1974 – HP Journal Index

January 1974 v.25 n.5

Cover: Model 1601L Logic State Analyzer

The Logic State Analyzer – Displaying Complex Digital Processes in Understandable Form. Sixteen consecutive 12-bit works from any part of a data stream are captured and held for display by a new Logic State Analyzer, greatly simplifying the task of monitoring program flow when troubleshooting complex digital processors, by William A. Farnbach, pg 2-9. 1601L.

[Author:] William [Bill] Farnbach, pg 9

A Laser Interferometer That Measures Straightness of Travel. This unique “straightedge” combines the high accuracy of the optical flat with the long range of the laser to achieve submicron resolution over ranges up to 100 feet, by Richard R. Baldwin, David A. Harland, Barbara E. Grote, pg 10-20. 5526A.

Machine Tool Calibration with the Expanded Laser Measurement System, pg 13-14. 5526A

Ray-Trace Program, pg 17-18

[Author:] Richard [Dick] R. Baldwin, pg 19

[Authors:] Barbara E. Grote, David A. Harland, pg 20

February 1974 v.25 n.6

Cover: Model 1220A Oscilloscope

Practical Oscilloscopes at Workaday Prices. 15-MHz bandwidth, 2mV sensitivity, 3% accuracy, sweeps usable to 20ns/div and an 8×10 cm CRT with internal graticule would normally class these oscilloscopes as laboratory instruments but they will find wide use in the service shop, technical school, and industry, by Hans-Gunter Hohmann, pg 2-10. 1220A, 1221A.

[Author:] Hans-Gunter Hohmann, pg 9

Laboratory Notebook. Sharp Cut-off Filters for That Awkward UHF Band, by James Larsen, Richard Dilman, Richard Tverdoch, pg 10

A Data Error Analyzer for Tracking Down Problems in Data Communications. A combined data generator and self-synchronizing receiver, this new instrument makes six different measurements simultaneously, helping to pinpoint sources of trouble in data communications systems, by Jeffrey R. Duerr, pg 11-20. 1645A.

[Author:] Jeffrey [Jeff] R. Duerr, pg 20

March 1974 v.25 n.7

Cover: Model 4271A Digital LCR meter

An Automatic, Precision 1-MHz Digital LCR Meter. This new LCR Meter is especially designed for measurements of low-value components in integrated circuits and thin-film hybrid circuits, as well as of discrete components. It uses a four-pair measurement technique to reduce errors caused by stray capacitance, residual inductance and mutual inductance of the test leads, by Kohichi Maeda, pg 2-9. 4271A.

Phase Error Compensation, pg 6

[Author:] Kohichi Maeda, pg 9

A Moderately Priced 20-MHz Pulse Generator with 16-Volt Output. Suitable for general-purpose use, this instrument also has the pulse amplitude needed for driving the newer CMOS circuits, by Rainer Eggert, Gunter Krauss, pg 10-15. 8011A.

[Author:] Gunter Krauss, pg 14

[Author:] Rainer Eggert, pg 15

Appendix: A Capacitance Multiplier, pg 15

Laboratory Notebook. Logarithmic Amplifier Accepts 100-dB Signal Range, by Robert Jeremiasen, pg 16-17

Versatile VHF Signal Generator Stresses Low Cost and Portability. This high-quality, reliable instrument fits the budget and the performance needs of a variety of users, by Robert R. Hay, pg 18-24. 8654A.

Specifying Signal Generator Noise, pg 21

[Author:] Robert [Bob] R. Hay, pg 23

April 1974 v.25 n.8

Cover: New 9880A/B Mass Memory System for the 9830A Calculator

Mass Memory System Broadens Calculator Applications. Inventory control, payroll, order processing and other large-data-base applications are now within the capability of HP’s most powerful desktop calculator, the BASIC language Model 30, by Chris J. Christopher, Havyn E. Bradley, pg 2-12. 9880A, 9880B.

Mass Memory for Business Applications, pg 4

[Authors:] Havyn E. Bradley, Chris J. Christopher, pg 12

An Easily Calibrated, Versatile Platinum Resistance Thermometer. Unusual features of this digital thermometer are a choice of normal or expanded resolution, linear analog output, interchangeable probes, and many options including a battery pack and digital output, by Tony E. Foster, pg 13-17. 2802A.

