H – Individuals File Guide

Hackborn, Richard A.
[Executive VP and head of Computer Products Organization, CPO]: 2/03 article by Fast Company‘s George Anders About the Fiorina campaign to reinvent HP, including RAH’s role; Wall Street Journal article outlining HP Board member RAH’s role in hiring Carly Fiorina and in the HP-Compaq merger, 5/21/02; HP news release “Hackborn Retires,” 11/19/93; remarks at the HP 20M Printer event at Comdex 11/15/93; interview by Rob Hof 3/3/92 (18pp); Don Curtis’ interpretation of Dick Hackborn’s Five Important “Must” Principles for Success; interview in Business Week 2/91 (27pp); “Hewlett’s Consummate Strategist,” New York Times (3/10/92); “Dick Hackborn: History of Success,” Measure (May-June 1991)

See Also Oral History Collection

Hahn, William R. (Bill):
[Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations for Agilent]: Personal profile, 1/30/01; Closing Comments to Corporate Relations Team, 2/23/2005;

Hahn, William R. (Bill):
[Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations

for Agilent]: Notes on HP/Agilent Split 1998-1999: Letter from Congressperson Anna G. Eshoo; Tear-out of Corporate Leadership Award Announcement; First write-up of plus/minus issues of HP split, 11/98; Initial plus/minus split notes – includes notes of Ned Barnholt and Bill Hahn, 11/98; Ned Notes from HP executive staff discussion, 1/99; HP split implementation issues, 2/99; Pre-announcement write-up of MO/NewCo, 2/99; Meeting notes to sort or Cheetah, 2/99; Overheads used by Lew Platt to Announce Split, 3/99; Announcement overheads used for MO attendees, 3/99; Overheads used to explain split announcement, 3/99; Notes from HP/NewCo discussions on details of split, 3/99; Wall Street Journal article on split, 3/3/99; Overhead of “First 100 Days” plan; First memo to all of MO, 3/4/99; First memo outlining basic org structure, 3/8/99; First write-up explaining NewCo, 4/29/99; Initial draft of NewCo values/objectives/vision from Ned’s staff, 4/99; First memo outlining strategic planning team, 5/4/99; Early description of NewCo for banker meetings, 5/99;

Hahn, William R. (Bill):
[Senior Vice President of Corporate Relations

for Agilent]: Notes on Name Launch Event, 1999: Overhead of garage cartoon from Mercury News; Overhead about “New name…same garage”; Overhead of FY99 Communications Architecture at the company level; Overhead set on creating the new brand identity; Newco Incorporated printed image; humorous spray-painted Agilent Technologies sign; “Grateful Ned” name choice; HP/NewCo poetry; NewCo naming possibility outlines; Ad text for the day after for the day after the announcement; Overhead of NewCo naming and branding update; logos used to select Agilent blue, 7/99; Notes from Rudy who helped spin-out Lucent from AT&T; Scripts for Bubbleheads, Scrabble, Survivors, Pandora’s Bistro, Downtime, Don’t Walk, Coming Home; List of Brand Champions, 7/28-29/99; List of NewCo Name Launch Event Ambassadors;

Halbert, Douglas J. Jr.
[VP of Manufacturing]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; 1/16/01 press release announcing appointment of DJH as a senior VP at Acterna; PR announces departure of DJH, 8/3/00; DJH succeeded by Roland Noz as general manager for the Korea Instrument Operation, KIO, 5/31/96;

Halloran, Jean
[Senior VP of Human Resources]: bio from be.agilent ; YWCA of Santa Clara Valley honors JH, 1/21/03; interview 8/2001 discussion workforce reductions and payroll reductions; Halloran and Agilent win 2001 HR Symposium award, for “Overall HR Excellence”; interview with JH 5/27/99 on topics such as HP Way, compensation & benefits, diversity, JH career at HP, transition from Oldco to Newco, work/life balance; résumé, incl. internal news memos

