1998 – Video and CD Index

1998   Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance Hosted by Walter Cronkite

Produced by the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association

VHS   PBS 90 minute version   Label on tape reads copyright 2000.

2 Copies; Copy 1 is sealed.

[1998]            Chuck House and His Views: HP Labs, R&D, and Technology Transfer

61353RBE   VHS   54 mins   Internal Use Only


[1998]            Agilent Technologies “Positioned for Growth”

Ned Barnholt talks about Agilent’s market leadership and growth opportunities.

Copy 1: 630A   Betacam   15 mins   Video Master   Agilent Restricted   Handwritten note on tape: January ‘00

Copy 2: 630   VHS   15 mins      Close (sic) Captioned   Agilent Restricted   Handwritten note on tape reads: 1998


1998   Hewlett-Packard in Automotive Video “B-Roll” version 2.0

No sound except brief, incomplete narration at start. Lots of close up shots of auto nameplates, animation, etc.

VHS   Running Time: 20:00


1998   Hewlett-Packard in Automotive Video Presentation version 2.0

HP ‘s place in the automotive industry: Attract video, presentation, closer. Includes images from B-Roll of same name

5966-4934E   VHS   Running Time: 9:40


1998   Getting Started at HP

Overview of HP Benefits & forms that must be completed by new hires at HP.

S-2432   VHS   17 mins   Internal Only


1998   Hewlett Packard Self-Made in California

K2 Communications. “HP Story” was featured on CNBC’s Self-Made in California Program on 01/18/98.

VHS   approx 24 mins   2 copies


01/98  Lew Platt on the HP Way

VHS   TRT  10:00


05/20/98        A Visit by Bill Sullivan at Fort Collins, Co.

VHS   45 mins   Internal Use Only


05/29/98        Hewlett-Packard Genesis IV Animation

ICBD Powers Up for Lift Off to the Next Generation. Animation & music only.

4954   VHS   approx 5 mins   Final Draft for Approval


07/08/98        Cutting Edge: LED Lighting Revolution

KABC Ch. 7. ABC World News Tonight 6:43 PM



07/09/98        “The Innovators Dilemma”

HP Labs Presentation – Prof. Clayton Christensen

VHS, TRT 170:56


07/29/98        Hewlett Packard Profile

CNBC Business Center

VHS   TRT: 6 mins

1998 – HP Journal Index

February 1998 v.49 n.1

Cover: A reflective look at communications appliances used in the past contrasted with those used today

New Directions, by Steve Beitler, pg 2-3

Wireless Communications: A Spectrum of Opportunities. The tremendous growth in the consumer market for wireless communications products, such as celluar and cordless telephone, has created a parallel growth in research and development for higher-performance components for these products, by William J. McFarland, pg 6-9

[Author:] William J. McFarland, pg 6

The IrDA Standards for High-Speed Infrared Communications. As more data communications products, such as printers and laptop PCs, are released with infrared capability, support for a core set of IrDA standards has strong support from many manufacturers because, among other things, they want to ensure that their products will interoperate in a transparent and user-friendly manner, by Iain Millar, Martin Beale, Bryan J. Donoghue, Kirk W. Lindstrom, Stuart Williams, pg 10-25

Glossary, pg 11

[Authors:] Iain Millar, Kirk L. Lindstrom, Martin Beale, Stuart Williams, Bryan J. Donoghue, pg 26

RF Technology Trade-offs for Wireless Data Applications. Rapidly evolving wireless system standards and applications are placing demands on RF semiconductor manufacturers to produce highly specific and optimized RFIC solutions for specific growth segments including wireless data terminals, by Kevin J. Negus, Bryan T. Ingram, John D. Waters, and William J. McFarland, pg 27-36

[Authors:] Kevin J. Negus, Bryan T. Ingram, John D. Waters, pg 36

0.1-mm Gate-Length AlInAs/GaInAs/GaAs MODFET MMIC Process for Applications in High-Speed Wireless Communications. To ensure high performance of MODFETs used in HP’s high-speed communications applications, their high-frequency signal, noise, and power characteristics must be optimized, by Hans Rohdin, Avelina Nagy, Virginia Robbins, Chung-Yi Su, Arlene S. Wakita, Judith Seeger, Tony Hwang, Patrick Chye, Paul E. Gregory, Sandeep R. Bahl, Forrest G. Kellert, Lawrence G. Studebaker, Donald C. D’Avanzo, Sigurd Johnsen, pg 37-38. This complete article can be found at: http://www.hp.com/hpj/98feb/feb98a4.htm [sic; url no longer functions].