[Author:] Tony E. Foster, pg 17

Appendix: Analog Linearization, pg 17

Speeding the Complex Calculations Required for Assessing Left Ventricular Function of the Heart. Adapting computers to medical tasks has been slower than originally anticipated, going step-by-step as truly suitable tasks are identified and implemented. Here’s another example of how a computer can help out when a suitable task is identified, by Peter Dikeman, Chi-ning Liu, pg 18-24. 5693A.

[Authors:] Peter Dikeman, Chi-ning Liu, pg 24

May 1974 v.25 n.9

Cover: The HP-65 – a personal computer

The “Personal Computer”: A Fully Programmable Pocket Calculator. This 11 ounce battery-powered marvel has the computing power of an advanced scientific pocket calculator and is programmable as well, so it can adapt to any number of specialized uses, by Chung C. Tung, pg 2-7. HP-65.

See Also: Correction: To the result for figure 4 on page 10, and to other text in the article “Programming the Personal Computer”, page 17 in the June 1974 issue

A Self-Clocking Two-Track Recording Technique, pg 4

[Author:] Chung C. Tung, pg 7

Programming the Personal Computer. Wherein are revealed the functions of the keys, how problems are solved, and a bit of what goes on inside, by R. Kent Stockwell, pg 8-14. HP-65. See Also: Correction [results for figures] in the June 1974 issue on page 17

Appendix: HP-65 Programmable Pocket Calculator Functions and Operations, pg 14

[Author:] R. Kent Stockwell, pg 14

Designing a Tiny Magnetic Card Reader. Here’s how it was designed and how it works, by Robert B. Taggart, pg 15-17. HP-65.

[Author:] Robert [Bob] B. Taggart, pg 17

Testing the HP-65 Logic Board. The board and its automatic test system are designed for rapid production testing and troubleshooting, by Kenneth W. Peterson, pg 18-20

[Author:] Ken Peterson, pg 20

Economical Precision Step Attenuators for RF and Microwaves. Refinements in edgeline transmission structures and thin-film techniques lead to wideband step attenuators that are smaller and less expensive than previous models, by David R. Veteran, George R. Kirkpatrick, pg 21-24. 8495A, 8495B, 8496A, 8496B.

[Authors:] David [Dave] R. Veteran, George [Bob] Kirkpatrick, pg 24

June 1974 v.25 n.10

Cover: Model 5345A Electronic Counter that advances the art of pulsed RF frequency measurements with frequency averaging

A New Generation in Frequency and Time Measurements. This new general-purpose electronic counter refines the art of frequency and time measurements to an impressive degree by the application of advanced technology, by James L. Sorden, pg 2-8. 5345A.

[Author:] James [Jim] L. Sorden, pg 8

The 5345A Processor: An Example of State Machine Design, by Ronald E. Felsenstein, pg 9-11

[Author:] Ronald [Ron] L. Felsenstein, pg 11

Time Interval Averaging: Theory, Problems, and Solutions, by David C. Chu, pg 12-15

Appendix: Time Interval Estimation in the Presence of Quantization Error, pg 15

[Author:] David [Dave] C. Chu, pg 15

Third Input Channel Increases Counter Versatility, by Arthur S. Muto, pg 16-18. 5353A.

Correction: To the result for figure 4 on page 10, and to other text in the article “Programming the Personal Computer”, page 8 in the May 1974 issue, pg 17

[Author:] Arthur [Art] S. Muto, pg 18

A Completely Automatic 4-GHz Heterodyne Frequency Converter, by Ali Bologlu, pg 19-21. 5354A.

[Author:] Ali Bologlu, pg 21

Interface Bus Expands Instrument Utility, by Bryce E. Jeppsen, Steven E. Schultz, pg 22-24. 5354A, ASCII Programmable Modules, 59301A, 59303A, 59304A, 59306A, 59307A, 59308A, 59309A, 10631A/B/C.

[Authors:] Steven [Steve] E. Schultz, Bryce E. Jeppsen, pg 24

July 1974 v.25 n.11

Cover: IMAGE, a sophisticated new database management system for HP 2100 and HP 3000 Computers, has information management capabilities formerly available only in large computer systems

Powerful Data Base Management System for Small Computers. For the first time, sophisticated data management is available to the user of computers as small as the HP 2100 and HP 3000, by Richard E. McIntire, pg 2-10. IMAGE/3000, QUERY3000, IMAGE/2000, QUERY/2000.

