1961 – HP Journal Index

A New Frequency Counter Plug-In Unit for Direct Frequency Measurements to 510 MC. 525C.

Two New Microwave Frequency Doublers for Extending Signal Sources to the 18-40 KMC Range, pg 3. 938A, 940A, K422A, R422A.

February 1961 v.12 n.6

Two Versatile new Power Supplies for High Power Semiconductor Work, by E. Robert Aikin. 722AR, 723A, 726AR.

March 1961 v.12 n.7

Increasing Accuracy in -hp- Meters Through Servo Calibrating Methods, by Bernard M. Oliver. 400H, 411A, 412A, 425A.

April 1961 v.12 n.8

Two New Militarized Oscilloscopes Having Both Horizontal and Vertical Plug-Ins, by George F. Fredrick. 160B, 170A, 162A, 162D, 162F, 166B, 166C, 166D.

Horizontal Plug-Ins, pg 4. 166A, 166B, 166C, 166D.

Vertical Plug-Ins, pg 6. 162A, 162D, 162F.

May 1961 v.12 n.9

Two New Transistorized Frequency Counters with Increased Readout and Low-Frequency Capabilities. 5212A, 5512A, 5232A, 5532A.

Digital or Analog Recording of Counter Measurements, pg 5. 562A, 580A.

June 1961 v.12 n.10

A Microwave Power Meter with a Hundredfold Reduction of Thermal Drift, by R. F. Pramann. 431A, 478A, 486A.

A New Low-Cost DC Fan for Cabinet Cooling, pg 6. Paeco 8-1003.

July/August 1961 v.12 n.11-12

A Parallax-Free No-Glare CRT for -hp- Oscilloscopes, by Bertrand W. Squier, Jr. Cathode ray tube.

A New DC-450 KC Oscilloscope using the Internal-Graticule CRT. 120B.

September/October 1961 v.13 n.1-2

A New SWR Meter with High Gain-Stability, by Darwin L. Howard. 415C.

November/December 1961 v.13 n.3-4

Broader Information Capabilities in the Clip-On DC Milliammeter, by Donald E. Barkley, Arndt Bergh. 428B

Large-Aperture Clip-On Probe, pg 3

Magnetic Ink Testing, pg 4

An Instrument for Automatically Measuring Frequencies from 200 Mc to 12.4 GC, pg 5. Dymec, Inc., DY-5796.