An Enhancement-Mode PHEMT for Single-Supply Power Amplifiers. To address the growing handset power amplifier needs for the emerging Personal Communications Services (PCS) markets, a 3-volt, single-supply, enhancement-mode pseudomorphic high-electron-mobility transistor (E-PHEMT) has been developed. The device exhibits +33-dBm output power and 65% drain efficiency at 1.88 GHz, by Der-Woei Wu, John S. Wei, Chung-Yi Su, Ray M. Parkhurst, Shyh-Liang Fu, Shih-Shun Chang, Richard B. Levitsky, pg 39-51

[Authors:] Der-Woei [Dave] Wu, Ray M. Parkhurst, Shyh-Liang Fu, John S. Wei, Shih-Shun [Mark] Chang, Chung-Yi Su, Richard [Rich] B. Levitsky, pg 51

Direct Broadcast Satellite Applications. One of the main reasons for the popularity of direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service is the small size of the parabolic dish antenna. The key to the small-size dish is a low-noise GaAs transistor used in the low-noise block of the DBS receiver system. One of HP’s efforts in this area has been to develop an AllnAs/GaInAs device fabricated on a conventional GaAs substrate that has a lower noise figure, higher gain, and lower cost, by Shunichiro Yajima, Antoni C. Niedzwiecki, pg 52-55

[Authors:] Shunichiro [Shun] Yajima, Antoni [Tony] C. Niedzwiecki, pg 52

Packaging, pg 55

Pager Testing with a Specially Equipped Signal Generator. This paper reviews current trends in the paging industry, describes typical pager designs, presents the test requirements of modern pagers, and discusses the contribution to pager testing of the HP 8648A signal generator with Option 1EP, the paper signaling option, by Matthew W. Bellis, pg 56-65

[Author:] Matthew [Matt] W. Bellis, pg 56

HP CaLan: A Cable System Tester that is Accurate Even in the Presence of Ingress. Today, cable system operators have to deal with bidirectional traffic from sources such as pay-per-view television, high-speed Internet access, and two-way telephony. A cable testing system is described that can handle bidirectional traffic even with RF noise (ingress) on the return path, by Daniel D. Van Winkle, pg 66-83

[Author:] Daniel [Dan] D. Van Winkle, pg 66

Glossary, pg 68

May 1998 v.49 n.2

Cover: Examples of 3D graphics images that can be rendered with HP workstations using the VISUALIZE fx graphics hardware.

Highlights, by C. L. Leath, pg 2-3

An API for Interfacing Interactive 3D Applications to High-Speed Graphics Hardware. The OpenGLÒ specification defines a software interface that can be implemented on a wide range of graphics devices ranging from simple frame buffers to fully hardware-accelerated geometry processors, by Kevin T. Lefebvre, John M. Brown, pg 6-8

[Authors:]  Kevin T. Lefebvre, John M. Brown, pg 6

The Fast-Break Program, pg 8

An Overview of the HP OpenGLÒ Software Architecture. OpenGL is a hardware-independent specification of a 3D graphics programming interface. This specification has been implemented on many different vendors’ platforms with different CPU types and graphics hardware, ranging from PC-based board solutions to high-performance workstations, by Kevin J. Lefebvre, Robert J. Casey, Michael J. Phelps, Courtney D. Goeltzenleuchter, Donley B. Hoffman, pg 9-18

[Authors:] Michael J. Phelps, Courtney D. Goeltzenleuchter, Donley B. Hoffman, pg 18

The DirectModel Toolkit: Meeting the 3D Graphics Needs of Technical Applications. The increasing use of 3D modeling for highly complex mechanical designs has led to a demand for systems that can provide smooth interactivity with 3D models containing millions or even billions of polygons, by Brian E. Cripe, Thomas A. Gaskins, pg 19-27

