1957 – HP Journal Index

January 1957 v.8 n.5

An RC Oscillator that Covers the 20 cps-20 kc Range in a Single Dial Sweep. 207A.

Design Principles of the 1001:1 Range Single-Band RC Oscillator, by Nicholas Kovalevski, B. M. Oliver

February 1957 v.8 n.6

A New 8-12 KMC Voltage-Tuned Sweep Oscillator for Faster Microwave Evaluations, by P. D. Lacy, Daniel E. Wheeler. 686A.

Backward Wave Oscillator Tubes

March 1957 v.8 n.7

A Fast Digital Recorder with Analog Output for Automatic Data Plotting, by Alan S. Bagley, Ed A. Hilton. 560A.

Operation of the Digital Recorder


April 1957 v.8 n.8

A 250 CPS-100 KC Oscillator For High Stability Applications, by Albert Ennor, Edna MacLean. 200T.

How Model 200T Stability Curves were Plotted


Higher Accuracy in Measuring Audio and Sub-Audio Frequencies, by Albert Ennor. 526C.

May/June 1957 v.8 n.9-10

A Note on Measuring Coaxial Coupler Directivity, by Howard C. Poulter

High DB-Resolution Meter Scales for -hp- VTVM’s. 400D-DB, 400H-DB.

July 1957 v.8 n-11

A Small, Convenient Frequency Counter For General-Purpose Use, by Frank Koziuk. 521C, 508A, 508B.

Some Handy uses for the -hp- 650A Test Oscillator, by Arthur Fong. 650A.

August 1957 v.8 n.12

A Rack-Mounting DC-300 KC Oscilloscope With Expandable Sweep, by Duane Dunwoodie, Dick Reynolds. 130BR.

September/October 1957 v.9 n.1-2

Permanent Record and Oscilloscope Techniques with the Microwave Sweep Oscillator, by Peter D. Lacy, Daniel E. Wheeler. 686A.

Supplement to Vol.9 N.1-2 [inside issue]

Sputnik’s Doppler Shift Measured and Recorded with -hp- Counter and Digital Recorder

November/December 1957 v.9 n.3-4

An Improved Method For Measuring Losses in Short Waveguide Lengths, by Peter D. Lacy, Kenneth E. Miller

Derivation of Waveguide Small-Loss Equation, pg 3

How Doppler Shift Records Provide Satellite Range and Height Data, pg 5