1963 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1963 v.14 n.5-6
A Versatile Wave Analyzer for the 1 kc to 1.5 Mc Range, by Stanley McCarthy. 310A.

A Quick, Convenient Method for Measuring Loop Gain, by Philip Spohn, pg 5. AC-21F.

March/April 1963 v.14 n.7-8
A New Microwave Modulator, by Nicholas J. Kuhn. 8714A.

A Convenient Probe for Sensing Magnetic Fields, by Arndt Bergh, pg 7. 3592A.

Using the Smith Chart with Negative Real-part Impedances or Admittances, by Harley L. Halverson, Luiz Peregrino, pg 8

New Submultiple Prefixes, pg 8

May/June 1963 v.14 n.9-10
A New Multi-Function Voltmeter for General Laboratory Use, by Paul G. Baird. 410C.

A Guarded Amplifier for Increasing Digital Voltmeter Sensitivity, by Donald H. Jenkins, pg 6. DY-2411A, DY-2401A.

July 1963 v.14 n.11
An 800-2400 MC Signal Generator with Automatically-Leveled Output Power, by James R. Ferrell. 8614A.

A Variable-Frequency AC Power Supply for General-Purpose Testing, by Duane P. Lingafelter, pg 6. 4301A.

August 1963 v.14 n.12
A Wide-Range RC Oscillator with Push-Button Frequency Selection, by Robert W. Colpitts. 241A.

Special Push-Button Audio Oscillator for Telephone Testing, by Robert W. Colpitts, pg 6. HO1-241A.

A Tunnel-Diode Pulse Generator with 0.1 Nanosecond Risetime, by Roderick Carlson, pg 7. 213B.

September 1963 v.15 n.1

A Basic New Wide-Band Oscilloscope with Planned Anti-Obsolescence, by Richard E. Monnier. 140A, 1415A.

The Time Domain Reflectometer, by Lee R. Moffitt, pg 6-7. 1415A.

The Radial Field Cathode-Ray Tube, pg 7

Amplifier Plug-ins, pg 8-9. 1401A, 1400A, 1403A, 1402A.

SweepGenerator Plug-Ins, pg 10-12. 1420A, 1421A.

October 1963 v.15 n.2
A General-Purpose Pulse Generator Producing High-Power, Fast-Rise Pulses, by Johan Blokker, George Kan. 214A.

A Clip-on Current Probe for Wide-band Oscilloscope Measurements, by John G. Tatum, pg 5. 1110A, 1111A.

NBS Inaugurates Higher Power VLF Standard Frequency Broadcasts, pg 8

November 1963 v.15 n.3
A New Multi-Purpose Digital Voltmeter, by Charles W. Near, David S. Cochran. 3440A.

Voltmeter Plug-ins, pg 3. 3441A, 3442A.

A New Coaxial Crystal Detector with Extremely Flat Frequency Response, by Russell B. Riley, pg 8. 423A.

December 1963 v.15 n.4
A New Series of Microwave Sweep Oscillators with Flexible Modulation and Leveling, by Robert L. Dudley. 691A, 691B.

Examination of the Atomic Spectral Lines of a Cesium Beam Tube with the -hp- Frequency Synthesizer, by Leonard S. Cutler, pg 8