[Authors:] Brian E. Cripe, Thomas A. Gaskins, pg 19

Fahrenheit, pg 21

An Overview of the VISUALIZE fx Graphics Accelerator Hardware. Three graphics accelerator products with different levels of performance are based on varying combinations of five custom integrated circuits. In addition, these products are the first ones from Hewlett-Packard to provide native acceleration for the OpenGLÒ API, by Noel D. Scott, Daniel M. Olsen, Ethan W. Gannett, pg 28-34

Occlusion Culling, pg 30

Fast Virtual Texturing, pg 32-33

[Authors:] Noel D. Scott, Daniel M. Olsen, Ethan W. Gannett, pg 34

HP Kayak: A PC Workstation with Advanced Graphics Performance. World-leading 3D graphics performance, normally only found in a UNIXÒ workstation, is provided in a PC workstation platform running the Windows NTÒ operating system. This system was put together with a time to market of less than one year from project initiation to shipment, by Ross A. Cunniff, pg 35-40. VISUALIZE.

[Author:] Ross A. Cunniff, pg 35

Concurrent Engineering in OpenGLÒ Product Development. Time to market was reduced when tasks that had been traditionally serialized were completed in parallel, by Robert J. Casey, L. Leonard Lindstone, pg 41-45

[Authors:] Robert J. Casey, L. Leonard Lindstone, pg 41

Advance Display Technologies on HP-UX Workstations. Multiple monitors can be configured as a contiguous viewing space to provide more screen space so that users can see most, if not all, of their applications without any special window manipulations, by Todd M. Spencer, Paul M. Anderson, David Sweetser, pg 46-49

[Authors:] Todd M. Spencer, Paul M. Anderson, David J. Sweetser, pg 50

Delivering PCI in HP B-Class and C-Class Workstations: A Case Study in the Challenges of Interfacing with Industry Standards. In the highly competitive workstation market, customers demand a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance I/O solutions. An industry-standard I/O subsystem allows HP workstations to support the latest I/O technology, by Ric L. Lewis, Erin A. Handgen, Nicholas J. Ingegneri, Glen T. Robinson, pg 51-60

[Authors:]  Ric L. Lewis, Nicholas J. Ingegneri, Erin A. Handgen, Glen T. Robinson, pg 61

Linking Enterprise Business Systems to the Factory Floor. Information is the fuel that drives today’s business enterprises. The ability to link different components in the enterprise together in a user-friendly and transparent manner increases the effectiveness of companies involved in manufacturing and production, by Kenn S. Jennyc, pg 62-73

[Author:] Kenn S. Jennyc, pg 62

Knowledge Harvesting, Articulation, and Delivery. Harnessing expert knowledge and automating this knowledge to help solve problems have been the goals of researchers and software practitioners since the early days of artificial intelligence. A tool is described that offers a semiautomated way for software support personnel to use the vast knowledge and experience of experts to provide support to customers, by Kemal A. Delic, Dominique Lahaix, pg 74-81

[Authors:] Kemal A. Delic, Dominique Lahaix, pg 74

Glossary, pg 76

A Theoretical Derivation of Relationships between Forecast Errors. This paper studies errors in forecasting the demand for a component used by several products. Because data for the component demand (both actual demand and forecast demand) at the aggregate product level is easier to obtain than at the individual product level, the study focuses on the theoretical relationships between forecast errors at these two levels, by Jerry Z. Shan, pg 82-88

[Author:] Jerry Z. Shan, pg 82

Strengthening Software Quality Assurance. Increasing time-to-market pressures in recent years have resulted in a deterioration of the quality of software entering the system test phase. At HP’s Kobe Instrument Division, the software quality assurance process was reengineered to ensure that released software is as defect-free as possible, by Mutsuhiko Asada, Pong Mang Yan, pg 89-97

[Authors:] Mutsuhiko Asada, Pong Mang Yan, pg 89

A Compiler for HP VEE. With the addition of a compiler, HP VEE programs can now benefit from improved execution speed and still provide the advantage of an interactive interpreter, by Steven Greenbaum, Stanley Jefferson, pg 98-99. Visual Engineering Environment. This complete article can be found at: http://www.hp.com/hpj/98may/ma98a13.htm [sic; url no longer functions].

