1976 – HP Journal Index

January 1976 v.27 n.5

Cover: Microprocessor Control

An Automatic Selective Level Measuring Set for Multichannel Communications Systems. Combining microprocessor control with meticulous receiver and synthesizer design results in a powerful new tool for the installation, maintenance, and surveillance of frequency-division multiplexed communications systems, by J. Reid Urquhart, pg 2-7. 3745A, 3745B.

Operating a Selective Level Measuring Set through a Keyboard, pg 4

[Author:] J. Reid Urquhart, pg 7

Designing Precision into a Selective Level Measuring Set, by Hugh P. Walker, pg 8-12

Spurious Responses That Can Perturb a Measurement, pg 12

[Author:] Hugh P. Walker, pg 12

Designing a Quiet Frequency Synthesizer for a Selective Level Measuring Set, by John H. Coster, pg 13-15

[Author:] John H. Coster, pg 15

Making the Most of Microprocessor Control, by David G. Dack, pg 16-18

[Author:] David G. Dack, pg 18

Real-Time Multi-User BASIC. Easy-to-learn, interactive BASIC is now available as a programming language for HP computer systems operating under the real-time executive operating systems, RTE-II and RTE-III, by James T. Schultz, pg 19-24

[Author:] James [Jim] T. Schultz, pg 24

February 1976 v.27 n.6

Cover: A sculptural representation of the 5501A Laser Transducer System for machine-tool positioning

Laser Transducer Systems for High-Accuracy Machine Positioning. These reliable, modular systems consist of an HP two-frequency laser head and interferometric optics designed for permanent installation on a machine tool or measuring machine, and a selection of interface electronics to couple the laser to a computer, calculator or numerical controller, by Andre F. Rude, Michael J. Ward, pg 2-6. 5501A.

Appendix: Some Things to Keep in Mind When Configuring a Laser System, pg 6

Electronics for the Laser Transducer. The emphasis is on flexibility and completeness, making the system adaptable to virtually any combination of controller and machine, by William E. Olson, Robert B. Smith, pg 7-18. 5501A.

A Numeric Display Module, by Ronald C. Jensen, pg 10

System Example: Calculator/Laser Controlled Measuring Machine, pg 17

[Authors:] Andre F. Rude, Robert [Bob] B. Smith, William [Bill] E. Olson, Michael [Mike] J. Ward, pg 18

Using a Programmable Calculator as a Data Communications Terminal. A discussion of the data communications capabilities of the HP 9830A Calculator, with examples of real-life applications, by James E. Carlson, Ronald L. Stickle, pg 19-24

[Authors:] Ronald [Ron] L. Stickle, James [Jim] E. Carlson, pg 24

March 1976 v.27 n.7

Cover: The new rugged Model 5062C Cesium Beam Frequency Reference and the new 15-centimeter cesium beam tube that makes it possible

A Cesium Beam Frequency Reference for Severe Environments. Systems operating in demanding environments, including airborne, marine and land mobile, can now benefit from the accuracy and stability of the cesium atom as a time and frequency reference, by Charles E. Heger, Ronald C. Hyatt, Gary A. Seavey, pg 2-10. 5062C.

[Authors:] Charles [Chuck] E. Heger, Gary A. Seavey, Ronald [Ron] C. Hyatt, pg 10

Calibrated FM, Crystal Stability, and Counter Resolution for a Low-Cost Signal Generator. A new synchronizer/counter boosts the frequency stability and resolution of HP’s low-cost 520-MHz signal generator, which is now available in a new calibrated-FM version, Model 8654B, as well as the original Model 8654A, by Robert R. Collison, Ronald E. Kmetovicz, pg 11-17. 8655A.

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] R. Collison, Ronald [Ron] E. Kmetovicz, pg 17

A 50-Mbit/s Pattern Generator and Error Detector for Evaluating Digital Communications System Performance. To simplify measurements in PCM system, this new all-in-one instrument has fixed clock rates and a choice of interface levels. Besides measuring bit-error rate, it can also estimate coding errors and measuring clock-frequency offset, by Ivan R. Young, Robert Pearson, Peter M. Scott, pg 18-24. 3780A.

