1953 – HP Journal Index

January/February 1953 v.4 n.5-6

More about the -hp- Precision Directional Couplers, by E. F. Barnett. 752, 750.

March/April 1953 v.4 n.7-8

A New Signal Generator for Aeronautical Radio and UHF Television, by H. E. Overacker. 612A.

Field Repair Stations


May/June 1953 v.4 n.9-10

The -hp- TV Monitor, by Robert Grimm. 335E.

July/August 1953 v.4 n.11-12

Measurements to 100 Megacycles with the -hp- Frequency Counter, by Dexter Hartke. 512AR, 512A.

September/October 1953 v.5 n.1-2

Time Interval Measurements with the -hp- Electronic Counter, by D. R. Scott, E. A. Hilton. 522B.

November/December 1953 v.5 n.3-4

A New 60-Cycle Per Revolution Generator for Precision Tachometry Measurements, by Wm. Girdner. 508A.

Table of Important Transforms [There is also a separate reprint of this table, with additional text and graphics and a 1954 copyright, in the 1953 folder].