1980 – Hewlett Speeches

Box 3, Folder 36 – General Speeches


May 5, 1980 – Personnel Managers Conference, Silverado, CA

(See also speeches dated 3/23/76 and 4/20/77, and 3/25/82)

5/5/80, Notes for speech handwritten by Hewlett on the back of an old typewritten speech


This speech is essentially the same as that of April 20, 1977 and is not repeated here.



Box 3, Folder 37 – General Speeches


November 11, 1980 – Fellowship Forum, Redwood City, CA


11/11/80,  Notes for talk handwritten by Hewlett in pencil on notebook paper. There is no indication in the folder of who the audience was. The short talk is a review of the history of HP, and it is not covered here.