1991 – MEASURE Magazine

January-February 1991 Targeting the Future: HP Labs’ 25th Year

  • HP Labs celebrates 25th anniversary and mission of long-range technological exploration and development in collaboration with product organizations; new products account for most of HP sales. 3-9
  • HP’s Advanced Manufacturing Systems Operation (AMSO) develops “electronic toolbox” -– the Service Bay Diagnostic System (SBDS)– for Ford. 10-14
  • Holdings of HP archives are described. 15-18
  • Technology Center of Silicon Valley houses history and technology of Silicon Valley. 19-21
  • Jim Hanley of HP Asia Pacific workstation group collects carvings from New Guinea. 23-24
  • HP’s views on changing and adapting; five “C’s” of change-adept professionals: confidence, challenge, coping, counterbalance, creativity. 25-26
  • John Young discusses progress of reorganization plan. 27-28
  • HP awards of 1990 listed. 30
  • Year-end net revenue up 6 percent, net earnings down 18. 30
  • HP Labs engineer and 15 other women set Guiness record for biggest sky diving stack of women. 32

March-April 1991 HP Flexes its Training Muscle

  • HP revamps and consolidates its training programs. 2-7
  • Lew Platt, manager of the new computer Systems Organization discusses CSO goals; long-term goals focus on open systems, client/server environment; short-term goals to improve profitability, eliminate redundancy. 8-12
  • HP’s NewWave office used by Britain’s Prince Edward at the Theatre Division Ltd. 13</