[Authors:] Steven [Steve] Greenbaum, Stanley Jefferson, pg 98

August 1998 v.49 n.3109

Highlights, by C. L. Leath, pg 2-3

Cover: The 150-MHz-bandwidth membrane hydrophone is described. The signal is generated by a 20-MHz focused ultrasound transducer driving water into a non-linear state.

A 150-MHz-Bandwidth Membrane Hydrophone for Acoustic Field Characterization. To measure the beam parameters of intravascular ultrasound imaging transducers with operating center frequencies exceeding 20 MHz and beamwidths below 200 mm, a hydrophone with a spot diameter less than 50 mm and a bandwidth greater than 150 MHz is required. The hydrophone described in this article is a step towards meeting these requirements, by Paul Lum, Michael Greenstein, Edward D. Verdonk, Charles Grossman, Jr., Thomas L. Szabo, pg 6-15

The Hewlett-Packard Medical Products Group Acoustic Output Measurement Laboratory, by Charles Grossman, J., Thomas L. Szabo, Kathleen Meschisen, Katharine Stohlman, pg 8

[Authors:] Paul Lum, Charles [Charlie] Grossman, Jr., Michael Greenstein, Thomas [Tom] L. Szabo, Edward [Ed] D. Verdonk, pg 16

Units, Traceability, and Calibration of Optical Instruments. This article presents a short and comprehensive overview of the art of units measurement and calibration. Although the examples focus on optical instruments, the article may be of interest to anyone interested in metrology, by Andreas Gerster, pg 17-29

[Author:] Andreas Gerster, pg 17

Appendix: Realization of Electrical Units,  pg 28-29

Techniques for Higher-Performance Boolean Equivalence Verification. The techniques and algorithms presented in this paper are a result of six years’ experience in researching, developing, and integrating Boolean equivalence verification into the HP Convex Division’s ASIC design flow. We have discovered that a high-performance equivalence checker is attainable through careful memory management, the use of bus grouping techniques during the RTL-to-equation translation process, hierarchical to flat name mapping considerations, subequivalence point cone partitioning, solving the false negative verification problem, and building minimal binary decision diagrams, by Harry D. Foster, pg 30-38. Register Transfer Language.

[Author:] Harry D. Foster, pg 30

On-Chip Cross Talk Noise Model for Deep-Submicrometer ULSI Interconnect. A simple closed-form model for calculating cross talk noise on signal lines in deep-submicrometer interconnect systems has accuracy comparable to SPICE for an arbitrary ramp input rate. Interconnect resistance, interconnect capacitance, and driver resistance are all taken into account. The model is suitable for rapid cross talk estimation and signal integrity verification, by Samuel O. Nakagawa, Dennis M. Sylvester, John G. McBride, Soo-Young Oh, pg 39-44

[Authors:] Samuel [Sam] O. Nakagawa, John G. McBride, Dennis M. Sylvester, Soo-Young Oh, pg 45

Theory and Design of CMOS HSTL I/O Pads. To control reflections, the impedance of integrated circuit output pad drivers must be matched to the impedance of the transmission lines to which the pads are connected. HP’s HSTL (high-speed transceiver logic) controlled impedance I/O pads use an on-chip impedance matching network that compensates for process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) variations, by Gerald L. Esch, Jr., Robert B. Manley, pg 46-52

[Authors:] Gerald [Jerry] L. Esch, Jr., Robert [Bob] B. Manley, pg 46

A Low-Cost RF Multichip Module Packaging Family. These packages provide much lower cost than traditional high-frequency packaging, shielding, and interconnects, while still providing low-reflection transitions and high electrical isolation, by Lewis R. Dove, Martin L. Guth, Dean B. Nicholson, pg 53-59. MIPPS.

