M – Individuals File Guide

Marcopulos, Theodore A.
[Solution Architect, Test & Meaurement Organization]: résumé;

McMullen, Mike
Named VP and GM of Chemical Analysis Solutions, 10/09/01

Meng, Chin-Kai

Minck, John
letter to Barnholt, 12/13/2000;

Moll, John L.
[Associate Director, HP Superconductivity Lab]: retirement announcement, 11/96; pioneering work at Bell Labs led to identification of silicon as most appropriate semiconductor; Ebers-Moll transister model;

Morton, Dean O.
[Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer]: bio; article announces appointment of Morton at COO, 10/90; WRH’s public address system announcement about DM’s 1977 election to Executive VP and Directory; speech (with handwritten notes) given at President’s Club, about HP history, 12/7/88′

Moseley, Francis L.
[HP Director; Founder, F.L. Moseley Company]: news release announces appointment to the Board, 3/28/66; resolution of appreciation, upon FLM’s retirement from the Board, 1/81; quotes from FLM in Reporter article; bio;

See Also Oral History Collection

Mueller, Joe
[R&D section manager, Technology Center]:

F – Individuals File Guide

Fanton, John L.
[Marketing Manager, Ultrasound Imaging Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Favaretto, Roberto
[Vice-President, European Field Organizations, Test & Measurement Organization]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; coffee talk 11/12/01; org chart for EPSG Europe, 9/2002 and 1/2000

Fazarinc, Bojana
[Director, Global Marketing Services & Communications]: appointed Director of combined department, 9/16/98;

Fazarinc, Zvonko:
news blurbs on Fazarinc’s COLOS project, 3/1/95 and /11/88; profile from Measure Jul/Aug 1988; ZF is HP’s first resident scientist at Stanford’s Center for Integrated Systems (CIS), 5/24/85; ZF establishes systems engineering lab, 5/9/84; Instrument Research Laboratory renamed the Measurement and Communications Laboratory, 12/31/81; speech “Early History of the 1980 Measurement System,” 1/20/82?

Finch, Nathan Cochrane,
1909-1990 [This lawyer began doing work for HP in 1945, placed on retainer in 1951 after helping with HP’s first joint venture, Dynac]: obit from PA Times Tribune, 11/90; “Recollections of 81 years,” by NCF (HP connection begins p.20); 1956 letter of recommendation for DP from Superintendent of Schools Henry Gunn

See Also Oral History Collection

Firooz, Kamran
[Vice President & General Manager, OSS]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; KF will lead OSS Division in CSG, 2/6/03; KF email message to MTBU employees after 9/11 tragedy, 9/13/01; KF named Engineer of the Year by Electronic Products & Packaging magazine, 2/8/01

Fong, Art :
AF 4/00 comments on factual errors in How It All Began, book detailing Loveland Division history; 2/99 note from Ned Bartholt declining invitation to lunar new year event featuring AF; 1998 bio of Art and Mary from Palo Alto Medical Foundation Annual Report; bio of Art and Mary, 4/96; AF brief biography, 8/94; 1994 press release announcing AF given UC Berkeley’s Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award, plus a letter of congratulations from WRH; 1986 Lab Notes article about AF upon his retirement; AF elected IEEE Fellow, Watt’s Current 12/70; reminiscence about time at MIT, from MIT Dept. of EE website, 4/23/98;

See Also Oral History Collection

Friis, Harald Trap
[consultant to H-P]: HP press release (including bio) when he died, 6/16/76; biography from IEEE history website, 2/03; info on Harald Trap Friis Professorship at Stanford

D – Individuals File Guide

De Forest, Dr. Lee:
article/photo depicting De Forest in Watt’s Current; description of triode or audion amplifier; IEEE biography; pictoral biography from www.leedeforest.org

Demere, Raymond McAllister Jr.:
internal news memos; text of speech “roasting” Demere when he changed jobs; “The Human Factor in Innovation and Productivity,” statement by Demere (then VP of Manufacturing & Services at HP) before the House Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology 9/16/81; “Quality: the Key to Productivity?” address to Chief Executive Luncheon of the American Electronics Association 6/23/81

See Also Oral History Collection

Deming, W. Edwards
[pioneer in statistical analysis and quality]: article from Smithsonian (August 1990); “Dr. Deming’s 14 Points—Methods for Management of Productivity and Quality”

Dillon, Adrian T.
[Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer]: brief bio; “CFO Captivates Employees in Scotland and Germany,” 7/02; News Release “Dillon Named Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, of Agilent Technologies,” 2/05;

Doolittle, William
[Senior VP of International Operations]: brief bio incl. internal news memos; remarks at International Economic Policy Review meeting (National Academy of Engineering)4/23/75; remarks at Seminar on U.S. Technology and International Trade, 4/24/75; “Business Briefs from Moscow Streets, or The Practical Aspects of Trade with the Soviets,” 8/15/72; “U.S. Trade with Japan Can be Both Successful and Profitable,” 3/16/82; notes from 10/14/69 interview summarizing HP’s early efforts to become international; photocopy of photos of Doolittle with funny captions; “Doolittle Winds up 35 Years” (Intercon 193)

See Also Oral History Collection

Doyle, John L.
[Executive VP for Business Development]: brief bio; retirement announcement 9/30/01; “Information Processing Industry—U.S. Market Share in 2000 A.D.,” 12/8/83; “Corporate Micros: The Next Generation,” 11/14/85; “Working in a Different Way: The Next Generation of Information Systems,” 2/18/88; letter to Measure editor 12/4/98 regarding consultants and the HP Way

Doyle, Morris
[DP friend]: obituary; eulogy at DP’s memorial service

Drost, Ray
[Vice-President, Field Operations Sales & Marketing, Test & Measurement Organization, Americas]: internal news memos

B – Oral History Collection

Bagley, Alan
[BAGLEY.doc]:  interview by Bob Grimm 7/10/90, softcopy transcript, 83 pp.

Bagley, Alan
[BAGLEY2.doc]:  interview about HP’s technological contributions (for HP Way) by Karen Lewis 1/22/94, softcopy transcript

(Note: Engineer and manager at HP, 1949-87)

Bauer, Brunton
[BAUER.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: First engineering graduate hired by HP, 1941-72)

Bivins, John F.
[BIVINS.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits; supporting documents; photo

(Note: Sales Rep, southeastern states, HP acquired 1962)

Boniface, Bob
[BONIFACE.doc]:  interview by Dave Kirby 11/21/91, softcopy transcript

Brown, John L
[BROWN-John.doc]: hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: Neely, Moseley, YHP, Dir of Corporate Site Planning; at HP 1956-80s)

Brown, Robert Minge
[BROWN,R1.do]:  interview by Dave Kirby 10/26/90, softcopy transcript

(Note: College friend of Bill & Dave; became their lawyer)

Brown, Robert Minge
[BROWN,R2.doc]:  follow-up interview by Dave Kirby 11/28/90, softcopy transcript

Brunner, Bob
[BRUNNER.doc]:  handwritten notes

Buttner, Harold H.
[BUTTNER.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: HP Bd of Dir  1957-70)