[Author:] Richard [Dick] E. McIntire, pg 10

Why Data Base Management Systems, pg 5

Quality Frequency Counters Designed for Minimum Cost. Lowest possible cost was a major design objective for these counters. But so were high quality, excellent performance, ease of service and efficient production, by Warren J. O’Buch, Lewis W. Masters, pg 11-14. 5381A, 5382A.

[Authors:] Warren J. O’Buch, Lewis [Lew] J. Masters, pg 14

A Versatile Bipolar Power Supply/Amplifier for Lab and Systems Use. The elements of a power supply/amplifier can be combined to perform as several different instruments: a precision bipolar power supply, a fast-responding programmable power supply, a low-distortion current-limiting power amplifier, a power amplifier with programmable gain, by Santo Pecchio, pg 15-19. 6825A, 6827A.

[Author:] Santo Pecchio, pg 19

An Automatic Exposure Control for a Lab-Bench X-Ray Camera. Locating shorted bonding wires in IC’s, checking pad alignment in multilayer circuit boards, and finding much other “inside” information becomes as easy as taking snapshots when you use an industrial x-ray system that has automatic exposure control, by John L. Brewster, pg 20-24. 43805.

[Author:] John Brewster, pg 24

August 1974 v.25 n.12

Cover: Model 4940A Transmission Impairment Measuring Set

Measuring Analog Parameters of Voiceband Data Channels. A new Transmission Impairment Measuring Set combines the measurement capabilities of six separate instruments into one portable package. It measures fifteen parameters affecting data transmission in one-fourth the time formerly required, by Noel E. Damon, pg 2-7. 4940A.

Transient Measurements, by Paul G. Winninghoff, pg 8-9

The 4940A Sine Wave Transmitter, by Richard T. Lee, pg 9-11

Nonlinear Distortion Measurements, by Donald A. Dresch, pg 12-13

Envelope Delay Distortion Measurements, by Johann J. Heinzl, Richard G. Fowles, pg 14-16

Peak-to-Average Ratio Measurements, by Erhard Ketelsen, pg 17-18

[Authors:] Noel E. Damon, Donald [Don] A. Dresch, Richard [Dick] T. Lee, pg 19

[Authors:] Erhard Ketelsen, Richard [Dick] G. Fowles, Johann J. Heinzl, Paul G. Winninghoff, pg 19

Microwave Integrated Circuits Solve a Transmission Problem in Educational TV. An educational TV system using a satellite transmission link needs a state-of-the-art ground-station receiver that doesn’t cost very much. Microwave integrated circuits provide a way, by Arthur Fong, James A. Hall, Douglas J. Mellor, Richard D. Pering, pg 20-24. ATS-6.

Direct-to-Schoolhouse Satellite Relay of Video Programs, pg 22

[Authors:] Douglas [Doug] J. Mellor, Richard [Rick] D. Pering, James [Jim] A. Hall, Arthur [Art] Fong, pg 24

September 1974 v.26 n.1

Cover: Model 8082A Pulse Generator

A 250-MHz Pulse Generator with Transition Times Variable to less than 1 ns. Generating pulses at a 250-MHz repetition rate while giving the operator full control over the shape of these pulses requires microcircuit techniques, by Gert Globas, Eldon Cornish, Joel Zellmer, pg 2-7. 8082A.

[Authors:] Eldon Cornish, Joel Zellmer, Gert Globas, pg 7

Optimizing the Design of a High-Performance Oscilloscope. A wideband oscilloscope is more useful if its performance is not subject to variations that may degrade measurement accuracy. Its value is even more apparent if this consistent performance is achieved at moderate cost, both initial and long-term, by S. Raymond Kushnir, Thomas J. Zamborelli, P. Kent Hardage, pg 8-15. 1720A.

[Authors:] P. Kent Hardage, Thomas [Tom] J. Zamborelli, S. Raymond [Ray] Kushnir, pg 14

A Thin-Film/Semiconductor Thermocouple for Microwave Power Measurements. This device is what makes it possible for the 435A/8481A Power Meter to outperform thin-film and thermistor power meters, by Weldon H. Jackson, pg 16-18

[Author:] Weldon H. Jackson, pg 18

Microelectronics Enhances Thermocouple Power Measurements. Day-to-day microwave power measurement accuracy is substantially improved by this new thermocouple power meter system, without sacrificing the convenience of earlier thermistor instruments, by John Lamy, pg 19-24. 435A/8481A.