[Authors:] Lewis [Lew] R. Dove, Martin L. Guth, Dean B. Nicholson, pg 60

Testing with the HP 9490 Mixed-Signal LSI Tester. The tester’s features include a timing interval analyzer for statistical analysis of clock periods, synchronous generation of arbitrary waveforms with respect to master digital clocks, and a library of digital signal processing routines. These features have been applied to production measurements of key parameters like AGC loop bandwidth, phase-locked loop timing jitter, and ADC signal-to-noise ratio and distortion parameters, by Matthew M. Borg, Kalwant Singh, pg 61-70

[Authors:] Matthew [Matt] M. Borg, Kalwant Singh, pg 61

Tester Description, pg 66

Reliability Enhancement of Surface Mount Light-Emitting Diodes for Automotive Applications. Preencapsulation drying eliminates broken stitch bonds and reduces inconsistent reliability performance. A new casting epoxy formulation stops epoxy cracking, and optimization of the die-attach epoxy cure schedule solves lifted die-attach and delamanation problems, by Koay Ban-Kuan, Leong Ak-Wing, Tan Boon-Chun, Yoong Tze-Kwan, pg 71-80

[Authors:] Koay Ban-Kuan, Yoong Tze-Kwan, Keong Ak-Wing, Tan Boon-Chun, pg 80

Engineering Surfaces in Ceramic Pin Grid Array Packaging to Inhibit Epoxy Bleeding. Bleeding of epoxy resin around surfaces undergoing bonding during electronic packaging assembly has long caused sporadic yield loss. Previously, it was thought that vacuum baking reduced the yield loss resulting from surface contaminants. Although vacuum baking inhibits epoxy resin bleeding, it also produces coatings of hydrocarbons, which affect surface wettability and surface energy. Surfactant coating results in a surface chemistry similar to vacuum-baked substrates but it a better alternative because of its controllability, by Ningxia Tan, Kenneth H. H. Lim, Bernard Chin, Anthony J. Bourdillon, pg 81-89. CPGA.

Glossary, pg 83

[Authors:] Ningzia Tan, Kenneth H. H. Lim, Bernard Chin, Anthony J. Bourdillon, pg 90

November 1998 v.50 n.1

Highlights, by C. L. Leath, pg 2-3


Cover: The lower-left pictures shows the SnapLED emitters that are attached to a clinch frame to make up the fully assembled SnapLED array shown in the upper-right picture. The other pictures show two more configurations of fully assembled SnapLED arrays

Dear Reader,

Over the last few years the World Wide Web has become ubiquitous, and more and more people are accessing information on the web. Consequently, the Hewlett-Packard Journal will no longer be distributed in print form. November’s issue is available on our website: http://www.hp.com/hpj/journal.html [sic; url no longer functions], pg 4

1998 – MEASURE Magazine

January-February 1998 Are You a Wise Traveler

  • HP addresses business travel costs and tips on saving money. 4-5
  • HP’s retirement, 401k and TAXCAP plans are explained and compared to other companies. 8-10
  • HP launches new brand-awareness campaign. 11
  • Optoelectronics Division general manager, Milt Liebhaber, describes co-management plan to transition new GM. 12-13
  • One customer describes experience with HP Pavilion PC. 14-17
  • Australian Koala Foundation uses HP computer equipment. 18-20
  • HP medical equipment used in North Hawaii Community Hospital where both western and alternative medicine treatments are available. 21-22
  • Franco Mariotti, senior vice president, Europe, dies. 24
  • Lew Platt discusses citizenship and social responsibility. 26-27
  • Dr. Cyberspace gives tips on Internet surfing. 28
  • HP official technology sponsor and provider to 49ers football team. 29
  • New HP video “The Best Place” to work shows HP’s diversity. 29
  • HP Planet Partners program recycles LaserJet toner cartridges. 30
  • HP sponsors World Cup soccer. 30
  • Fourth-quarter earnings up 24 percent. 30
  • HP UK wins Quality award for business excellence. 30
  • HP Labs restructures to strengthen ties to business units. 30
  • HP to close Panacom Automation Division in Waterloo, Canada. 30
  • HP India wins award for business excellence. 30
  • HP 10 in Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to work for in America.” 31
  • China Medical Division formed. 31
  • Change from California to Delaware incorporation proposed. 31
  • Storage Systems Division moves from Greeley to Loveland, Colorado. 31
  • HP Chelmsford, Mass., to close. 31

