Finding Aids

The finding aids give an overview of the main collections held at the Agilent History Center. They are broken into several categories: General, Individual and Business Collections.

General finding aids are the subject based collections that cover broad topics about Agilent and also those of HP test and measurement related subjects prior to 1999. These include the Subject File and periodical indexes (HP Journal, Watts Current, Measure, The Peninsulan) and the HP Way Index.

Individual finding aides are a broad area covering biographical information, oral histories and personal document collections. These include the Individual File, Oral History Index and collections pertaining to specific individuals.

Business Collection finding aids are primary source documents and related materials donated as a single collection by a business function at the company. These collections includes those about Sandborn, F&T,  and the Transition Collection.

As a general rule the material covered in the finding aids can be made accessible to a researcher visiting the History Center. However, there are some restrictions with portions of the personal document collections. For those individuals who cannot travel to the History Center research assistance can be provided. However, due to our limited staff, all requests from Agilent employees for business related needs will have priority over projects form external requests.

If you have questions about the collections or would like to arrange a research visit please contact Arlene Dickson at either or by phone at (408) 345-8782.

Finding Aid Map