1982 – MEASURE Magazine

January-February 1982 HP in the Pacific Northwest

  • HP Measure magazine has new editor, Brad Whitworth. 2
  • Sagging economy of Pacific Northwest dominated by lumbar; economy recovery with help from HP and growing electronics industry. 2 7
  • Definition of “target,” “goal” and “objective.” 8
  • Chart of highlights and successes of 1981; organization chart. 9 16
  • Greeley Division produces two products—-9134 and 9135 Winchester drives—-in record time of 14 weeks. 17
  • Corporate objectives revised to emphasize elements of increasing importance in HP’s business. 20 22
  • John Young discusses revised corporate objectives. 23
  • HP’s Santa Rosa facility won grand prize for outstanding plant engineering program; HP-IL interface loop introduced; new products include HP 9836A desktop computer with larger CRT, HP 1360 graphics system. 24

March-April 1982 Computer Graphics: Signs of our Times

  • Computers to solve inventory problems. 2
  • Computer graphics simplify the process of ingesting and analyzing graphics data; HP is a leader in computer graphics. 3 7
  • Fifteen jobs that didn’t exist 15 years ago: industrial hygienist, TV lighting and set designer, clean room operator, and so on. 8 11
  • Noteworthy and interesting HP firsts from the company archives. 12 13
  • HP people caught in California flood and mudslides. 14 17
  • New formula for computer area sales organization: combine local resources with strong local responsibility. 18 19
  • HP 49er fans ship order to Cincinnati decorated with 49ers logo leading up to Super bowl between two cities. 20
  • Wells Fargo brings stage coach to Cupertino facility to celebrate installation of new onsite automated tellers. 20
  • Worldwide ham radio gathering. 21
  • John Young discusses revised corporate objectives. 23
  • HP establishes computer manufacturing facility in Mexico; HP announces agreement to market PCs and peripherals through ComputerLand Corp.; new products include HP-87 PC, HP 7470 color graphics plotter. 24

May-June 1982


July-August 1982 The People Growers

  • Volunteers plan HP picnics around the world. 2
  • Characteristics of “people growers” or mentors: sensitive to needs of others, offering challenging assignments, possessing healthy self-esteem. 3 6
  • Use of lab project names–code names rather than model numbers—-popular throughout the company. 7
  • HP Way is alive and well in South Africa; challenges of doing business in a society that is legally separated by race. 8 11
  • HP in high schools; career patterns set early in life; HP’s 1941 price list fit on one page, now 2500 pages of products calculated to cost $23,338,150. 16
  • Manufacturing Managers’ Council issues 10-point corporate manufacturing strategy. 17 19
  • John Young discusses first half FY82 results. 23
  • New products include ultrasound systems, HP 77020AC and HP77020AR; HP 4145A semiconductor parameter analyzer; HEDS-3200—HP’s first high-resolution digital wand. 24

September-October 1982 HP’s Health Advocates

  • HP nurses design programs to reduce back injuries, lower hypertension, lose weight; take blood pressure readings, give hearing tests, set up lung exams; counsel employees; offer classes, aerobic exercise, first-aid training. 3 6
  • HP’s board and corporate governance; HP’s standards include majority of directors from outside company for objectivity and variety of viewpoints and experience; other committees are auditing, compensation, employee benefits, investment, executive. 7 9
  • HP’s chip manufacturing clean rooms. 10 11
  • HP’s treasury staffs protect company from uncertainties of world currency market; translate local currencies to U.S. dollars. 12 15
  • Wineries use HP 3000 and 1000 business computers to handle payroll, inventory control, analysis in winery laboratories, and control bottling lines and fermentation; HP introduced Winery Productivity Network. 17 19
  • HP equipment used to check athletes for drugs at World Cup soccer tournament in Madrid. 20
  • Space shuttle preparation uses HP 3822A coordinate determination system. 20
  • John Young discusses highlights of recent tour of HP’s European facilities. 23
  • Four HP employees receive IEEE Society Award for innovation and implementation of the HP interface bus (HP-IB). 24
  • New products include slim-line programmable calculators (HP 15C, HP 16C. 24

November-December 1982 HP in Colorado

  • HP is Colorado’s largest industrial employer–-over 9,000 employees (concentration second only to Bay Area); in 1960s, HP is first large electronics firm to locate in a major facility in Colo. 3 9
  • Minority owned firms encouraged by HP. 11
  • Quality team at deburring shop, where aluminum parts are polished, create system to reduce noise by 84 decibels. 12 13
  • Article highlights current activities of founders Packard and Hewlett: keynote speaking, attending board meetings, accepting awards, serving on national science committee. 14 17
  • HP 9845B desktop and special program used to score competition of National Rifle Association. 19
  • HP receives European Steel Association award for the Waldbronn, Germany, building. 19
  • Does your computer speak French: local language software applications. 20 22
  • John Young reviews new books that mention HP. 23
  • Packard receives 1982 John Fritz Medal, highest award in engineering. 24
  • HP new products include 75C portable personal computer, 2700 series high-performance color graphics terminals and 8340A synthesized sweeper. 24