1954 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1954 v.5 n.5-6

A New Signal Generator for the 7,000 to 11,000 MC Range, by Arthur Fong. 620A.

William Hewlett Elected I.R.E. [Institute of Radio Engineers] President


March/April 1954 v.5 n.7-8

Frequency and Time Measurements with the New -hp- High Speed Counter, by Alan S. Bagley, Wm. D. Myers, Dexter Hartke. 524B, 525A, 525B, 526A, 526B.

May 1954 v.5 n.9

Wider Range and Higher Stability in the new -hp- 4 MC Voltmeter, by John Zevenbergen. 400D, Solid state, Silicon diode.

June 1954 v.5 n.10

The -hp- 500-Volt, 200-MA Metered Power Supply, by Don Broderick. 712B.

A Convenient Source of Multiple Pulses


July 1954 v.5 n.11

New Conveniences for Microwave Power Measurements, by Wm. Gallagher, B. P. Hand. 487A, 477A.

August 1954 v.5 n.12

Advanced Performance in two new VHF Signal Generators, by H. E. Overacker. 608A, 608B, 608C, 608D, 608A-95A.

September/October 1954 v.6 n.1-2

The -hp- Microwave Reflectometers, by N. L. Pappas, J. K. Hunton. 416A, 717A, 670HM, 6705M, X382A, X421A, X916, S485A, 370, 375A, 752, 870A, 920A, 914A.

November/December 1954 v.6 n.3-4

New Broadband Microwave Power Amplifiers using Helix-Coupled TWT’S, by P. D. Lacy, D. E. Wheeler. 490A, 616A, 491A, pg 1

A New Helix-Forming Machine with Micro-inch Error, pg 6