1959 – HP Journal Index

January 1959 v.10 n.5

A New Digital DC Voltmeter with Automatic Range and Polarity Selection, by Theodore C. Anderson, Noel M. Pace. 405AR.

February/March 1959 v.10 n.6-7

Additional Conveniences for Noise Figure Measurements, by Marco R. Negrete. 343A, 340B, 345B, 342A, 347A.

April 1959 v.10 n.8

Special-Purpose Performance in a General-Purpose 50 KC-65 MC Signal Generator, by Arthur Fong. 606A.

Gaither Elected to -hp- Board of Directors (H. Rowan Gaither, Jr.), pg 6

Friis becomes Consultant (Dr. Harold T. Friis),  pg 6

May/June 1959 v.10 n.9-10

A Clip-On Oscilloscope Probe for Measuring and Viewing Current Waveforms, by Robert R. Wilke. 150A, 154A.

July/August 1959 v.10 n.11-12

A Precision DC Vacuum-Tube Voltmeter with Extended Sensitivity and High Stability, by Donald Norgaard. 412A.

September/October 1959 v.11 n.1-2

A New 20 CPS-50 KC Wave Analyzer with High Selectivity and Simplified Tuning, by J. R. Petrak. 302A.

Measuring Microwave Tube Electrode Coefficients with an Audio Wave Analyzer, by Harley L. Halverson, pg 5

November/December 1959 v.11 n.3-4

A New Clock for Improving the Accuracy of Local Frequency and Time Standards, by Dexter Hartke. 113AR.