R – Individuals File Guide

Rice, Condoleezza
[Director]: biography from Hoover Institution website, 2002; biography from World Economic Forum, 2002; CR comments at DP’s funeral, 4/93; article about Chevron oil tanker christened “Condoleezza Rice,” 8/93; DP retires and CR resigns from HP Board, 9/93; 1993 article about Rice becoming Stanford provost; internal news announcing election of CR to Board, 2/92.

Riggen, John
[Colorado Public Affairs Manager]: appointment to chairmanship of Colorado Assn of Commerce & Industry (CACI)’s Tax Council; résumé, incl. internal news memos; photo removed

Roelandts, Wim
[Senior VP and General Manager, Computer Systems Organization]: resigns to become CEO of Xilinx, 1996; WR becomes head of CSO, 7/1992.

Ross, Ian
[Worldwide Order fulfillment]:

Rundle, James R.
[General Manager, Spokane Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

Ruppel, Gary

Rusckowski, Stephen H.
[General Manager, Cardiology Products Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;