S – Individuals File Guide

Sanborn, Frank Berry
Bethune-Cookman College presents FBS with Award for Meritorious Service in the field of technology and human relations; “Speaking of the Founder of Sanborn Company,” autobiography of FBS published in 1955;

Saponas, Thomas

[Chief Technology Officer; Director, Agilent Labs]: résumé, incl. internal news memos and news clippings; “One on One with Thomas Saponas, CTO of Agilent Technologies,” 5/4/01 interview in San Francisco Business Times; “First Agilent Labs Review a Success,” by TS 2/01; 2 internal interviews with TS when he became director of Agilent Labs, 7/00;”Extra Ordinary People,” article about stint as a White House Fellow working at the Pentagon, from Measure July/Aug 1987; photo removed; On Portfolio Management, 6/3/02

Saponas, Thomas
speeches: transcript of speech by TS and Ned Barnholt “Creating an $8 Billion Startup” at UC Berkeley, 10/9/00

Sasaoka, Kenzo (Ken)

[President & General Manager, YokogawaHP]: speech: “Joint Venture in High Technology Industry Between the U.S. and Japan,” 3/5/88; biographical article citing miracle of surviving Nagasaki atomic bomb (Measure, Ju-Au 1989); Deming Prize winner;

Saunders, Barney

[VP & General Manager, Bio-Research Solutions Unit]: BS arrives from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech to be VP/General Manager of Bio-Research Solutions Unit, 11/6/00;

Schneider, Madie

[Secretary to WRH]:

Schroeder, Friedrich Wilhelm

[Director, Corporate Development]: internal retirement announcement, 4/20/82; “From Measurement to Information (Episodes & Observations)” compiled by FWS, June 1991;
See Also Oral History Collection

Schwarz, Karl

[Business Development Manager, Chemical Analysis Group]: death notice, 2/24/97; “Co-Management: Case History of a Successful Experiment in Japan,” by KS, 1988; named leader of Scientific Instruments Division (SID) , 1990;

Schwettmann, Dr. Fred

[VP and General Manager, Circuit Technology Group]: resigns to become President/COO of Read-Rite Corp., 5/93; becomes director of expanded Integrated Circuits Laboratory, 1/81

Scribner, Douglas M.

[Manager, TMO Process Center]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photo removed

Scruggs, John

[VP & General Manager, TMO Automated Test Group]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photos removed

Serum, James W.

[Product line manager, Mass Spec]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

Seyfarth, John R.

Smith, Harford Paige “Smitty”
HP employee 1959-1987 developed and supervised HP’s first recreation area – Little Basin in the Santa Cruz, CA

Solomon, Darlene

[Director of Agilent Laboratories], 2003-
Elected to the Advisory Board of the Nanobiotechnology Center, 6/01; Named to Lead Agilent Labs, 9/03

Stauffer, Arnold

first employee hired to work outside the U.S. (Measure, Sep/Oct 1993);

Steiner, Alan B.

Stoft, Paul E.
See Also Oral History Collection

Sullivan, William P.

[President and CEO Agilent Technologies, Inc.]: 1949-, News Release “Agilent Technologies Names William Sullivan as President and CEO”;

Summers, Donald

Szegedi, Laszlo


R – Individuals File Guide

Rice, Condoleezza
[Director]: biography from Hoover Institution website, 2002; biography from World Economic Forum, 2002; CR comments at DP’s funeral, 4/93; article about Chevron oil tanker christened “Condoleezza Rice,” 8/93; DP retires and CR resigns from HP Board, 9/93; 1993 article about Rice becoming Stanford provost; internal news announcing election of CR to Board, 2/92.

Riggen, John
[Colorado Public Affairs Manager]: appointment to chairmanship of Colorado Assn of Commerce & Industry (CACI)’s Tax Council; résumé, incl. internal news memos; photo removed

Roelandts, Wim
[Senior VP and General Manager, Computer Systems Organization]: resigns to become CEO of Xilinx, 1996; WR becomes head of CSO, 7/1992.

