1964 – HP Journal Index

January 1964 v.15 n.5

An RMS-Responding Voltmeter with High Crest Factor Rating, by Gregory Justice. Crest Factor. 3400A.

See Also: Crest Factor and Pulse Trains…; Clarification of the closing paragraph in “An RMS-Responding Voltmeter With High Crest Factor Rating”, on page 8 in the April 1964 issue

The Significance of Crest Factor, pg 4

Long-term Stability of the -hp- 130C Sensitive DC-500 KC Oscilloscope, by John Strathman, pg 6-7. 130C.

Precision of the United States Frequency Standard, pg 7

-hp- Factory Training Seminars, pg 8

February 1964 v.15 n.6

Time Domain Reflectometry, by B. M. Oliver

Time Domain Reflectometry with a Plug-in for the 140A Oscilloscope, pg 8. 1415A.

TDR with -hp- Sampling Scopes, pg 8. 188A.

March 1964 v.15 n.7

Broadband, Solid-state Amplifiers, by Alfred F. Gort. 462A, 461A, 11038A.

An Air-Bearing Spindle for Highly Precise Machining, by Edward H. Phillips, pg 5-7

International System of Units, pg 8

April 1964 v.15 n.8

A new Instrument for Measuring Microwave Frequencies with Counter Accuracy, by Rudolph F. Pasos. 2590A.

A New DC-4000 MC Sampling ‘Scope Plug-In with Signal Feed-Through Capability, by Wayne M. Grove, pg 5-8. 188A.

Crest Factor and Pulse Trains… Clarification of the closing paragraph in “An RMS-Responding Voltmeter With High Crest Factor Rating”, page 1 in the January 1964 issue, pg 8

New Time Information Added to WWV/WWVH Broadcasts, pg 8

May 1964 v.15 n.9

A 0-50 Mc Frequency Synthesizer with Excellent Stability, Fast Switching, and Fine Resolution, by Victor E. Van Duzer. 5100A, 5110A.

Digital Frequency Synthesis, by Bernard M. Oliver, pg 1

Notes on the Application of Frequency Synthesizers, by Victor E. Van Duzer, pg 7

Spectrum Extension to Above 500 MC, pg 7

Synthesizer Design Leaders, pg 8

June 1964 v.15 n.10

Precision Plug-In Frequency Measurements to 3000 Mc, by Charles M. Hill. 5245L, 5254A, 5253B.

Design Leader: Charles M. Hill, pg 4

Changes in Standard Broadcasts, pg 5

A New Oscilloscope Plug-In with Four 40-MC Channels, by James R. Pettit, pg 6-8. 175A, 1754A.

July 1964 v.15 n.11

A New Performance of the “Flying Clock” Experiment, by Leonard S. Cutler, Alan S. Bagley. Atomic clock.

A Measurement of the Ratio of the Zero-Field Hyperfine Splittings of Cesium 133 and Hydrogen, by Leonard S. Cutler, pg 6-7.

Authors: Alan. S. Bagley, Leonard S. Cutler, pg 8

Plant Distribution of a One-Volt DC Standard, by Richard Bean, pg 9-12

August 1964 v.15 n.12

A New Microwave Spectrum Analyzer, by Harley L. Halverson. 8551A, 851A.

EMC/RFI, pg 5

Broad Spectrum Displays, pg 7

Spectrum Surveillance, pg 8

Design Leaders: Arthur Fong, Harley L. Halverson, George C. Jung, pg 8

September 1964 v.16 n.1

Our Preparations at Hewlett-Packard for the Instrumentation of Tomorrow, by Frank J. Burkhard. [HP’s 25th year as a designer and maker of electronic measuring instruments]

Some Major –hp- Instrument Designs, pg 3

Some Notable Articles Published in the Hewlett-Packard Journal, pg 5

Hewlett-Packard Company: William R. Hewlett, David Packard, pg 8

October 1964 v.16 n.2

A VLF Comparator for Relating Local Frequency to U.S. Standards, by Dexter Hartke. Phase Comparator, 117A.

Frequency Calibration using LF Standard Broadcasts, pg 2

Design Leader: Dexter Hartke, pg 7

Tunable VLF Comparator, pg 8. DY-2365B.

November 1964 v.16 n.3

Absorption Modulators for Simple or Complex Microwave Modulation, by Douglas A. Gray. P-I-N Modulators, 8403A.

New Microwave Signal Sources with Signal Generator Capabilities, by Douglas A. Gray, pg 8. 8614B, 8616B.

December 1964 v.16 n.4

Microwave Harmonic Generation and Nanosecond Pulse Generation with the Step-recovery Diode, by Robert D. Hall, Stewart M. Krakauer. HP Associates.

Design Leaders: Robert D. Hall, Stewart M. Krakauer, pg 6