1960 – HP Journal Index

January/March 1960 v.11 n.5-7

A Versatile New DC-500 MC Oscilloscope with High Sensitivity and Dual Channel Display, by Roderick Carlson. 185A, 187A

High-Speed Effect in Solid-State Diodes Explained with New Oscilloscope, pg 3

Permanent X-Y Recordings of Displayed Signals, pg 7

April/June 1960 v.11 n.8-10

The Effect of u-Circuit Non-Linearity on the Amplitude Stability of RC Oscillators, by Bernard M. Oliver

Utilizing VLF Standard Broadcasts with the -hp- Frequency Divider and Clock, pg 8. 113AR.

[France’s President Charles] De Gaulle Visits -hp- Plant, pg 3

July/August 1960 v.11 n.11-12

A New Clip-on Oscilloscope/Voltmeter Probe for 25ÙÚ – 20 MC Current Measurements, by Charles O. Forge. 456A.

The Value of AC Current Measurements, pg 5

September 1960 v.12 n.1

A New RF Millivoltmeter for Convenient Measurements to 1 Kmc, by Theodore C. Anderson. 411A.

October 1960 v.12 n.2

A Voltage-to-Frequency Converter for Greater Flexibility in Data Handling, by R. A. Andersen. Dymec, Inc., 2210, 2211A, 2211B.

Dymec – An -hp- Service for Special Instrumentation Situations, pg 3

November 1960 v.12 n.3

A New Frequency/Time Standard with 5 x 10-10 Day Stability, by Leonard S. Cutler. 103AR.

December 1960 v.12 n.4

Improved Sweep Frequency Techniques for Broadband Microwave Testing, by Elmer Lorence, J. K. Hunton