1958 – HP Journal Index

January 1958 v.9 n.5

An Automatic Noise Figure Meter For Improving Microwave Device Performance, by Howard C. Poulter. 340A, 345A, 347A.

Noise Figure and Its Measurement, by B. M. Oliver, pg 3

February 1958 v.9 n.6

Increased Operational Simplicity In a New DC-Several Hundred KC Oscilloscope, by Duane Dunwoodie. 120A.

New HP Research and Development Divisions, pg 6

March 1958 v.9 n.7

An Increased-Sensitivity Micro Volt-Ammeter Using a Photoconductive Chopper, by John M. Cage. 425A.

April 1958 v.9 n.8

A Precision Delayed-Pulse Generator for Measuring and Generating Short Time Intervals, by Marvin Willrodt, Don Broderick, Dexter Hartke. 218A, 219A, 219B, 219C.

May 1958 v.9 n.9

A Fast, Automatic Printer for Digital Type Data Devices, by Ed A. Hilton. 561A.

A Current-Limiting Regulated Power Supply for Transistor Work, by Donald F. Schulz, pg 4. 721A.

June/July 1958 v.9 n.10-11

A Clip-On DC Milliammeter for Measuring Tube and Transistor Circuit Currents, by Arndt Bergh, George S. Kan, Charles O. Forge. 428A.

-hp- Board of Directors Enlarged, pg 4.

August 1958 v.9 n.12

An Automatic DC to X-Band Power Meter for the Medium Power Range, by B. P. Hand. 434A.

September/October 1958 v.10 n.1-2

A Dual-Trace Automatic Base Line Oscilloscope for the DC-Several Hundred KC Range, by John Strathman. 122A.

Two High-Performance Attenuators For the DC-500 MC Range, by Arthur Fong, Harley L. Halverson, pg 3. 355A, 355B.

November/December 1958 v.10 n.3-4

5×10-8/Week Time Base Accuracy in the 10 MC Frequency Counter, by Leonard S. Cutler, LaThare N. Bodily. 524D.

Assuring Time Base Performance, pg 5