March-April 1998 HP Heads Into World Cup ‘98

  • HP is official IT supplier to World Cup soccer. 4-7
  • HP supplies networking solution to New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. 8-9
  • Problems of employees with common names in HP. 10-12
  • CONNEX is Web-based network that provides database of employee profiles. 14-15
  • HP business booming in INDEX (INDirect EXport) countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia. 16-19
  • HP Ireland employee is extreme kayaker. 20-21
  • Dr. Cyberspace discusses plug-ins, helper applications. 22-23
  • Lew Platt discusses the many changes in HP. 24-27
  • President Lew Platt discusses General Manager Meeting goals, 1998 customer focus, improved execution. 28
  • HP grants $1 million in cash and equipment to California Science Center, Los Angeles. 29
  • HP ranks 5 on Fortune magazine’s “Most Admired Companies in America” list for 1997, up from 12 in 1996. 29
  • Internet Imaging Operation sponsors Digital Journalist, a multimedia webzine www.digitaljournalist.org. 29
  • Test and measurement equipment used by U.S. Olympic Nagano luge teams. 30
  • First-quarter net revenue up 15 percent. 30
  • Germany’s ManagerMagazin ranks HP 9th most-admired of 100 major companies in Germany up from 12th. 30
  • Internet Software Business Unit formed. 30
  • President’s Quality Award winners announced. 30
  • Consumer Products Group reduces Vancouver operation product assembly work; relocation and voluntary severance offered. 31
  • Manuel Diaz takes on role as vice president of Customer Advocacy. 31
  • Heartstream, maker of automated extended defibrillator, acquired. 31

May-June 1998 HP Turns the Corner on Sports Marketing

  • Worldwide sports sponsorship and sports marketing offer new opportunities. 4-7
  • Europe to adopt a single currency, EU, the euro. 8-9
  • Electronic commerce (e-commerce) and HP’s involvement is explained; e-commerce predicted to triple this year. 10-11
  • Process of bringing product to market is illustrated with the efforts to develop and launch JetSend technology. 14-16
  • HP’s Electrical Test Set powers and tests Lunar Prospector spacecraft. 17-19
  • Teamwork of sales group in HP-India’s Medical Products Group (MPG) is highlighted. 20-21
  • Cardiac surgeon uses HP medical equipment in India. 22-23
  • Lew Platt shares views on his trip to Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan. 26-27
  • Dr. Cyberspace compares browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer vs. Netscape. 28
  • HP business centers at American Airlines Admirals Club provide office away from home. 29
  • Ed and Jean Glenn retire after combined 73 years at HP. 29
  • HP donates equipment to Detwiler Foundation Computers for Schools program. 30
  • HP ranked 14 by Fortune. 30
  • FY97 HP contributed more than $61.4 million in cash and equipment to universities, teaching hospitals, schools and charitable organizations. 30
  • U.S. government grants HP approval to export HP VerSecure encryption technology to UK, Germany, France, Denmark and Australia. 30
  • Abraham Lempel, HP Labs Israel, receives 1998 Paris Kanellakist theory and Practice Award for work in data compression field. 30
  • Lew Platt’s necktie becomes fundraising item. 31
  • Year 2000 compliant, Y2K, deadline June 1, 1998. 31
  • HP is official IT sponsor for AmericaOne America’s Cup sailing competition. 31
  • HP and Fluke name Chinese instrument. 31
  • Boeing Co., Philip Condit, joins HP board. 31

July-August 1998 Great Expectations: Celebrating 30 Years of HP Fetal Monitors

  • Article documents highlights of HP’s 30 years in the business of fetal monitors. 4-6
  • HP’s “Electronic World” Internet business strategy positions company as front runner. 7-11
  • Author and consultant, Don Tapscott, addresses general managers meeting with Internet business strategies. 12-15
  • Dr. Cyberspace looks ahead to the Internet in the year 2010. 16-17
  • Doug Carnahan, HP Bristol, England, retires after 30 years. 18
  • HP Europe, Middle East and Africa organization managers learn team building through charity work in Africa. 20-21
  • HP Miami’s Steve Horton volunteers at shelter for runaway kids. 22-23
  • HP Singapore documents innovations with “The Innovations Hub” museum. 24-25
  • President Lew Platt stresses importance of listening to customers. 26-27
  • Singapore mountain-climbing team uses HP DeskJet 340C printer atop Mt. Everest. 29
  • HP DeskJet commercial wins viewers choice award in Singapore. 29
  • Street renamed “HP Street” near Takaido, Japan, headquarters. 30
  • Executive Committee names 33 new vice presidents. 30
  • Grenoble, France, employee makes LED kite. 31
  • HP netserver powers U.S. National Park Foundations Web site. 31
  • Second-quarter revenue up 16 percent, earnings down 13. 31
  • Lew Platt outlines key expense controls. 31
  • State of incorporation changed from California to Delaware. 31
  • Bristol, England, research facility site dedicated. 31

