C – Individuals File Guide

Camp, Lynne J.
[Vice President, Systems Generation and Delivery Unit, SGDU]: biography, incl. internal news memos; 2002 statement of personal philosophy

Cattran, Lawrence C.
[General Manager, U.S. Analytical Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Cavier, W. Frank
[HP Vice President of Finance & Secretary]:  article on the retirement of Cavier, June 1976; speech to Industries for Investment 1961 Seminar; 2002 article about HP-Compaq merger quoting FC on the HP Way

See Also Oral History Collection

Chance, Douglas C.
[HP Vice President Network Systems Sector]: DCC will manage Octel Communications, SJ Mercury 10/9/90; internal announcements

Chang, Dick
[Senior Vice President, Semiconductor Products Group]: biography, internal news memos

Chin, Colin K.
[VP and General Manager, SPG Sales & Marketing]: interview from early 2002 about the semiconductor business; Celestica gives SPG “Partners in Performance” award; biography, incl. internal news memos

Chognard, Jean
[President, Corporate Patents & Licenses]: 1986 announcement that JC will join Fenwick, Davis & West law firm; retirement announcement, 1/10/85; biography; memo from JC about photo of John & Rosemary Young staged for Business Week; memo to Boniface with fortune cookie;

Christiansen, Thomas A.
[International Trade Relations Manager]: TC on national security controls and high-tech export licenses, 4/87; 1/30/80 Newsgram mentions TC might appear in CBS series “America: Where Do We Go from Here?”; biography

Clark, Birge
[Architect]: death notice, 4/30/89; 2002 article about Palo Alto Children’s Library, designed by BC in 1940; PA Weekly article, 6/6/84, describing buildings designed by architect Clark in Palo Alto, including the Redwood Building and two other HP buildings

Clement, Carl:
biography; “Evolution of the New Cabinet System” by Clement, discussing development of new packaging for HP instruments; brochure “Modular Concept Allows the Same Instrument to be Racked, Stacked or Carried”; presented with the Industrial Design Award 1961

Climo, George: 
1977 Measure article about Climo as “corporate historian;” notes to Climo from librarians about material for his history

Cook, Elaine
[first Assistant Corporate Secretary]: 1979 and 1952 photos of Elaine with Packard & Hewlett; 1976 article when “Cookie” was honored at the Girls’ Club Awards Luncheon for Distinguished Women; biography and interview from Watt’s Current 12/70; 1969 photo at 25th anniversary party

Coombs, Clyde
[Administrative Manager of HP Labs]

Cooper, Steve
[Operations Manager, Optoelectronics Div.]: internal news memos

Cornett, Casey O.
[General Manager, Test & Measurement Consulting & Solutions Services Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; TMO e-business strategy slide

Cottrell, Carl J.
[Operations Manager, U.S. Field Operations]:  “Challenge of Global Markets: Electronics 1985,” speech presented May 1972; internal news memos

See Also Oral History Collection

Couder, Alain
[Chief Operating Officer]: résumé, incl. internal news memos; Q&A about Couder appointment; interview with Couder about Excella (initiative for operational excellence, especially focused on the customer); brief news stories about Couder resignation

Crandall, Berton Woodford: 
1975 article about the photographer of The Garage, including a photo of Crandall with Packard & Hewlett; reference to BWC photographs collection at the Hoover Institution; examples of other works from Stanford alumni website

Cutler, Len:
memo naming Cutler as first Distinguished Contributor, Technical Staff of HP Laboratories; nomination and award letters regarding American Institute of Physics Prize for Industrial Applications of Physics in 1993; 1999 interview with Cutler on topic of atomic clock; “The Instrument Makers,” article from Upside October 2001

See Also Oral History Collection

Cyrier, James A.
[Vice-President & General Manager, Worldwide Sales & Marketing Medical Products Group]: résumé, incl. internal news memos