1964 – Hewlett Speeches

Box 1, Folder 46 – General Speeches


January 10-12, 1964 – Talk at HP Monterey Conference, HP Managers, Monterey, CA


1/10-12/64, Hewlett’s handwritten outline of his remarks at the annual meeting of HP managers.


Hewlett sees HP at a crossroads. HP’s primary customer has been the military and that is going to retrench. Why – stagnant economy, general belief that a tax cut is necessary, which means reduced spending, and the military is an easy target.


He says current HP forecasts may be too optimistic. Need to consider alternate course of action –


Problems with considering new areas

Would be more industrially oriented

HP would have neither the technology, marketing know how and little knowledge of competition

If HP moves into the field of others, others will move into HP’s field


On approaching the problem Hewlett suggests –

We would do better in present areas

Need to expand footholds we have  – medical

Set up in house groups to brainstorm ideas

Possibly  acquire other companies in new fields


We need the best leadership possible get it from inside or outside. Must make progress


We have led a sheltered life – now entering a new era – must leave shelter – get out into the mainstream – be prepared to slug it out.


Honeymoon is over. Need to get to work –or fail.


1/9/64, Memo from HP economist, Austin Marx, to Hewlett giving some data on government forecasts of business, and HP order history. He includes data on layoffs experienced by some other companies. He also includes a copy of a statement (11/25/63) by F. R. Collbohm, President of Rand Corp. before Select Committee on Government research, House of Representative, and copies of several articles on research projects.



Box 1, Folder 47 – General  Speeches


January 20, 1964 – Senior Sales Seminar Breakfast, location not given


1/20/64, Typewritten copy of outline of remarks, as well as a handwritten copy


Hewlett talks about the technical progress of HP, past, present and future


He says HP has led a “slap-happy life,” in an engineering sense. Progress made mainly by fired-up imagination and creative guys who did a great job – analogy of bin of parts which was common to all users.


Discusses the purpose and progress of hpa, a new division of HP – “fascinating” progress, he writes:


High speed light operated switch

Solid state memory devices of thin film type

Really high input impedance transistor devices

Solid state strain gauges

Light sensitive vari-caps

Truly high speed diodes


He writes “This program will really pay off.”


The hpa program very good, but highlights a very important problem now facing HP. A greater sense of responsibility and of control


Corporate-wise we are spending all we can afford

  1. Must reduce duplication without destroying initiative
  2. Must do a better job of selection of projects without becoming stereotyped
  3. Must be willing to move into a new field of instrumentation without undue proliferation of sales effort


HP started as an engineering oriented company; still an engineering and new product oriented company. Plan to maintain these characteristics and push still further into the future.


Reflects on the role of the field sales force with reference to:

  1. caliber of people
  2. training
  3. the fact that they are the eyes and ears of the company



Box 1, Folder 48 – General Speeches


February 11, 1964 – Talk to Engineers at Loveland Plant


2/11/64, Brief outline of remarks handwritten on back of a teletype message he had received regarding hotel accommodations


Hewlett writes that HP is an engineering company, dependent on:

Ingenuity, imagination, creativity, elegance of design


A word about last year:

Sanborn, purchase of sales representatives, R&D expense


A word about current year:


Some up – some down

People unsettled- move into other fields

Period of reorientation – good progress

Position at Loveland

Some costs high – sales sick

Good leadership, new spirit

Why started, advantages of small company


Box 1, Folder 49 – General Speeches


February 25, 1964 – Annual Shareholders Meeting, at HP Corporate Headquarters, Palo Alto, CA


2/25/64, Handwritten outline of remarks, written by Hewlett


General remarks

International picture continues strong


Europe largest market, up 10%

Canada up 14%

Rest of world up 5%

Overall corporation up 18% vs. 5% in U.S.



Three foreign manufacturing plants opened

GmbH production up 10%

Ltd.- Production up 80%, 140 people, tight on space

YEW – HP, 49-51%, start Jan 1964 with 246 people



Own operation in UK, France, Italy

Japan YHP

Take over Sanborn April 1st



Box 1, Folder 50 – General Speeches


April, 1964 – Talk at YHP, Tokyo, Japan


4/64, Pencilled outline for remarks, written by Hewlett on YHP stationary


Hewlett lists topic-of-year to date, and outlook for rest of the year.


