1962 – HP Journal Index

January 1962 v.13 n.5
The Transistorized RC Oscillator, by David S. Cochran. 204B.

New One Watt TWT Amplifiers for more rapid Microwave Measurements, by George W. C. Mathers, pg 4-6. 489A, 491C, 493A, 495A.

February 1962 v.13 n.6
A New Digital Voltmeter Having High Rejection of Hum and Noise, by R. A. Andersen. 2401A.

A Versatile Digital Recorder for BCD Data, by Ed A. Hilton, pg 5. 562A.

A Digital-to-Analog Converter with High Output Resolution, by Ed A. Hilton, pg 8. 580A.

March 1962 v.13 n.7
A New Scope Plug-In for Convenient Measuring of Fast Switching Times, by Kay B. Magleby. 186A.

The Kilomegacycle Sampling Oscilloscope, by Roderick Carlson, pg 4. 185B, 187B.

A Digital System for Automatic Measurements of Switching Times, by H. C. Stansch, pg 6. DY-5844C.

April 1962 v.13 n.8
A New 50 MC Oscilloscope Based on an Advanced CRT Design, by Floyd C. Siegel. 175A.

Vertical Plug-Ins, pg 4. 1750A, 1752A, 1753A.

Horizontal Plug-Ins, pg 5. 1780A, 1781A, 1782A, 1783A.

May/June 1962 v.13 n.9-10
A Phase-Locking Synchronizer for Stabilizing Reflex Klystroms, by Albert Benjaminson. DY-2650A,

A New Wide-Application Klystron Power Supply, by Robert C. Allan, pg 5. 716A.

An Oscilloscope Camera with "Black Light" Graticule Illumination, by James A. Chesebrough, pg 8. 196B.

July 1962 v.13 n.11
The Present Attainments of Adjustable Power Supplies. Harrison Laboratories.

Representative List of Harrison Power Supplies, pg 8

August 1962 v.13 n.12
A DC-500 KC Oscilloscope with Extended Measurement Capabilities, by John Strathman. 130C.

September 1962 v.14 n.1
A New Generation of High-Speed Frequency Counters, by Tracy S. Storer, Charles M. Hill. 5243L, 5245L, 5251A, 5253A, 5261A, 5262A.

Counter Plug-ins, pg 4. 5251A, 5253A, 5262A, 5261A.

October 1962 v.14 n.2
A New Pulse Generator with Very Fast Rise Time, by Charles O. Forge. 215A.

Measuring Small, Stray L and C with Nanosecond Pulses, by Charles O. Forge, pg 6

November/December 1962 v.14 n.3-4
A Solid-State Operational Amplifier of High Stability, by Robert J. Strehlow. DY-2460A

Amplifier Plug-Ins, pg 3. DY-2461A-M1, DY-2461-M2, DY-2461A-M3, DY-2461A-M4.
A Portable Frequency-Response Test Set, by Don A. Wick, pg 6. 3550A.