Hamilton, Gail
[General Manager, Telecommunications Platform Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Hammond, Donald L.
[Associate Directory, HP Labs]: “Converting Innovative Technologies to Products,” related to R&D in the Defence Science and Technology Organization (DSTO), presented in Melbourne, Australia, and again 6/24/88; notes from DLH meeting with Packard discussing China, 5/12/88; “Measurement, Sensors & Transducers in a Technical Transformation of Traditional Industry,” 5/88; “Highlights of Don Hammond’s Career at HP, 1959-87; DLH and HP Labs in Bristol (first HPL branch outside Palo Alto), Lab Notes 1984; recollections of the 1960s sent to Hewlett in 1983 on topics of Charlie Litton, management by objectives, managing creativity (enthusiasm, inquisition, decision), patience and impatience of HP management, Afghanistan; text for brochure on HP Labs, R&D decentralization, new products; résumé, incl. internal news memos;

See Also Oral History Collection

Hartley, Duane
[VP ESPG Measurement Product Generation Units]: retirement announced for 11/1/00; promoted to General Manager, Signal Analysis Division, 1/31/85; article “Managing in the Midst of Chaos,” Fortune (4/5/93) features Hartley from HP and three others;

Hasebe, Kunio
[VP and General Manager,Japan Field Operations]:formerly General Manager, Hachioji Semiconductor Test Div.; GTO org chart, 2002; résumé, incl. internal news memos

Hayes, Dorothy D.
(Dotty) [Director, Internal Audit]: Everest Finance Team org chart, 2/2002; 2002 quotes about integrity, accounting, business controls; résumé, incl. internal news memos

Herdt, Doug
[European Operations, South-East Region, Business Development Manager]: headed team to researcha and promote sales in former Soviet Union;

Hewlett, Flora Lamson
[Trustee, Stanford University]: news release announcing death, 2/9/77; obit 2/10/77; bequest to SF Theological Seminary;

Hewlett, Rosemary Bradford
engagement announcement, RB and WRH; endowed chair at Smith;

Hewlett, Walter Berry
[Director]: résumé; 10/2001 interview for beAgilent with WBH, Agilent Director; information about the Center for Computer Assisted Research in the Humanities, circa 1986; CCARH Newsletter, 11/86; news release 1/19/87 announcing nomination of WBH to HP Board of Directors; “Growing Up Hewlett” by Meredith Maran, Peninsula; handwritten notes circa 1987;

Hilliard, Reed L.
[General Manager, Test & Measurement Support Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Hilton, Ed and Jean
retires after 35 years, Santa Clarion Dec/Jan 1982; HP Journal article about HP’s electronic counter written by Ed Hilton, 1953;

Hoehn, Dieter
[VP & General Manager, Analytical Products Group (APG)]: internal retirement announcement, 3/2/95;

Hoeprich, Paul
[Marketing Program Manager, Chemical Analysis Group]: (formerly of Argonaut Technologies, Perkin-Elmer, Affymax, Triton Biosciences); résumé, incl. internal news memos

Holdway, Alan
[General Manager, Canada]: retires, 4/2001

Holmberg, Larry
[Senior VP, Sales Marketing and Customer Support]: bio, 2003; interview, 1/2002;  9/20/01 LH internal message highlighting Customer Contact Program

Holmes, Benjamin
[General Manager, Medical Products Group]: article about HP’s acquisition of Sanborn, which then became the Medical Products Group; “Engineering Education: a Time to Reach Out,” June 1983 speech to AAEE;

Hopkins, Jenny
[VP & GM, Global Solutions Business Unit]: interview, 2/2003;

Horner, James F.
[General Manager, Communications Components Div.]: news release about acquisition of Avantek; résumé, incl. internal news memos; clippings

House, Chuck
[Director, Corporate Engineering]: elected fellow of the IEEE, 12/89; reference to CH receiving HP’s medal for “extraordinary contempt and defiance.”