[Authors:] Ivan R. Young, Robert [Bob] Pearson, Peter M. Scott, pg 24

April 1976 v.27 n.8

Cover: Model 3810A Total Station gives the operator a direct readout of distance to a pole-mounted retroreflector held by his rod man

Electronic Total Station Speeds Survey Operations. This new electronic surveying instrument measures slope distance and zenith angle simultaneously, then computes and displays horizontal or vertical distance in feet or metres. Its base measures horizontal angle, by Michael L. Bullock, Richard E. Warren, pg 2-12. 3801A.

Angle Transducer, pg 10

[Authors:] Michael [Mike} L. Bullock, Richard [Rick] E. Warren, pg 12

Designing Efficiency into a Digital Processor for an Analytical Instrument. Hardware control of the I/O system eliminates excessive overhead in the architecture of a digital processor used in a gas chromatograph, leading to significant improvements in operating convenience, by John S. Poole, Len Bilen, pg 13-20. 5840A.

[Authors:] Len Bilen, John S. Poole, pg 20

May 1976 v.27 n.9

Cover: Model 2644A Terminal is a microprocessor-controlled CRT terminal that has two built-in magnetic tape units for mass data storage

New CRT Terminal Has Magnetic Tape Storage for Expanded Capability. Two built-in tape drives make the terminal a stand-alone data station. User benefits are reduced on-line time costs, lover line charges in remote operations, and greatly lessened demand on computer resources, by Robert G. Nordman, Richard L. Smith, Louis A. Witkin, pg 2-15. 2644A.

Mini Data Cartridge: A Convincing Alternative for Low-Cost, Removable Storage, by Alan J. Richards, pg 6-7

Mini-Cartridge Drive Mechanism, pg 12-13

[Authors:] Richard [Rich] L. Smith, Alan J. Richards, Louis [Lou] A. Witkin, Robert [Bob] G. Nordman, pg 14

Laboratory Notebook: A Logarithmic Counter, by David Arnold, pg 16-15 [sic]

June 1976 v.27 n.10

Cover: 9825A Calculator with its high-performance NMOS LSI processor and the powerful system-controller capabilities

Third Generation Programmable Calculator Has Computer-Like Capabilities. A new programming language, HPL, helps the user apply the many technological advances in this personal computing machine to a wide variety of computation and control problems, by Donald E. Morris, Chris J. Christopher, Geoffrey W. Chance, Dick B. Barney, pg 2-14. 9825A.

9825A Product Design, pg 5

9825A Cartridge Tape Unit, pg 13

[Authors:] Geoffrey [Geoff] W. Chance, Donald [Don] E. Morris, Dick B. Barney, Chris J. Christopher, pg 14

High-Performance NMOS LSI Processor, by William Eads, David S. Maitland, pg 15-18. 9825A.

Processor Tester. An Application of the 9825A Calculator, pg 18

[Authors:] David [Dave] S. Maitland, William [Bill] D. Eads, pg 18

Character Impact Printer Offers Maximum Printing Flexibility. This new printer is fast and reliable, and has features previously unavailable in a calculator peripheral, including programmable horizontal and vertical tabulation, variable character spacing, and plotting ability, by Robert B. Bump, Gary R. Paulson, pg 19-23. 9871A.

[Authors:] Robert [Bob] B. Bump, Gary R. Paulson, pg 23

Mid-Range Calculator Delivers More Power at Lower Cost. Its design takes advantage of the latest technology, principally a single-chip microprocessor, by Douglas Clifford, F. Timothy Hickenlooper, A. Craig Mortensen, pg 24-32. 9825A, 9815A.

[Author:] Douglas [Doug] M. Clifford, pg 30

[Authors:] A. Craig Mortensen, F. Timothy [Tim] Hickenlooper, pg 31

July 1976 v.27 n.11

Cover: Model 8505A Network Analyzer

A Direct-Reading Network Analyzer for the 500-kHz-to-1.3-GHz Frequency Range. Beside measurements of gain, loss, phase shift and reflection coefficient, this new all-in-one measuring set makes direct measurements of equivalent electrical length, group delay, and deviation from linear phase shift, by Hugo Vifian, pg 2-6. 8505A.

