1985 – MEASURE Magazine

January-February 1985 A Peek Inside the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium; Packard Family Foundation contributed $40 million over past eight years; largest aquarium in U.S.; HP people used as resources for advice on construction, audiovisual needs, security program; HP 3000 for standard business jobs, but emphasis on sea life, not technology; Packard designed machines to recreate effects of tides/waves. 3 6
HP in offices in Quebec and the initial challenge of doing business in both French and English; everyone in the office is bilingual; employees were provided French lessons at company’s expense. 7 9
HP’s first videoconferencing takes place at Cupertino site. 11
HP in Hong Kong; many doing business in Hong Kong as an economic springboard to the People’s Republic of China; Hong Kong concerned with discounts, fast startup, and saving face (by negotiating discounts and buying prestigious products); HP challenge is coming up with right solutions. 12 14
HP’s objectives from the 1950s compared with today; revised in 1981 to place emphasis on product quality, customer satisfaction, new product lines, safety and teamwork. 16 17
Business man in Alabama uses HP computers to design custom cross-stitch patterns. 18
Grateful Dead uses HP portable computer on the road to communicate with home base, write music; may use in future to create sounds and treated as another instrument. 18
HP computer used in Australian car race to record lap times, speed, distance. 19
HP 150 Touchscreen computer used in horse race, Swiss Driving Championship. 19
HP ships 500,000th HP 2392A terminal. 19
HP in Germany for 25 years; how its operation has evolved. 20-22
John Young evaluates operating results of FY84. 23
New products include HP JIT (Just in Time) software for HP 3000: HP 3562A dynamic signal analyzer; HEDS-7500 digital potentiometer; PageWriter cardiographs; HP 788354A neonatal monitor; HP 5988A gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer; HP 2566A and 2565A matrix line printers. 24

March-April 1985 How Women Manage at HP

Since equal opportunity legislation in 1964, HP made determined effort to recruit women; a small but growing number now hold executive-level positions; Shirley Hufstedler first woman on HP board of directors. (women, diversity) 3 7
HP Corporate Parts Center (CPC) in Mountain View, Calif.; stores more than 97,000 parts and ships virtually anywhere in the world. 8 9
Minnesota professors use portable HP computer to prepare database for lion research. 10
HP gets gold medal for HP 5890A gas chromatograph from Czechoslovak Socialist Republic’s fair. 10
ARCO Solar uses HP 2250 measurement and control processors and HP 1000 computers for solar power facility. 11
HP Touchscreen PCs featured in Digital Equipment Corp.’s Computer Museum in Boston. 11
Overhaul of organization chart; three officers retired and instead of replacing them, Executive Committee realigned various responsibilities and reporting relationships. 12-13
President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness, chaired by John Young, recommends ways for U.S. industry to meet growing competition from foreign companies, both in the U.S. and international markets. 14
Night shift at HP featured; about 4,500 employees in U.S. work night shift. 16-19.
Measure magazine does reader survey. 20
Bob Boniface retires from HP after 42 years. 21
John Young describes 10 strategic issues for 1985. 22 23
HP places fifth in Fortune’s 1984 survey of 250 large U.S. companies. 24
HP grants universities $50 million of engineering workstations and software. 24
HP grants $5 million cash and equipment to new Harvard Medical School program. 24

May-June 1985 Coming on Strong: HP in the Communications Business

HP increases attention on marketing as a process and reorganizes and elevates role of marketing; marcom enrolls in SRI program using psychographics called “Values and Lifestyles” (VALS) to evaluate audiences. 3 7
HP 260 minicomputer sold almost exclusively to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who customize it with software for small business owners. 8 9
Open Line survey shows most HP employees feel positive about the company. 13 16
HP and communication business; with the breakup of AT&T there are new vendors and competition, and they in turn order HP test equipment; HP has own network. 14 17
John Young discusses business cycles; growth rate slowed mirroring industry trends. 18
Sunnyvale, Calif., creates Hazardous Response Unit and HP donates hazardous environment suits. 19
New products include TurboImage database management system; Access software; Integrap PC; HP 3055S software; HP 9000 Model 550; HP 7907A disc drive; HP 54200A/D logic analyzer. 19-20
Two new adult-patient monitors, HP 78353B and 78354A. 21Personal Software Division pitches 282 new software packages at New York’s Whitney Museum of Modern Art. 22
HP donates five-bed patient monitoring system to Navaho Monument Valley Hospital. 23
HP is 60th on Fortune magazines ranking of largest 500 companies. 23
HP donates desktop and handheld computer to San Diego Wild Animal Park to build database and analyze growth and behavior of condors and other captive birds. 24

