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Bill Hewlett

Bill Hewlett

The Hewlett Collection was transferred to Archives 2001 by WRH’s last secretary, Mollie Yoshizumi, who served two periods as his secretary.  After eight years of service, beginning in 1985, Yoshizumi retired on 11/30/93 and was replaced by Judy Arluck.  When WRH no longer came into the office and after Yoshizumi’s husband death, Yoshizumi came out of retirement to work three mornings a week to sort WRH’s files and to respond to or redirect new items sent to him.  WRH died on 1/12/01.  Yhoshizumi continued working at a desk adjacent to the old Hewlett and Packard offices at 2 Upper- Labs until spring 2002 when she began working for the Hewlett Foundation under the direction of Bob Boehm, indexing the last batch of WRH’s files.

In this guide, Bill Hewlett is referred to as WRH; Hewlett-Packard is often HP.

This descriptive guide prepared for the Agilent Archives by archival consultant Lynn A. Bonfield 11-12/02

Subject Files 1986-2000

These files include many letters of appreciation and admiration for WRH, David Packard and HP, especially from employees.  Most of these have not been indexed.  Various issues of Newsgrams and executive MEMO have not been indexed unless they directly relate to WRH.