1969 – HP Journal Index

January 1969 v.20 n.5

Cover: Model 2547A Coupler is shown recording the readings of a counter and a digital voltmeter on punched tape for entry into a time-sharing terminal

Broadband Passive Components for Microwave Network Analysis. It takes more than an advanced network analyzer to make accurate, broadband device-parameter measurements. You need precision, broadband hardware and it helps to have everything in one instrument, by Stephen F. Adam, Richard A. Lyon, George R. Kirkpatrick, pg 2-10. 8745A, 8743A, 8761A/B, 788D, 779D, 11606A, 11588A.

Measuring High-Frequency Transistor Parameters. If you have the right instruments, high-frequency transistor measurements are very simple. Here is the method along with some advice on taking and interpreting data, by Richard H. Bauhaus, pg 11-14. 11600A, 11602A, 8717A.

Printed-Circuit Slide Switches Save Panel Space, pg 13

[Author:] Richard A. Bauhaus, pg 14

Recording Data for Computer Analysis. This modular digital coupler, together with a recording device, translates the digital outputs of voltmeters, counters and other instruments into computer-compatible digital records, by Robert L. Knapp, William J. Steinmetz, pg 15-20. 2547A.

[Authors:] Robert L. Knapp, William J. Steinmetz, pg 20.

February 1969 v.20. n.6

Solid-state Displays. First in a line of solid-state display devices are these one- and three-digit numeric indicators that are compatible with integrated circuits, needing only BCD input signals and five-volt power to display any numeral from 0 to 9 in an array of bright red dots, by Gerald P. Pighini, Howard C. Borden, pg 2-12. 5082-7000.

Solid-State Displays, Present and Future, pg 4

Measuring Luminance, pg 10

[Authors:] Howard C. Borden, Gerald P. Pighini, pg 11

Hybrid Hot Carrier Diodes. Unique combinations of p-n junctions and Schottky barriers have the high breakdown voltage and high-temperature characteristics of silicon, the low turn-on voltage of germanium, and the speed of Schottky barrier devices and they can be produced at low cost, by A. Michael Cowley, Robert A. Zettler, pg 13-20 5082-2800.

Hybrid Technology Produces Many Useful New Devices, pg 16

[Authors:] A. Michael Cowley, Robert A. Zettler, pg 19

March 1969 v.20 v.7

Cover: Artistically portrayed unique measurement capabilities of the HP Model 3450A Multi-Function Meter

Twelve Functions in a New Digital Meter. Some common analog-to-digital conversion techniques and benefits derived from dual slope as used in the new digital instrument, by Jerry L. Harmon, Bill Kay, pg 2-13. 3450A.

Peltier Heating and Cooling, pg 6

[Authors:] Harold Briggs, Jerry Harmon, Bill Kay, pg 12

A Computer-Controlled System for Testing Digital Logic Modules. High-speed system that can do production testing quickly, thoroughly and economically along with being easy to program and operate and to adapt for testing different modules, by William P. Cargile, pg 14-20. 2060A.

2060A System Commands, pg 19

[Author:] William P. Cargile, pg 20

April 1969  v.20 n.8

Cover: Two Model 1925A Word Generators are cascaded to produce a 32-bit word in a nonreturn-to-zero format shown on the face of a Model 143A Oscilloscope

A New Programmable, Building-Block Pulse and Digital System. A pulse generator system consisting of a series of plug-ins that can be combined to provide a wide variety of digital test signals, by Ronald L. Knauber, Gordon K. Blanz, pg 2-8. 1900, 1900A, 1901A, 1905A, 1908A, 1910A, 1915A, 1917A, 1920A, 1925A.

Why Use Variable Rise and Fall, pg 5

[Authors:] Gordon Blanz, Ron Knauber, pg 8

Generating Words for Digital Testing, by Eddie Donn, pg 8-13. 1925A.

[Author:] Eddie Donn, pg 12.

Frequency-Domain Oscilloscope Now Measures to 1250 MHz. With this new RF plug-in, HP’s absolutely calibrated RF spectrum analyzer can display any part of the new frequency range from 500 kHz to 1250 MHz – or the whole range at once, by Siegfried Linkwitz, pg 14-20. 8554L, 8552A.

The Meaning of “Frequency-Domain Oscilloscope”…excerpts from an Informal Talk, by Roderick Carlson, pg 16

Beyond Traditional Spectrum Analyzer Uses, pg 18

[Author:] Siegfried Linkwitz, pg 20

May 1969 v.20 n.9

Cover: Model 5360A Computer Counter’s extraordinary capabilities

Introducing the Computing Counter. Here is the most significant advance in electronic counters in recent years, by Gilbert A. Reeser, Gary B. Gordon, pg 2-8. 5360A, 5379A.