July-August 1985 Working Together in a Country Divided: HP in South Africa

HP in South Africa; challenges of Black; at work they follow the HP way, outside they live under apartheid. (diversity) 3 7
Joel Birnbaum, vice president and director of HP Labs, sets high goals for R&D: “mission of technology is to improve society which it serves.” 8 11
Employees’ dress and how clothes reflect social, financial status, mood, etc. 12 15
John Young describes HP’s commitment to South Africa and cost control. 18
Interactive video is new technology for training. 19
HP-21 calculator is 10 years old. 19
HP provides computerized scoring for International Ice Dance Championships. 20
Introduction of central learning centers for HP customer engineers for training. 21
Signal Analysis Division winner of first U.S. Senate productivity award. 21

September-October 1985 Toxics: HP’s Battle to Keep the Environment Clean

HP addresses concerns about environment, industrial waste; actions taken to address issues: environmental audits, representatives to coordinate/share information, sharing best practices, staff to support and counsel divisions involved in local issues. 2 6
HP fleet of cars, about 8000, replaced yearly with new cars, which is cheaper; in 1983 agreement, Ford provides cars. 7
Yokogawa HP and rocket project; HP equipment widely used in NASDA—Japan’s NASA; satellite tracking network based on 22 HP 1000s. 11
HP facilities have employee garden plots. 12-15
John Young discusses emphasis on quality.
HP counting/analyzing European Basketball Championship using HP 3000 computer. 19
1959 product display photo; 204 then, 10,000 now. 19
UK annual report designed to show HP as creative company. 21
HP 85 computer monitors storage conditions for frozen fish industry in Canada. 21
HP 5510A laser transducer helps study changes in earth’s upper atmosphere in NASA experiment. 22
HP gas chromatograph used to sample blood of thoroughbred racehorses. 23
HP press conference in Moscow reported in Soviet newspaper. 24

November-December 1985 Personal Computers: What’s in the Cards?

Two years after HP introduces the 150 Touchscreen PC, HP released its IBM-compatible Vectra; outsider look at HP and the PC marketplace. 3 5
HP introduces VideoMagazine, an employee video program to complement existing print communications. 10 11
HP de Mexico helping to brighten Mexico’s economic picture; in last two years, HP in Mexico has seen 121 percent growth, mostly from HP 3000 business computers; earthquake in Mexico leaves four employees homeless. 12 15
Economic slump in Vancouver Division affects HP; companywide cost-cutting measures including cuts in pay. 16 17
John Young discusses factors that had effect on electronics industry: competitors, slowdown in capital spending, decreased government purchases, value of U.S. dollar. 18
HP 1000 computer used on SCARAB (Submersible Craft Assisting Repair and Burial) to translate sound signals to calculate position of “black box” from crashed Air India jet. 19
HP Germany holds conference for members of parliament to demonstrate how technology and innovation can solve social and environmental problems. 19
HP equipment used in Tour de France. 20
Maestro database of HP equipment owners helps retrieve stolen HP PCs. 21
HP’s “What If” advertising campaign informs buyers of HP’s commitment to U.S. business market. 21
HP 1000s used in Australia to track and analyze data about animal diseases. 22
New products include HP LaserJet Plus printer, CareView, ColorPro pen plotter, 2603A daisywheel printer, 1040M diode-array detection system, DesignCenter Series, Logic DesignStation, Personal Logic DesignStation. 22
Prince Philippe of Belgium visits HP facilities on West Coast. 23
Dakin, stuffed animal manufacturer, uses HP 3000 Series 42 for inventory control. 24