Market analysis


Only two ways to grow – increase penetration of old field, or operate in a new field


The first means more effective selling, the second means new products


Start from scratch  – acquire


Nuclear work, tape transport, temperature, mw spectrum



Importance of international organization – domestic off target, international on target


R&D in Europe – tough, needs your help


A word about Japan, Primarily a local market, some items repackaged, produced to HP standards and sold worldwide



Box 1, Folder 51 – General Speeches


May, 1964 – Talk at Bedford, England


The date and place of this speech is not certain. From his notes he appears to be in Bedford, England, and is discussing the possibility of moving the plant to Scotland. Mr. and Mrs. Hewlett had been in Germany at the Boblingen plant and it appears they came to England on the same trip.


May, 1964, Notes for speech handwritten by Hewlett on 3×5” cards. Very similar notes also handwritten on the back of a letter addressed to Hewlett concerning their German itinerary. This draft appears to be an earlier draft for the Bedford remarks.


Hewlett talks about the Company’s operations in the past and what he sees for the future. He apologizes for not getting around more to visit with individual employees – says he will do more if he can. Says he and Mrs. Hewlett wish to have a weekend on their own.


Hewlett talks about the problems of quality – cost of re-work. Says quality is your job.


He talks about bonus – last year 6% through December, possibly 8.6% this year.


The Move


Says they came to Bedford knowing they might have problems. Easy to look back and see what they might have done. Did not appreciate how rapidly we would grow. Analyzes the possibility of moving to another area vs. staying in Bedford. Says they are looking for a new site, possibly Scotland. Would like all to come if they can – HP’s loss if they cannot. Timing 2 years.




Says has high regard for David Simpson as manager and nothing in his inspection over the past couple of days has changed his mind. Plant can have only one manager. If you cannot follow seek employment elsewhere.


2/65 Photocopy of a page from Measure magazine of February, 1965 saying that the plant in Bedford will relocate to South Queensferry, Scotland.



Box 1, Folder 52 – General Speeches


July 13, 1964 – Senior Sales Breakfast, no location given


5/64, Hand written outline of remarks written by Hewlett-Packard


Talking first about corporate performance Hewlett lists these notes:

First five months of year – good

Orders up 9% – but 4% below target

Shipments up 7% but 6% below target

Profits up 23 ½ % up – not good enough

In general performance was fair


Outlook for short term

Hewlett gives several figures covering national economy showing moderate growth. Principle areas of growth were electronic instruments, optics, nuclear, medical, space telemetry, process controls


Hewlett sees a tough year.


Discusses corporate changes

Shift away from military sales

Need new products, sold to new customers.

Structure our selling effort to meet these changes



Box 1, Folder 53 – General Speeches


August 18, 1964 – Remarks to College Engineers Summer Program, Luncheon, Palo Alto, CA


8/18/64, Handwritten notes for remarks, written by Hewlett


Hewlett talks about history of company 25 years ago – first sales to Disney


Talks about the summer program for engineering students


What HP gets out of it

What you get out of it

Where you come from

Where our managers came from

Policy on engineers and management


New areas of interest



Mw spectrum

Nuclear physics


How management decides to go into new areas – or not

Where new ideas come from

Examples of ideas


8/9/65, Copy of a memo to Hewlett from Norm Williams outlining arrangements for the students tour day

8/9/64, Copy of list of student names and colleges represented



Box 1, Folder 54 – General Speeches


August 31, 1964, Finance Seminar, Luncheon, location not given


8/31/64, Handwritten outline of notes for remarks, written by Hewlett


Hewlett says when he talked to the financial people the previous year the title of his speech was “Where the company is going and what it means in terms of Accounting.” He says this year’s talk has the same title – subtitled “Flexibility.”


“Where is the Company going,” he says


He lists some areas of new interest – mag. tape, mw spectroscopy, nuclear instruments, chemical instruments, secondary computer operation, contract medical sales, components, transistors….


He redefines some areas of interest


In the functional – primarily through electronic means, data acquisition, storage, processing and products


More specifically – measurement of physical quantities in the electrical, mechanical and chemical field


Biological quantities primarily for diagnostic use


He talks next about how the company may be put together


He sees some offshoots of present structure



Large vs. small

Advantage of small company

Individual initiative and drive

Specific product areas

Republican philosophy


Problems of managing many small shows

Real challenge to management

2+2=5 – synergistic

Must be able to give people something not available to them

Must know how well things are going. This can be achieved through a functional staff organization


Finances make money available . Functional reporting is the glue that holds all together – problem of two bosses, functional manager in corporate and local manager.


Finance is one area where we demand conformance.



