1950 – HP Journal Index

January 1950 v.1 n.5

Greater Reliability in UHF Impedance Measurements, by W. B. Wholey. 805A.

February 1950 v.1 n.6

A New 0.07-10 Microsecond General-Purpose Pulse Generator, by G. S. Kan. 212A.

March 1950 v.1 n.7

A New 10-500 Megacycle A-M Signal Generator, by H. E. Overacker.  608A.

April 1950 v.1 n.8

Direct Measurement of Impedance in the 50-500 MC Range, by Arthur Fong. 803A VHF, 417A VHF, 100-500 MC VHF Detector.

May 1950 v.1 n.9

Direct Reading UHF Power Measurements, by B. P. Hand. 430A, 475A, 475B.

June 1950 v.1 n.10

The Explanation for Certain Cathode-Follower Effects, by Brunton Bauer. 451A, 710A, 712A.

Extended-Range Metered Power Supply


July 1950 v.1 n.11

New 125-Volt Fast Pulse Amplifier, by N. B. Schrock. 460B.

August 1950 v.1 n.12

A New Monitor for FM Communications Services, by J. E. Stiles. 337BX.

New Aural and Video Monitors for TV Stations. 335C-D, 336C-D.

September 1950 v.2 n.1

A 3800-7600 MC Signal Generator Using a Parallel-Plane Type Resonator, by W. D. Myers. 618A.

October 1950 v.2 n.2

A 10 MC Scaler for Nuclear Counting and Frequency Measurement, by A. S. Bagley. 520A.

November 1950 v.2 n.3

The 700-Megacycle Voltmeter and Its Applications, by J. R. Petrak. 410B, 46A-95D, 452A, 453A, 455A, 458A, 459A.

Diode Replacement Kit Available for Model 410A


December 1950 v.2 n.4

A New Low-Power Klystron Supply, by J. R. Petrak. 715A.

Balanced Load Measurements with VHF Bridge, by W. B. Wholey. 803A VHF.

Repair of Hewlett-Packard Instruments


AIEE-IRE-NBS Conference on High Frequency Measurements