1958 – Hewlett Speeches

Box 1, Folder 17 – General Speeches


December 8, 1958 – “U. S. Businessman Looks at European Common Market,” Palo Alto, Rotary Club


12/8/58, Outline of speech handwritten by Hewlett, in pencil on lined notebook paper


The major points in this outline are:


What is the ECM?

Three wars in 100 years, it was basically a move to stop the causes of war


Post War

Marshall Plan, from 1948 –1952 GNP up 25%, trade up 73%



General objective more political than commercial

Treaty of Rome, March 25, 1957

Plan will

Eliminate internal tariffs and quotas

Provide anti-trust laws

Eliminate restrictions on flow of capital and labor


Importance of ECM to the U.S.


U.S. exports to Europe

40% raw materials and fuel

25% manufactured goods

How U.S. competes

Low labor rate

Effect of ECM on U.S. manufacturing

GNP 1/3 of U.S. – but increasing rapidly


HP Plans


Trip this spring – discussion of countries

Trip this fall – down to details

Points of interest

Law by decree

Hidden reserves – no C.P.A.

Labor’s role

Social security

Basic problems

How to join U.S. production and sales ideas with older and different traditions of Europe




Will be a rough 10-15 years, particularly for Europe

May be hard on U.S.

Exports to Europe

Compete in 3rd markets

A strong Europe will be a major U.S. ally and a major defense against Communism, both internal and external