Huettemann, Werner
[General Manager, Boeblingen Instrument Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Hufstedler, Shirley
[Director]: transcript of interview/town hall meeting 5/18/95; former U.S. Secretary of Education in the Carter Administration elected to the board of directors, 4/82;

C – Individuals File Guide

Camp, Lynne J.
[Vice President, Systems Generation and Delivery Unit, SGDU]: biography, incl. internal news memos; 2002 statement of personal philosophy

Cattran, Lawrence C.
[General Manager, U.S. Analytical Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Cavier, W. Frank
[HP Vice President of Finance & Secretary]:  article on the retirement of Cavier, June 1976; speech to Industries for Investment 1961 Seminar; 2002 article about HP-Compaq merger quoting FC on the HP Way

See Also Oral History Collection

Chance, Douglas C.
[HP Vice President Network Systems Sector]: DCC will manage Octel Communications, SJ Mercury 10/9/90; internal announcements

Chang, Dick
[Senior Vice President, Semiconductor Products Group]: biography, internal news memos

Chin, Colin K.
[VP and General Manager, SPG Sales & Marketing]: interview from early 2002 about the semiconductor business; Celestica gives SPG “Partners in Performance” award; biography, incl. internal news memos

Chognard, Jean
[President, Corporate Patents & Licenses]: 1986 announcement that JC will join Fenwick, Davis & West law firm; retirement announcement, 1/10/85; biography; memo from JC about photo of John & Rosemary Young staged for Business Week; memo to Boniface with fortune cookie;

Christiansen, Thomas A.
[International Trade Relations Manager]: TC on national security controls and high-tech export licenses, 4/87; 1/30/80 Newsgram mentions TC might appear in CBS series “America: Where Do We Go from Here?”; biography

Clark, Birge
[Architect]: death notice, 4/30/89; 2002 article about Palo Alto Children’s Library, designed by BC in 1940; PA Weekly article, 6/6/84, describing buildings designed by architect Clark in Palo Alto, including the Redwood Building and two other HP buildings

Clement, Carl:
biography; “Evolution of the New Cabinet System” by Clement, discussing development of new packaging for HP instruments; brochure “Modular Concept Allows the Same Instrument to be Racked, Stacked or Carried”; presented with the Industrial Design Award 1961

Climo, George: 
1977 Measure article about Climo as “corporate historian;” notes to Climo from librarians about material for his history

Cook, Elaine
[first Assistant Corporate Secretary]: 1979 and 1952 photos of Elaine with Packard & Hewlett; 1976 article when “Cookie” was honored at the Girls’ Club Awards Luncheon for Distinguished Women; biography and interview from Watt’s Current 12/70; 1969 photo at 25th anniversary party

Coombs, Clyde
[Administrative Manager of HP Labs]

Cooper, Steve
[Operations Manager, Optoelectronics Div.]: internal news memos

Cornett, Casey O.
[General Manager, Test & Measurement Consulting & Solutions Services Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; TMO e-business strategy slide

Cottrell, Carl J.
[Operations Manager, U.S. Field Operations]:  “Challenge of Global Markets: Electronics 1985,” speech presented May 1972; internal news memos

See Also Oral History Collection

Couder, Alain
[Chief Operating Officer]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; Q&A about Couder appointment; interview with Couder about Excella (initiative for operational excellence, especially focused on the customer); brief news stories about Couder resignation

Crandall, Berton Woodford: 
1975 article about the photographer of The Garage, including a photo of Crandall with Packard & Hewlett; reference to BWC photographs collection at the Hoover Institution; examples of other works from Stanford alumni website

Cutler, Len:
memo naming Cutler as first Distinguished Contributor, Technical Staff of HP Laboratories; nomination and award letters regarding American Institute of Physics Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics in 1993; 1999 interview with Cutler on topic of atomic clock; “The Instrument Makers,” article from Upside October 2001

See Also Oral History Collection

Cyrier, James A.
[Vice-President & General Manager, Worldwide Sales & Marketing Medical Products Group]: résumé, incl. internal news memos