Ross, Ian
[Worldwide Order fulfillment]:

Rundle, James R.
[General Manager, Spokane Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

Ruppel, Gary

Rusckowski, Stephen H.
[General Manager, Cardiology Products Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

M – Individuals File Guide

Marcopulos, Theodore A.
[Solution Architect, Test & Meaurement Organization]: résumé;

McMullen, Mike
Named VP and GM of Chemical Analysis Solutions, 10/09/01

Meng, Chin-Kai

Minck, John
letter to Barnholt, 12/13/2000;

Moll, John L.
[Associate Director, HP Superconductivity Lab]: retirement announcement, 11/96; pioneering work at Bell Labs led to identification of silicon as most appropriate semiconductor; Ebers-Moll transister model;

Morton, Dean O.
[Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer]: bio; article announces appointment of Morton at COO, 10/90; WRH’s public address system announcement about DM’s 1977 election to Executive VP and Directory; speech (with handwritten notes) given at President’s Club, about HP history, 12/7/88′

Moseley, Francis L.
[HP Director; Founder, F.L. Moseley Company]: news release announces appointment to the Board, 3/28/66; resolution of appreciation, upon FLM’s retirement from the Board, 1/81; quotes from FLM in Reporter article; bio;

See Also Oral History Collection

Mueller, Joe
[R&D section manager, Technology Center]:

E – Individuals File Guide

Eaton, John
[VP for Corporate Development]: Corporate Development org chart 12/12/02; interview where portfolio management, venture capital and high-growth strategy are discussed, 3/00; interview with Rach Wagner discussing Stratos, Agilent growth strategy, 5/01; photo removed

Edmonson, Harold C.
[Director of Corporate Manufacturing]: retirement memo 4/1/92; presentation at APICS on “New Technology:Industrial Renaissance,” 11/3/83; HP Management Council committee membership lists

Egbert, Jacob H.
[General Manager, EEsof Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos (Eesof, a Division of the Microwave and Communications Group created from an acquired company that developed computer-aided engineering software used to design high-frequency systems, circuits and devices)

Eldred, W. Noel
[Executive VP; Director]: death announcement 11/30/70; remembrance (Noel Porter?) from Measure 1/71; notes from WRH upon hearing of Eldred’s death, 11/30/70; eulogy by Noel “Ed” Porter in Watt’s Current 12/70; notes on California electronics industry, 6/7/65; speech to WEMA marketing seminar, 3/31/61; “A New Type of Slotted Line Section” by W. Bruce wholey and WNE, 3/50; pre-HP biography from Watt’s Current 7/26/46;

Elwell, Cyril Frank “Cy”
[radio pioneer, HP employee]: obituary, ???;; biography “Radio Telegraph & Telphone Pioneer 1909-1959,” by Felix Rosa; “Cy Elwell Story” pt.1-2 by Elwell in Wire & Radio Communications, 1959; WESCON recognizes Elwell with “Pioneer of Western Electronics” honors 8/57; draft talk on the history of radio by Elwell to AIEE, 4/8/57; IRE Australia makes Elwell “Honorary Life Member”, 1954; biography in Watt’s Current, when Elwell came to work for HP (while in his 60’s), 3/52

Ely, Paul:
PE’s remarks to New York Times (August 1983) touches on inventory, computer business, employee turnover;

Ergueta, Taia:
Named Senior Director of Business Development, 10/09/01

Evans, Jane:
comments on HP-Compaq merger, 11/25/01; inducted into Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame, 11/23/98; “Breaking New Ground: First Woman BSEE Grad from SJ State University Makes Her Mark at HP,” Silicon Valley Engineer Magazine 11/89; elected Fellowof the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), 4/7/88; photo of JE, product manager for software data acquisition systems, 11/70; résumé, incl. internal news memos

M – Oral History Collection

Mariotti, Franco
[MARIOTTI-1-6.doc]:  interview by Dave Kirby 12/2/91, softcopy transcript

Mariotti, Franco
[MARIOTTI-7&8.doc]:  interview continued by Dave Kirby 3/11/96, softcopy transcript

Mariotti, Franco
[MARIOTTI-9.doc]:  interview by Dave Kirby 3/11/96, softcopy transcript

Merrit, Ron
[MERRIT.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: HP Sales Office in Bellevue WA)

Miller, Arthur
[MILLER.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits; supporting documents

(Note: R&D director of Sanborn Co.; later Waltham Div)

Minck, John
[MINCK.doc]:  interview by Cornelia Bayley 11/5/93, softcopy transcript

Mitchell, Dr. Sidney & Jean
[MITCHELL.doc]:  interview by Dave Kirby 5/22/91, softcopy transcript

Moseley, Francis
[MOSELEY.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits; supporting documents

(Note: Moseley Company in Pasadena was first acquisition of HP, 1958)

Moseley Group, 
[MOSELEY-GROUP.doc]:  hardcopy (only) transcript of interview with Marshall Hiner, Richard Kemplin, Bob McClelland, and Gale Moreland – unedited

(Note: employees of the F.L. Moseley Co. in Pasadena before 1958 acquisition by HP)

Mullen, Peter & Ray Rooney
[MULLEN.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; supporting documents

[MURTHA.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

Myers, Bill
[MYERS.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits; supporting documents; photos

(Note: HP engineer; first application engineer (marketing))