[Author:] Hugo Vifian, pg 6

Measuring A Linearly Changing Frequency, by Frederick Woodhull, pg 6

A Family of Test Sets for the 500 kHz-1.3 GHz Range, by Julius Botka, pg 7

Processing Wide-Range Network Analyzer Signals for Analog and Digital Display, by William S. Lawson, David D. Sharrit, pg 8-11

A Wide-Range, Continuously-Variable Line Stretcher, by William Lawson, pg 9

A Wide-Range, High-Resolution Group Delay Detector, by David Sharrit, pg 11

[Authors:] William [Bill] S. Lawson, David [Dave] D. Sharrit, pg 11

A Precision RF Source and Down-Converter for the Model 8505A Network Analyzer, by Rolf Dalichow, Daniel R. Harkins, pg 12-16

Well-Matched Down-Converters, by Wayne Frederick, pg 13

Generating Well-Isolated Tracking Source Signals, by Mark Roos, Phillip Chen, pg 15

[Authors:] Rolf Dalichow, Daniel [Dan] R. Harkins, pg 16

August 1976 v.27 n.12

Cover: Against a backdrop photo of an HP 3000 series II Computer System are a Series II Memory board and an example of an Error Correcting Memory Log Analysis

Series II General-Purpose Computer Systems: Designed for Improved Throughput and Reliability. A larger, faster memory system with error correction and error logging, a faster central processor, an expanded instruction set, and a more efficient operating system are the major technological advances. Benchmark studies rate the new HP 3000 Series II Computer System at two to four times the throughput of earlier versions, by Leonard E. Shar, pg 2-7. Model 5, Model 7, Model 9.

An All-Semiconductor Memory with Fault Detection, Correction, and Logging, by Elio A. Toschi, Tak Watanabe, pg 8-13. 3000 Series.

[Authors:] Leonard [Len] E. Shar, Tak Watanabe, Elio A. Toschi, pg 13

HP 3000 Series II Performance Measurement, by Clifford A. Jager, pg 14-16

[Author:] Clifford [Cliff] A. Jager, pg 16

September 1976 v.28. n.1

Cover: HP Model 1741A variable persistence/storage scope

An Easier-to-Use Variable-Persistence/Storage Oscilloscope with Brighter, Sharper Traces. Revising the control arrangement and operating modes of a variable persistence oscilloscope results in a more “friendly” instrument that also has improved display characteristics, by Van Harrison, pg 2-8. 1741A.

A Brighter, More Sharply Focused Variable Persistence/Storage Cathode-Ray Tube, by Robert Wickliff, Jr., pg 6

[Author:] Van Harrison, pg 8

An Automatic Wide-Range Digital LCR Meter. Easy operation, a wide measurement range, two measurement frequencies, high reliability, optional HP-IB compatibility, and low cost make it suitable for a wide range of component and impedance measurements, by Satoru Hashimoto, Toshio Tamamura, pg 9-16. 4261A.

See Also: Correction: To figure 4 in the article “An Automatic Wide-Range Digital LCR Meter”, page 9 in the October 1976 issue

[Authors:] Satoru Hashimoto, Toshio Tamamura, pg 15

October 1976 v.28 n.2

Cover: New Oximeter. 47201A.

Continuous, Non-Invasive Measurements of Arterial Blood Oxygen Levels. A new oximeter gives calibrated non-invasive measurements of the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in arterial blood, using a multiwavelength optical technique that approaches “touch-and-read” convenience, by Edwin Merrick, Thomas Hayes, pg 2-9. 47201A.

See Also: Corrections: To an incomplete reference on page 9 in the article “Continuous, Non-Invasive Measurements of Arterial Blood Oxygen Levels, page 20 in the December 1976 issue. Also,  to an equation on page 5 in the same article, also on page 20 in the December 1976 issue.

Oximeter Theory, pg 5

[Authors:] Edwin [Ed] B. Merrick, Tom Hayes, pg 9

Correction: To figure 4 in the article “An Automatic Wide-Range Digital LCR Meter”, page 9 in the September 1976 issue, pg 9

Laboratory Notebook: A Signal-Level Reference, by J. Reid Urquhart, pg 10

Laboratory Notebook: An Accurate, Low-Noise Discriminator, by Gerald Ainsworth, Richard Pope, pg 10

Card-Programmable Digital IC Tester Simplifies Incoming Inspection. It’s inexpensive, easy to set up to test a wide variety of digital IC’s and easy to operate. Interfaces for many automatic IC handlers are available, by Eric M. Ingman, pg 11-18. 5045A.