[Author:] John C. Lamy, pg 23

October 1974  v.26 n.2

Cover: The HP 21MX Series

A User-Oriented Family of Minicomputers. HP’s minicomputer section manager discusses the philosophy behind the design of this new computer series, by John M. Stedman, pg 2-6. 21MX.

The Value of User Microprogrammability, pg 4

[Author:] John M. Stedman, pg 6

Microprogrammable Central Processor Adapts Easily to Special User Needs. The 21MX processor maintains program and I/O compatibility with its HP predecessors, but has a new micro-instruction format that makes it easier to extend the instruction set, by Philip Gordon, Jacob R. Jacobs, pg 7-14

Testing the 21 MX Processor, by Richard L. Hammons, Cleaborn C. Riggins, pg 10-11

[Authors:] Philip [Phil] Gordon, Jacob [Jake] R. Jacobs, Clearborn  [Cle] C. Riggins, Richard [Rich] L. Hammons, pg 14

All Semiconductor Memory Selected for New Minicomputer Series. Considerations of cost, reliability, power, density and speed all pointed to the 4K RAM as the best choice, by Robert J. Frankenberg, pg 15-20. 21MX.

The Million-Word Minicomputer Main Memory, by John S. Elward, pg 19-20

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] J. Frankenberg, John [Jack] S. Elward, pg 20

A Computer Power System for Severe Operating Conditions. The power supply system of 21MX Series Computers differs in many respects from the power supplies of other minicomputers. It is less vulnerable to poor ac line conditions than the supplies of most minicomputers of similar size and cost, by Richard C. Van Brunt, pg 21-24

[Author:] Richard [Dick] C. Van Brunt, pg 24

November 1974 v.26 n.3

Cover: A 9700A Distributed System Central Station collects data from two satellite automatic test systems dedicated to measurement tasks

Distributed Computer Systems. As multiple minicomputers collect data, control processes, and run tests, a central computer system supports them all, gathering data, generating management reports, and performing other tasks at the same time, by Shane Dickey, pg 2-11. 9700, 91700A, 91703A, 91704A, 91705A.

A Working Distributed System, pg 4-5

Satellites for Specific Applications, pg 8

RTE File Management Package, pg 10

[Author:] Shane Dickey, pg 11

A Quality Course in Digital Electronics. This practical approach to the teaching of digital integrated circuit principles includes hardware, a textbook and a 26-experiment laboratory workbook, by James A. Marrocco, Barry Bronson, pg 12-14. 5035T.

[Authors:] Barry Bronson, James [Jim] A. Marrocco, pg 14

Simplified Data-Transmission Channel Measurements. Synthesized signal generation and a dual time-interval measurement simplify evaluation of group delay and attenuation distortion in voice-grade telephone lines used for transmitting digital data, by David H. Guest, pg 15-24. 3770A.

Measurement of Amplitude and Delay Distortion, pg 17

A Group Delay Standard, pg 20

December 1974 v.26 n.4

Cover: The LED numeric display on this oscilloscope is an essential part of a new way of measuring very short time intervals

Improved Accuracy and Convenience in Oscilloscope Timing and Voltage Measurements. Timing measurements are made more easily and accurately with the dual-delayed sweep of a new oscilloscope. An internal microprocessor gives direct readout of time or voltage, greatly simplifying measurement procedures, by William B. Risley, Walter A. Fischer, pg 2-11. 1722A.

[Authors:] William [Bill] B. Risley, Walter [Walt] A. Fischer, pg 11

Laboratory Notebook: An Active Loop-Holding Device, by David H. Guest, pg 11

A Supersystem for BASIC Timesharing. This HP 3000 Computer System is optimized for BASIC language timesharing, but it also supports concurrent batch processing in BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, and SPL, by Nealon Mack, Leonard E. Shar, pg 12-17

[Authors:] Nealon [Neal] Mack, Leonard [Len] E. Shar, pg 17

Deriving and Reporting Chromatograph Data with a Microprocessor-controlled Integrator. Printing retention times next to the peaks while plotting the chromatogram, a new integrator measures the chromatograph peak areas and, at the end of the run, derives concentrations and prints the analysis on the chromatogram, by Andrew Stefanski, pg 18-24. 3380A.

A Printing Plotter, pg 20

Adapting a Calculator Microprocessor to Instrumentation, by Hal Barraclough, pg 22

[Authors:] Andrew [Andy] Stefanski, Hal Barraclough, pg 23