Sanborn Box 3 (IRON MOUNTAIN BOX SJ425380)

1 Technical Bulletins 1931-1934 (incomplete)
2 Technical Bulletins 1935-1938 (incomplete)
3 Bound copy of The Sanbornite Oct. 1942 – Sept. 1945
4 Bound copy of The Sanborn Standard 1960-1965
5 Bound copy of The Standard (Sanborn Division) 1966-1967
6 3 issues of The Right Angle from Sanborn Company: May 1957, May 1961, May 1963
7 Printed autobiography of James L. Jenks, Jr. called Evading the Law, 1983
8 Photograph of James Jenks, Jr.

Sanborn Box 2 (IRON MOUNTAIN BOX SJ425378)

1 Stockholder’s Waiver Notices 1937
2 Stockholders and Directors’ Meeting Minutes 1943-1947; Cash Record at rear of volume 1937-1942
3 Stockholders’ Special Meeting; By-Laws form modernized 10/24/58
4 “Speaking of The Founders of Sanborn Company” by James Jenks, Jr. re Frank B. Sanborn 1955
5 Use of Sanborn products, undated article

The following folders were collected for a legal case designated as the Nichols Case:

6 Nichols-Chase Company Patents correspondence 1935-1939
7 Depositions of Sanborn and Miller 1939
8 Nichols vs Sanborn, Equity No. 4260; brief for plaintiff 1940
9 Nichols vs Sanborn, defendant’s briefs 1940
10 Robert Cushman 1940
11 Miscellaneous data 1939-1941
12 TLS, Steve Fox to Ted Adams saying the patent infringement case in 1937 was captioned Nichols et al. vs. Sanborn Company
13 Cambridge Instrument Co. (Hindle Patent Case) 1931-1938
14 Attorney David Rines 1935-1936
15 Exhibits on Cardiette
16 More exhibits on electrocardiograph
17 More exhibits

18 “Katz Report on Markham Company” Part 1 1917-1960
19 “Katz Report” Part 11

Sanborn Box 1 (IRON MOUNTAIN BOX SJ425377)

1 Anniversary, 50th 1917-1967
2 Annual Reports: 1924, 1946, 1947
3 Annual Reports: 1953-1960
4 Affiliation with HP 1961; Made a division 1963
5 Birthday card to employees sent by Jim Jenks n.d.
6 Catalogs 1961
7 Catalogs – Instruments for Biophysical Research and Instrumentation 1961-1963
8 Catalogs – Instrumentation for Data Handling, Recording, & Readout 1963
9 Credit Union 1961
10 Dividend Check 1951
11 Electrocardiogram – Directions and Technical Bulletin 1954
12 Engineering Division, Policies and Procedures 1957 with annotations to mid-1960s
13 Employee Handbook 1946-
14 Fictitious Name, Certificate of 1937
15 “Founder’s Review” 1957
16 Group Insurance Plan ca. 1961
17 History highlights and pamphlet “Speaking of Sanborn Company – Here Are Its Ups and Downs from 1917 to 1942”
18 Inspection Sticker for HP Medical Electronics
19 Instructions for use of Sanborn Industrial Amplifier Model 124
20 “Introducing Sanborn Company” 1957
21 Management Committee Minutes 1944-1951
22 Management Meetings: Production 1945; Research 1945-1946; Sales 1945; Miscel. 1941-1947
23 Management Meetings, Executive Committee 1945
24 Management, Study of 1946
25 Metabolism Accessories
26 The Medical Instrumentation Market 1961
27 Organization Charts 1956, 1961
28 Patent, Scanning Type Oscillograph 1946
29 President’s Report 1963
30 Press Releases 1961, 1963
31 Product 1916 Sanborn Flow and Water Level Recorder
32 Recorder 100 CPS X-Y
33 Radar Diary 1943-1945 World War II production
34 Radio Communications meetings 1943-1945
35 Recorders and recording systems
36 Recreation area, map
37 Sanborn Company diary 1942-1950
38 “The Sanborn Way” early publication (one copy is 1953 but the others seem to be earlier) and oral history interview with Harry Smith by George Climo 1978

S – Individuals File Guide

Sanborn, Frank Berry
Bethune-Cookman College presents FBS with Award for Meritorious Service in the field of technology and human relations; “Speaking of the Founder of Sanborn Company,” autobiography of FBS published in 1955;

Saponas, Thomas

[Chief Technology Officer; Director, Agilent Labs]: résumé, incl. internal news memos and news clippings; “One on One with Thomas Saponas, CTO of Agilent Technologies,” 5/4/01 interview in San Francisco Business Times; “First Agilent Labs Review a Success,” by TS 2/01; 2 internal interviews with TS when he became director of Agilent Labs, 7/00;”Extra Ordinary People,” article about stint as a White House Fellow working at the Pentagon, from Measure July/Aug 1987; photo removed; On Portfolio Management, 6/3/02

Saponas, Thomas
speeches: transcript of speech by TS and Ned Barnholt “Creating an $8 Billion Startup” at UC Berkeley, 10/9/00

Sasaoka, Kenzo (Ken)

[President & General Manager, YokogawaHP]: speech: “Joint Venture in High Technology Industry Between the U.S. and Japan,” 3/5/88; biographical article citing miracle of surviving Nagasaki atomic bomb (Measure, Ju-Au 1989); Deming Prize winner;

Saunders, Barney

[VP & General Manager, Bio-Research Solutions Unit]: BS arrives from Amersham Pharmacia Biotech to be VP/General Manager of Bio-Research Solutions Unit, 11/6/00;

Schneider, Madie

[Secretary to WRH]:

Schroeder, Friedrich Wilhelm

[Director, Corporate Development]: internal retirement announcement, 4/20/82; “From Measurement to Information (Episodes & Observations)” compiled by FWS, June 1991;
See Also Oral History Collection

Schwarz, Karl

[Business Development Manager, Chemical Analysis Group]: death notice, 2/24/97; “Co-Management: Case History of a Successful Experiment in Japan,” by KS, 1988; named leader of Scientific Instruments Division (SID) , 1990;

Schwettmann, Dr. Fred

[VP and General Manager, Circuit Technology Group]: resigns to become President/COO of Read-Rite Corp., 5/93; becomes director of expanded Integrated Circuits Laboratory, 1/81

Scribner, Douglas M.

[Manager, TMO Process Center]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photo removed

Scruggs, John

[VP & General Manager, TMO Automated Test Group]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photos removed

Serum, James W.

[Product line manager, Mass Spec]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;

Seyfarth, John R.

Smith, Harford Paige “Smitty”
HP employee 1959-1987 developed and supervised HP’s first recreation area – Little Basin in the Santa Cruz, CA

Solomon, Darlene

[Director of Agilent Laboratories], 2003-
Elected to the Advisory Board of the Nanobiotechnology Center, 6/01; Named to Lead Agilent Labs, 9/03

Stauffer, Arnold

first employee hired to work outside the U.S. (Measure, Sep/Oct 1993);

Steiner, Alan B.

Stoft, Paul E.
See Also Oral History Collection

Sullivan, William P.

[President and CEO Agilent Technologies, Inc.]: 1949-, News Release “Agilent Technologies Names William Sullivan as President and CEO”;

Summers, Donald

Szegedi, Laszlo