1956 – HP Journal Index

January 1956 v.7 n.5

New TWT Amplifiers with Provision for Simulating Special Microwave Signals, by Geo. W.C. Mathers, Peter D. Lacy. 492A, 494A.

February 1956 v.7 n.6

Three New -hp- Audio Oscillators, by Brunton Bauer. 201C, 200J, 202C.

The -hp- Balanced R-C Oscillator Circuit, by B. M. Oliver. 200J, 202C.

March 1956 v.7 n.7

A New DC-300 KC High-Sensitivity Oscilloscope with Triggered Sweep, by Dick Reynolds, Duane Dunwoodie. 130A.

April 1956 v.7 n.8

A New DC-10 MC Oscilloscope with Dual-Trace and High-Gain Preamplifiers, by Robert A. Grimm, Norman B. Schrock. 150A, 151A, 152A.

Penholder Style Probes


Oscilloscope Project Leader (Norman B. Schrock)

May/June 1956 v.7 n.9-10

A New 10-15.5 KMC 10 MW Signal Generator, by Wm. D. Myers. 626A.

A Simple 0-500 Volt Metered Power Supply, by Brunton Bauer. 711A.

Balanced Output from the -hp- Square Wave Generator

July/August 1956 v.7 n.11-12

A 0-1.1 MC Frequency Counter with Time Interval Markers, by Jeffrey B. Wolfington. 523B.

The -hp- Readout Systems. 523B.

Summary of –hp- Electronic Counters


September/October 1956 v.8 n.1-2

A Micrometric 12-40 KMC Waveguide Slotted Line with Interchangeable Sections and Untuned Probe, by J. K. Hunton. 814A, 815A, 446A, 805A, 809B.

November/December 1956 v.8 n.3-4

A New Adjustable Gate Time Counter from a New -hp- Affiliate. Dynac, Inc.

Flow Measurements

New Photo-Electric Tachometry Transducer

Dynac, Inc. – A New Service for Specialized Instrumentation. DY-2500.

Radar Signal Simulators