The Measurement Cycle and the Concept of Arming, pg 5

An Electronic Counter for the 1970’s. What does it take to build an 11-digit counter that goes to 320 MHz and makes time-interval measurements with 100-picosecond resolution?, by Gilbert A. Reeser, pg 9-12. 5360A.

[Author:] Gilbert A. Reeser, pg 12

Computation for Measurement Flexibility. The arithmetic unit of the computing counter places a flexible digital computational capability at the disposal of the counter, its plug-ins and the user, by France Rode, Gary B. Gordon, pg 13-16. 5360A.

[Authors:] France Rode, Gary Gordon, pg 14

Automatic Counter Inverts Period to Get Frequency. The computing counter’s little brother measures frequencies between 0.125 Hz and 20 MHz with seven-digit resolution and fully automatic ranging and also measures pulsed carrier frequencies directly, by Ian T. Band, pg 17-20. 5323A.

[Author:] Ian T. Band, pg 20

June 1969 v.20 n.10

Cover: HP Model 4920A Coaxial Fault Analyzer

Portable, Rugged Cable Fault Locator for VHF Communications and CATV. Designed for field use, an easy-to-operate TDR unit checks CATV and communication system cables with high accuracy, by Ronald D. Lowe, pg 2-8. 4920A.

Time Domain Reflectometry, pg 5

[Author:] Ronald D. Lowe, pg 7

Tradeoffs in Impulse Testing, by James M. Hood, pg 8-9

[Author:] Jim [James] Hood, pg 9

Compact Function Generator Covers 0.0005 Hz to 5 MHz. New instrument generates seven types of waveforms over a wide frequency range, by Raymond C. Hanson, pg 10-13. 3310A.

[Author:] Raymond C. Hanson, pg 13

IC Logic Checkout Simplified. Simple but elegant, this touch-and-read logic probe clearly signals the presence of nanosecond pulses and indicates logic levels in TTL and DTL integrated-circuit logic networks, by Gary B. Gordon, pg 14-16. 10525A.

[Author:] Gary B. Gordon, pg 16

Pulsar Optical and Radio Emissions Observed Simultaneously. Detection of a time interval between the optical and radio pulses has provided an important test of the various theories developed to explain why pulsars pulse, by Charles N. Taubman, pg 17-20

[Author:] Charles N. Taubman, pg 19

Are Pulsars Rotating Neutron Stars? pg 20

July 1969 v.20 n.11

Cover: HP Model 80500A Noise Monitoring System at Stuttgart Airport

Real-Time Measurement and On-Line Processing of Acoustical and Other Audio-Frequency Spectra. Almost any acoustical quantity can be determined by measuring and suitably processing the frequency spectra of sounds. All it takes is this new real-time audio spectrum analyzer married to a general-purpose digital computer, by Wisu T. Kapuskar, Christopher J. Balmforth, pg 2-10. 80501A, 8054A.

[Authors:] Wisu T. Kapuskar, Chris J. Balmforth, pg 8

Monitoring Airport Noise. Noise control around airports is never easy but it’s next to impossible without up-to-the-minute information about noise levels at critical locations. Here’s a computerized system that gathers and processes the necessary data, by Wisu T. Kapuskar, Christopher J. Balmforth, pg 11-15. 80500A.

Network Analysis at Low Frequencies. Both phase and amplitude information are obtained with a new network analyzer covering frequencies down to 10 kHz, by Charles A. Kingsford-Smith, pg 16-20. 675A, 676A.

[Author:] Charles A. Kingsford-Smith, pg 20

August 1969 v.20 n.12

Cover: HP Model 9213A is a general-purpose computer-controlled, dc-to-12.4-GHz automatic calibration system for lab-type instrumentation

Automated Testing. What is automated testing? What does it buy us? How is it evolving?, by Robert A. Grimm, pg 2-6. 9500A.

[Author:] Robert A. Grimm, pg 6

Choosing an Automatic Test System. When is an automatic test system justified? how do you decide on the configuration?, by Stephen C. Shank, M. D. Ewy, pg 7-10

[Authors:] M. D. Ewy, Stephen C. Shank, pg 10

Building an Automatic Test System. What are the things you have to think about when putting a system together?, by M. D. Ewy, pg 11-14

Hewlett-Packard Automatic Test Systems. HP uses and supplies small modular systems of all kinds: standard special-purpose systems, standard multipurpose systems, custom systems, and system components, by Robert A. Grimm, pg 15-20

September 1969 v.21 n.1

Cover: Isometric projection of a function computed by the 9100A Computing Calculator and plotted simultaneously by the 9125A plotter.

