B – Individuals File Guide

Baer, Mark
[Corporate Librarian]: MB retirement announcement, 12/83; MB appointed to California Library Services Board, 6/82; list of recipients of the Mark H. Baer Award; Mark H. Baer (class ’55) is recipient of 1976 Distinguished Alumnus Award  from University of Washington; photo of the Technical Program Committee for the 1969 International Electron Devices Meeting;

Bagley, Alan S.:
PR announces appointment to group engineering manager of HP’s Instrument Group; Award from the Bagley Clan 1991; photo with Art Fong; Bagley-Days Reunion flyer; article with photo at awards luncheon 1976

See Also Oral History Collection

Bandy, Mike
[General Manager, California Semiconductor Test Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Bauer, Brunton:
hired in 1941, Chief Engineer

Beckett, John (“Jack”)Collier
[first Government Relations Manager]: 1982 retirement announcement; 1997 obituary

Bickell, Alan:
transcription of interview by Louis Kraar, Fortune, June 1991, topics include: importance of Asia Pacific, Formosa Plastics printed circuit board facility, joint venture in Singapore with Texas Instruments and Cannon, new factory in Kobe, Paul Balnys, Hindustan Computers Ltd., Bangalore, joint venture with Samsung in Korea

Bigler, Bill
[company photographer]: article – 1971 retirement

Birnbaum, Joel S.
[HP Labs Director]:  1999 Barnholt remarks at Tech Museum honoring Birnbaum; presentation “Toward Pervasive Information Service”; 1999 interview with JB in Inforum, on topics: new business creation, WBIRL program, environmental sustainability, disruptive technologies, market acceptance, centralized research, technology transfer, support services and library; article about the Birnbaum Prize statuette and the artist, Bruce Beasley; internal news memos

Bolliger, Bruce
[Operations Manager, Singapore Vision Operations, Test & Measurement Organization]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; photos removed

Brown, Robert Minge “Bob”
[Director]:  retires as CEO from California Water Service Co.; article on San Jose Water Works and stock sale to Warren Buffett; letter to Eldred about Kirby; notes for speech at Management Conference on “Avoidance of Antitrust Problems,” in 1965; obituary November 1994; résumés and biographies. See Also Oral History Collection

Brunner, Bob
[Marketing Manager, Instrument Groups]:  “Toward an Efficient Product Development Program,” speech in Monterey 1966; “Test Equipment 5 Years from Now,” September 1966; “How Will Our Products, Our Customers and Their Needs Change?” speech to service managers, 1965; script for Brunner’s birthday party July 1975; speech to new microwave engineers, September 1968; “Future Engineers,” August 1969; speech to historical society on history of radio communications and electronics in Bay Area, June 1973; 1984 retirement announcement

See Also Oral History Collection

Buffington, William I.
[VP and General Manager, Life Sciences Business Unit]: former General Manager and Director, Yokogawa Analytical Systems; article announcing creation of Life Sciences BU within CAG, headed by Buffington, 2000; résumé, incl. internal news memos

Byrne, Patrick
[VP, Wireless Business Unit; Operations Manager, Sonoma County]: biographies, incl. internal news memos; November 2001 interview with security analysts on wireless industry issues; transcript of video downsizing announcement December 2001; Byrne oversees largest layoff in Agilent’s history, 4/13/03 Press Democrat;

B – Oral History Collection

Bagley, Alan
[BAGLEY.doc]:  interview by Bob Grimm 7/10/90, softcopy transcript, 83 pp.

Bagley, Alan
[BAGLEY2.doc]:  interview about HP’s technological contributions (for HP Way) by Karen Lewis 1/22/94, softcopy transcript

(Note: Engineer and manager at HP, 1949-87)

Bauer, Brunton
[BAUER.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: First engineering graduate hired by HP, 1941-72)

Bivins, John F.
[BIVINS.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits; supporting documents; photo

(Note: Sales Rep, southeastern states, HP acquired 1962)

Boniface, Bob
[BONIFACE.doc]:  interview by Dave Kirby 11/21/91, softcopy transcript

Brown, John L
[BROWN-John.doc]: hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: Neely, Moseley, YHP, Dir of Corporate Site Planning; at HP 1956-80s)

Brown, Robert Minge
[BROWN,R1.do]:  interview by Dave Kirby 10/26/90, softcopy transcript

(Note: College friend of Bill & Dave; became their lawyer)

Brown, Robert Minge
[BROWN,R2.doc]:  follow-up interview by Dave Kirby 11/28/90, softcopy transcript

Brunner, Bob
[BRUNNER.doc]:  handwritten notes

Buttner, Harold H.
[BUTTNER.doc]:  hardcopy (only) interview transcript – unedited; hardcopy (only) interview transcription with initial edits

(Note: HP Bd of Dir  1957-70)