W – Individuals File Guide

Walker, Robert
[Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; Interview in InfoComm Review: “Separate Ways”, Promoted to Executive VP, 5/18/00; looking at Agilent as an independent company, 2001; 11/12/01 press release announcing departure of RW; RW visits Taiwan, 3/00; interview 5/3/99; “Getting in Touch with Your Inner Web,” from CIO 1/13/97, about HP’s IS group intranet evolution; To Leave Company, 11/12/01;

Walker, Robert
Agilent Semiconductor Product Summit presention

Wang, Albert S.

Watts, Richard C.
[VP & GM, Computer Sales & Distribution Group (CSDG)]: resigns to be CEO at ConvergeNet, 9/98;

Weaver, Harry E., Jr.
[scientist]: retires in 1992; receives Albert F. Sperry Award from Instrument Society, October 1992; 15 years as “Magnet Expert” at Varian;

Wehrkamp, Candyce A.


White, Thomas

Wholey, Bruce
See Also Oral History Collection

Wilbur, Ray L.
See Also Oral History Collection

Wild, Harold
See Also Oral History Collection

Wright, Douglas H.

Wright, Scott R.
[GM, Santa Rosa Systems Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

Wurst, Bill
[General Manager, Network Measurement Division]: Grapevine article at his retirement, 1992;

S – Individuals File Guide

Sanborn, Frank Berry
Bethune-Cookman College presents FBS with Award for Meritorious Service in the field of technology and human relations; “Speaking of the Founder of Sanborn Company,” autobiography of FBS published in 1955;

Saponas, Thomas

[Chief Technology Officer; Director, Agilent Labs]: résumé, incl. internal news memos and news clippings; “One on One with Thomas Saponas, CTO of Agilent Technologies,” 5/4/01 interview in San Francisco Business Times; “First Agilent Labs Review a Success,” by TS 2/01; 2 internal interviews with TS when he became director of Agilent Labs, 7/00;”Extra Ordinary People,” article about stint as a White House Fellow working at the Pentagon, from Measure July/Aug 1987; photo removed; On Portfolio Management, 6/3/02

Saponas, Thomas
speeches: transcript of speech by TS and Ned Barnholt “Creating an $8 Billion Startup” at UC Berkeley, 10/9/00

Sasaoka, Kenzo (Ken)

[President & General Manager, YokogawaHP]: speech: “Joint Venture in High Technology Industry Between the U.S. and Japan,” 3/5/88; biographical article citing miracle of surviving Nagasaki atomic bomb (Measure, Ju-Au 1989); Deming Prize winner;

Saunders, Barney

[VP & General Manager, Bio-Research Solutions Unit]: BS arrives from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech to be VP/General Manager of Bio-Research Solutions Unit, 11/6/00;

Schneider, Madie

[Secretary to WRH]:

Schroeder, Friedrich Wilhelm

[Director, Corporate Development]: internal retirement announcement, 4/20/82; “From Measurement to Information (Episodes & Observations)” compiled by FWS, June 1991;
See Also Oral History Collection

Schwarz, Karl

[Business Development Manager, Chemical Analysis Group]: death notice, 2/24/97; “Co-Management: Case History of a Successful Experiment in Japan,” by KS, 1988; named leader of Scientific Instruments Division (SID) , 1990;

Schwettmann, Dr. Fred

[VP and General Manager, Circuit Technology Group]: resigns to become President/COO of Read-Rite Corp., 5/93; becomes director of expanded Integrated Circuits Laboratory, 1/81

Scribner, Douglas M.

[Manager, TMO Process Center]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photo removed

Scruggs, John

[VP & General Manager, TMO Automated Test Group]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photos removed

Serum, James W.

[Product line manager, Mass Spec]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

Seyfarth, John R.

Smith, Harford Paige “Smitty”
HP employee 1959-1987 developed and supervised HP’s first recreation area – Little Basin in the Santa Cruz, CA

Solomon, Darlene

[Director of Agilent Laboratories], 2003-
Elected to the Advisory Board of the Nanobiotechnology Center, 6/01; Named to Lead Agilent Labs, 9/03

Stauffer, Arnold

first employee hired to work outside the U.S. (Measure, Sep/Oct 1993);

Steiner, Alan B.

Stoft, Paul E.
See Also Oral History Collection

Sullivan, William P.

[President and CEO Agilent Technologies, Inc.]: 1949-, News Release “Agilent Technologies Names William Sullivan as President and CEO”;

Summers, Donald

Szegedi, Laszlo