Graphical Output for the Computing Calculator. An X-Y plotter, designed to take the calculator output, draws graphs of solutions to complex problems. It can make Smith Charts, polar, semilog and log-log plots, by Robert W. Colpitts, Dan Allen, Tom Vos, pg 2. 9125A.

[Authors:] Robert W. Colpitts, Dan Allen, Tom Vos, pg 6

Plotter Applications, pg 7

Antenna Plots, pg 7

High-Resolution Time-Domain Reflectometry With a Portable 30-lb Instrument. State-of-the-art sampling oscillography gives 35 ps system risetime to a direct-reading plug-in for the 180-series oscilloscopes, by Jeffrey H. Smith, pg 8-14. 1815A, 1815B, 1817A, 1816A, 1106A, 1108A.

[Author:] Jeffrey H. Smith, pg 13

Precision DC Current Sources. CCB-Series Current Sources can supply precisely regulated currents and programming is rapid, and tiny leakage currents are eliminated by a guarding technique, by Willis C. Pierce, Jr., Joseph C. Perkinson, pg 15-20

Current Sources in the Laboratory and on the Production Line, pg 16

[Authors:] Joseph C. Perkinson, Willis C. Pierce, Jr., pg 19

October 1969 v.21 n.2

Cover: HP Model 4470A Transistor Noise Analyzer

Direct Measurement of Transistor Noise Voltage, Noise Current and Noise Figure. New analyzer measures noise in FET’s and bipolar transistors from 10 Hz to 1 MHZ while rapid and easy operation makes it suitable for both lab and production testing, by Haruo Itoh, Knud L. Knudsen, pg 2-7. 4470A.

[Authors:] Haruo Itoh, Knud L. Knudsen, pg 7

Sources of Noise in Transistors, by Niladri R. Mantena, pg 8-11

[Author:] Nilardi R. Mantena, pg 11

Premonitory Heartbeat Patterns Recognized by Electronic Monitor. Computerlike instrument for intensive care wards provides advance warning of potentially fatal heart irregularities, by Thomas C. Horth, pg 12-20. 7822A.

Electrical Performance of theHeart, pg 14

Ectopic Beats, pg 15

[Author:] Thomas C. Horth, pg 20

November 1969 v.21 n.3

Cover: Model 3721A Correlator displaying the crosscorrelation between a wideband noise coming from a loudspeaker and the output of a microphone

Correlation, Signal Averaging, and Probability Analysis. Correlation is a measure of the similarity between two waveforms which is useful in nearly every kind of research and engineering. Two other statistical methods of waveform analysis are also widely useful, by Richard L. Rex, Gordon T. Roberts, pg 2-8

[Authors:] Richard L. Rex, Gordon T. Roberts, pg 8

A Calibrated Real-time Correlator/Averager/Probability Analyzer. This digital signal analyzer computes and displays 100-point autocorrelation functions, crosscorrelation functions, waveshapes of signals buried in noise, probability density functions, and probability distributions, by George C. Anderson, Michael A. Perry, pg 9-16. 3721A.

[Authors:] Michael A. Perry, George C. Anderson, pg 15

Correlation in Action. Selected Applications of Model 3721A Correlator, pg 17-20.

December 1969 v.21 n.4

Cover: Model 8407A Network Analyzer System which reveals transmission characteristics of a multi-pole bandpass filter, displays amplitude and phase response

Network Analysis in the Range 100 kHz to 110 MHz. With speed and convenience, a new Network Analyzer presents swept display of amplitude response as great as 80 dB, yet achieves 0.05 dB resolution, by William A. Rytand, David R. Gildea, pg 2-11. 8407A, 8412A, 8414A, 11652A, 11651A, 11654A.

[Authors:] David R. Gildea, William A. Rytand, pg 11

Network Analyzer Applications, pg 7

High Impedance Probing to 500 MHz. Intended for use with spectrum analyzers, counters, oscilloscopes and network analyzers when the signal can’t be brought to the instrument on a 50-ohm line, a new dc-500 MHz voltage probe has an input impedance of 100 k ohms shunted by less than 3pF or, with a slip-on voltage dividers, less than 1 pF, by Joel Zellmer, pg 12-16. 1120A.

[Author:] Joel Zellman, pg 16