1955 v.7 n.1

A New 3 CPS-100 KC Electronic Frequency Meter with Discriminator Output and Expandable Scale, by Duane Marshall. 500B, 500C.

October 1955 v.7 n.2

High-Directivity Coaxial Directional Couplers and Reflectometers, by C. S. Reis, H. C. Poulter, J. K. Hunton. 764D, 765D, 766D, 767D.

November 1955 v.7 n.3

Square Wave and Pulse Testing of Linear Systems, by B. M. Oliver

Step Function Response of Typical Networks


December 1955 v.7 n.4

An Enhanced Accuracy High Readability VTVM, by John Zevenbergen. 400H VTVM.

Use of the “Notch Wattmeter” with -hp- Signal Generators