September-October 1998 Designing Relationships from the Ground UP

  • Letter from the Editor GE discusses layoffs and other ways HP is cutting expenses and headcount. 2
  • General Electric, GE, is profiled as a company that has reinvented itself many times. 4-7
  • Employees share ideas about how to cut operating expenses. 8-9
  • HP 9000 Series 700 workstations used to design and build Airbus Industrie (European aircraft manufacturer) airplanes. 10-13
  • HP-Argentina, Buenos Aires, uses barbecues and business meals to build customer relationships. 14-16
  • HP is San Jose’s largest tax filer. 17
  • HP Heartstream ForeRunner portable defibrillator dramatically improves survival rates for heart attack victims. 18-21
  • Dr. Cyberspace says HP spends $2 billion/year on IT costs; tips on controlling costs. 22-23
  • HP powers World Cup Web site and provides mission-critical e-business solution. 24-25
  • Lew Platt discusses expense-reduction measures. 26-27
  • HP Museum opens in Blackburn, Australia. 29
  • HP women — Darlene Solomon, Cynthia Danaher and Margo Davis — featured in book “Success on Our Own Terms.” 29
  • Consumer Reports magazine names HP best computer manufacturing company in providing telephone support. 29
  • VLSI Technology Center in Fort Collins, Colo., describes difficulty in recruiting students in design technology. 30
  • HP donates printers and computers to Missing and Exploited Children Center in Belgium. 30
  • Third-quarter earnings up 1 percent. 30
  • Dick Watts, vice president of Computer Sales, resigns to launch startup company. 30
  • Medical Products Group donates $5.5 million in medical equipment to Shanghai, China, Children’s Medical Center. 30
  • Patricia Dunn, chairman of Barclays Global Investor, elected to HP board. 30
  • UK employees raise funds for hospital. 31
  • HP equipment used at World annual AIDS Conference in Geneva. 31

November–December 1998 Going to the Ends of the Earth for Customers

  • HP installs 30,000 PCs to link Chevron sites around the world. 4-7
  • HP and other companies explore sustainable development: achieving healthy community by addressing economic, environmental and social issues. 8-9
  • Interview with Duane Zitzner, vice president of Personal Systems Group, talks about home and commercial PCs. 10-12
  • InkJet Business Unit supplies ink to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who license HP InkJet technology. 13-15
  • Measure profiles Southwest Airlines — a best company. 16-19
  • Professor and HP consultant discusses corporate culture at HP and how many people seem distanced from it; not taking full advantage of branding. 20-21
  • Pilot and HP employee enable the treatment of remote Mexican islanders. 22-23
  • Dr. Cyberspace talks about new HP intranet Web site: hp.now. 24-25
  • Lew Platt discusses link between media relations and financial performance. 26-27
  • HP UNIX server installed at La Scala opera house to manage database of performances. 29
  • HP palmtop on cover of book “One Digital Day.” 29
  • HP donates medical equipment and supplies to new Children’s Medical Center in Shanghai, China. 30
  • HP skydivers help break Guiness world record. 30
  • Enterprise Computing Solutions Organization created. 30
  • HP named one of the most family friendly companies by Working Mother magazine. 30
  • HP Instant Delivery Web site lets customers print publications. 30
  • HP Shopping Village Web site premiers. 31
  • HP ranked sixth on Fortune magazine’s most admired list. 31
  • HP offers voluntary severance incentive (VSI) program. 31
  • DuPont Photomasks to acquire portion of HP Photomask Department. 31
  • HP is official supplier of Federation Internationale de VolleyBall. 31