[Author:] Eric M. Ingman, pg 18

Some Economic Considerations of IC Testing, by Mark Baker, pg 18-19

November 1976 v.28 n.3

Cover: The HP-97 and the HP-67 are fully programmable portable calculators that can run each other’s programs

A Pair of Program-Compatible Personal Programmable Calculators. One is a small, portable printing calculator and the other is a hand-held version without a printer. Both versions feature a “smart” magnetic card reader, and each can run the other’s programs, by Peter D. Dickinson, William E. Egbert, pg 2-8. HP-97, HP-67.

[Authors:] Peter D. Dickinson, William [Bill] E. Egbert, pg 8

Portable Scientific Calculator Has Built-In Printer. It’s the first of a new generation of small, portable, printing calculators that operate on rechargeable batteries or line current, by Bernard E. Musch, Robert B. Taggart, pg 9-16. HP-91.

See Also: Corrections: To a typographical error in the equation on page 10 in the article “Portable Scientific Calculator Has Built-In Printer”,  in the December 1976 issue, pg 20

Printing on the HP-97, by William E. Egbert, pg 10

The New Accuracy: Making 23 = 8*, by Dennis W. Harms, pg 16-17

[Author:] Dennis W. Harms, pg 17

[Authors:] Bernard [Bernie] E. Musch, Robert [Bob] B. Taggart, pg 18

High-Power Solid-State 5.9-12.4-GHz Sweepers. Two new RF plug-ins for the 8620C Sweep Oscillator produce more than 50

mW of output power, thanks to a new gallium arsenide field-effect transistor, by Louis J. Kuhlman, Jr., pg 19-22

A 5.9-12.4-GHz GaAs FET Power Amplifier, pg 20

The GaAs FET in Microwave Instrumentation, by Patrick H. Wang, pg 22-23

New Low-Noise GaAs FET Chip has 25-Milliwatt Output at 10 GHz, pg 23

[Authors:] Patrick [Pat] H. Wang, Louis [Jack] J. Kuhlman, Jr., pg 24

December 1976 v.28 n.4

Cover: Model 547A Current Tracer reveals the presence and relative size of current steps by the brightness of its built-in lamp while Model 546A Logic Pulser supplies the needed stimulus current if it isn’t already present in the system under test

Current Tracer: A New Way to Find Low-Impedance Logic-Circuit Faults. By tracing current pulses, this sensitive probe helps locate solder bridges, shorted conductors in cables, shorts in voltage distribution networks, shorted IC inputs and dead or stuck outputs, stuck wired-AND circuits, and stuck data buses, by John Beckwith, pg 2-8. 547A.

[Author:] John F. Beckwith, pg 8

New Logic Probe Troubleshoots Many Logic Families. The probe’s single lamp indicator displays high or low logic levels, bad levels, and open circuits on digital circuit nodes. Testable logic families include TTL, DTL, CMOS, HTL, HNIL and MOS, by Robert Quenelle, pg 9-11. 545A.

A Smart Probe-Test System, by Barry Bronson, pg 10

[Author:] Robert [Bob] C. Quenelle, pg 11

A Multifunction, Multifamily Logic Pulser. This microprogrammed pulse generator in a probe can produce single pulses, pulse bursts, or pulse streams. Its output state automatically adjusts for the type of logic being simulated, by Barry Bronson, Anthony Chan, pg 12-15. 546A.

[Authors:] Anthony [Tony] Y. Chan, Barry Bronson, pg 15

Probe Family Packaging, by David E. Gordon, pg 16-17

[Author:] David [Dave] E. Gordon, pg 17

Multifamily Logic Clip Shows All Pin States Simultaneously. This new logic clip works with virtually all logic families from ECL to 18V CMOS. Loading of the circuit under test is minimal. The clip is protected by overloads to 30V, by Durward Priebe, pg 18-20. 548A.

[Author:]  Durward Priebe, pg 20


To a typographical error in the equation on page 10 in the article “Portable Scientific Calculator Has Built-In Printer”,  in the November 1976 issue, pg 20

Also,  to an incomplete reference on page 9 in the article “Continuous, Non-Invasive Measurements of Arterial Blood Oxygen Levels in the October 1976 issue. Also,  to an equation on page 5 in the same article, pg 20

Interfacing a Parallel-Mode Logic State Analyzer to Serial Data. A new serial-to-parallel converter enables a parallel-mode logic state analyzer to work with serial data so the analyzer’s tabular display and versatile triggering can be used for tracing data flow in serial data systems, by Justin S. Morrill, Jr., pg 21-24. 10254A.

[Author:] Justin S. Morrill, Jr., pg 24