Box 1, Folder 55 – General Speeches


September 9, 1964 – Dinner for New Engineers, Corporate cafeteria, Palo Alto, CA


9/9/64, Typewritten page with notes for Hewlett’s remarks, includes handwritten additions


In a slate of speakers Hewlett was scheduled to speak about International Operations.  He talks about the importance of overseas operations and their relationship to domestic operations.


He describes the various current international locations and new areas they are looking into.


Hewlett talks about new product areas and growth potential


He talks about where new engineers might fit in, their importance to new product program, importance of self-development.


8/19/64, Copy of a memo from Personnel VP Ray Wilbur to Hewlett and Packard. Wilbur talks about plans for the upcoming dinner for new engineers.

9/4/64, Copy of a memo from Ray Wilbur to Hewlett attaching a list of new engineers hired since July 1963 – coming from all 50 states and 11 foreign countries

9/9/64, Copy of a memo from Ray Wilbur to Packard listing the speakers at the forthcoming dinner for new engineers



Box 1, Folder 56 – General Speeches


September 15, 1964, United Fund Drive Kickoff Luncheon, location not given


9/15/64, Handwritten notes written by Hewlett on the back of a sheet listing the money expected to be allocated to agencies in Santa Clara County


Hewlett lists topics he wishes to cover –


How HP views support to local agencies

Results of last years drive – was down

This year goal –

Company matching

Let’s make HP a “pace setter of pace setters”



Box 1, Folder 57 – General Speeches


October 12, 1964 – New Engineers Luncheon, probably held in Corporate plant, Palo Alto, CA


10/12/64,  One notebook page outlining notes for his remarks, handwritten by Hewlett


Hewlett says in times past he has talked on Corporate objectives, but concludes these can be read.


Describes the company – appearance of confusion


New definition of areas of interest – product areas


Some internal – some acquisition


What this means to you – Opportunities



Box 1, Folder 58, General Speeches


October 24, 1964 – Colorado Springs Dedication, Colorado Springs, CO


10/24/64, Handwritten outline, (somewhat expanded) of talk by Hewlett


Hewlett says the HP plant was just starting 18 months ago and now it has 364 people working there – 450 by year end. Have 80 professional level people. He says they are all appreciative for all the help received from Colorado Springs people. Soon, he says these people will begin to carry their load in the community – help in the P.T.A., the Chamber of Commerce, United Fund drives,


When they really begin to think of this as their home that is when some may be willing to run for elective office like school board or city council. Representative government is no better than the interest that people take in it and the caliber of citizens elected to office.


These are just a few of the areas where HP and the Community work together…to mutual benefit.


“I think that there is one final point I would like to make and this has to do with how we view the operation in Colorado Springs. We look upon it as a complete self sustained industry. It has its own R & D, its own manufacturing, its own sales department. And its own areas of financial responsibility and it has its own manager. This was done for a reason – to give the advantages of a small company. The local manager, with all the help that we can give him from Palo Alto has the responsibility to make the operation a success – with your continued help  and support he can succeed and in turn help in the community.”


“In 1954 the HP company was exactly the size of this operation – not exactly parallel but the thought is certainly worth speculating about.”



Box 1, Folder 59 – General Speeches


November, 1964 – Report on Business International’s Roundtable Conference in Moscow.

(See also speech dated 2/11/65 on USSR trip.)


11/64, Copy of typewritten report Hewlett wrote giving his impressions of his trip to Russia. He explains that BI is a private U.S. profit oriented organization whose business is the dissemination of knowledge to its clientele on matters of international business. He stresses that the purpose of the trip was a study of Russia’s economic system, not political, and he adds that the conference was highly organized and left little room for sightseeing.

11/64, Copy of a handwritten outline of his report.

12/16/64, Copy of a pamphlet titled “The Current Digest of the Soviet Press



Box 1, Folder 60 – General Speeches


November 30, 1964 – Talk to visiting Brigham Young Senior Engineering students


11/30/64, Brief notes, handwritten by Hewlett listing topics he planned to cover when talking to the students.


Hewlett talked about what HP does – what and where – two locations Loveland and Colorado Springs, in additional to Palo Alto.


He lists subsidiaries:






HP Ltd.


Asking why we are the way we are Hewlett reviews the history of HP, the acquisitions and the divisions:



Frequency and Time




Talks abut the development of company policy


11/23/64, Memo from Norm Williams to several HP managers outlying plan for the student’s visit. Attached is a list of current HP employees who graduated from BYU, and a list of the visiting students.