1978 – MEASURE Magazine

January 1978 HP’s New Product Express

  • 1977 new product review includes the following: distributed systems (DS) DS/3000, DS/1000, DS/2026 computer systems; first online intercommunication ability; peripherals, 2648A CRT display terminal uses SOS/CMOS ICs; 7920A disc memory peripheral; system 45 calculators; HP-01 wrist instrument, HP-92 portable printing calculator, HP-10 printing pocket-calculator, 29C continuous memory programmable scientific model, 19C handheld printing version of the 29C; 5985 gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer system; red and yellow LEDs (light emitting diode); HSCH-1001 low-cost Schottky general-purpose diode; HP-78 software ECG analysis program for use in an HP 5600C system; 1615A logic analyzer; 8568A generation spectrum analyzer; 5004A signature analyzer; 5359A time synthesizer; 5370A universal counter; 3747A/B selective level measuring set; 7221A multicolor graphic plotter; 8165A programmable signal source; 84801A thermistor sensor for measuring the absolute power transmitted in optical fibers. 2 5
  • New product publicity; corporate public relations department; PR strategies. 6 8
  • Cost of one of everything; total cost of basic product line over $11 billion. 9
  • HP in Italy; distribution, sales, language barriers. 10 13
  • Automated Measurement Division (AMD) merges with data systems. 14
  • HP Denmark open house. 14
  • New systems engineer organization. 14
  • John Young discusses first-line supervisors and middle management development program. 15
  • HP-01 wrist instrument goes to Grand Prix. 16

February-March 1978 Focus on the Future: A Special Report

  • Twentieth annual HP management meeting — focus on future; predictions; Hewlett on legends and myths; Young on HP financial status; group status, affirmative action goals, social responsibility, the generation gap, self-correction, effect of governmental laws and regulations on HP, ethical standards and restoring public confidence in big business. (diversity) 2 11
  • Business planning and economic forecasting. 12 14
  • First-quarter sales up 23 percent, earnings up 25. 15
  • Ft. Collins joins computer group; previously calculator products group. 15
  • HP wins $2.5 million patient-monitor order from Walter Reed hospital. 15
  • HP wins “HP” trademark lawsuit against Nippon Gakki and Hamamatsu, Japan. 15
  • Fate and Destiny (two computers) “marry.” 16

April 1978 The Wanderers

  • International employee relocation; expatriate experiences. 2 6
  • Ray Wilbur, vice president of Human Resources, discusses his retirement and views of HP. 7
  • Management by wandering around (MBWA) is described with commentary from managers. 8 13
  • Corvallis sales seminar. 14
  • 1000th HP3000 II shipped. 14
  • Accounting firm changes. 14
  • David Baldwin and Peter Carmichael become joint managing directors of HP Ltd. in UK. 14
  • John Young discusses European management meeting. 15
  • Blizzard of 1978 affects HP Waltham Division. 16

May 1978 The New Opportunity System

  • Opportunity (job) posting; internal promotion and how you make it work; corporate employment. 2 5
  • Shipping hazardous materials; workplace safety. 6 8
  • New Yokogawa HP sales headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. 9
  • HP in France — profile on a branch office. 10 13
  • New HP headquarters in Palo Alto gets green light from city. 14
  • Puerto Rico now part of Southern Sales. 15
  • Bill Hewlett to marry Rosemary Bradford, May 24. 15
  • New HP 31E, HP 37E, HP 38E calculators introduced. 15
  • HP employees help snowstorm victim. 16

June 1978 Playing It Safe

  • Product safety, product liability; strategies used by HP to build safe products. 2 6
  • Hewlett officially resigns one day after his 65th birthday; corporate organization chart; corporate statement of philosophy, divisions, councils, committees. 7 11
  • HP in South Queensferry, Scotland. 12 13
  • First-half financial results; dividend raised 50 percent. 14
  • Change in mandatory retirement age to 70 years old. 14
  • LSI (large-scale integrated circuits) operations established. 14
  • John Young discusses first-half performance and his election as CEO. 15
  • Hewlett’s 65th birthday song lyrics. 16

July 1978 Quiet Giver

  • Marv Willrodt donates equipment; community service; employee philanthropy. 2 3
  • Intercontinental distributors; international distributing firms; what is an HP distributor. 4 8
  • “Breadboard,” or first experimental circuit setup, to finished product of 78342A medical heart monitor. 9
  • Kingsford-Smith recreates dad’s flight from Oakland, Calif. to Australia. 10 11
  • HP employee converts car to run on electricity. 13
  • European review in France. 14
  • Two new computer systems introduced: HP 250 and 3000 Series III. 14
  • John Young discusses HP pay program and performance rating system; merit-based pay. 15
  • HP ham radio operators roster. 16

August 1978 Report from Corvallis

  • HP (calculator) manufacturing site in Corvallis, Oregon; local controversy about site location; employee comments. 2 8
  • Flextime program at HP attracts favorable outside attention regarding changing social environment. 10 11
  • Satellite business systems such as electronic mail and video teleconferencing offer acceptable and often better communication than face-to-face. 12 13
  • HP takes option to buy Roseville site. 14
  • HP takes option to buy Spokane site. 14
  • Calculator Products Division renamed Desktop Computer Division. 14
  • Packard joins Boeing board. 14
  • John Young discusses organization structure and division reviews. 15

September 1978 HP’s Building Boom

  • HP’s building boom is due to worldwide employment over 40,000; more than two dozen active sites; Corporate Construction Dept. works with 30 HP divisions to anticipate space need 2-3 years out. 2 7
  • HP 1331A CRT display and ultrasonic scanning system is requested by UC professor to find art work by Leonardo Da Vinci believed to be behind layers of plaster and brick in Salone de Cinquecento (Hall of 500) in Florence, Italy; results inconclusive and delays due to local politics. 8 9
  • HP’s retirement plan; preretirement counseling; age profile of the HP employees in U.S. 10 13
  • Third-quarter sales up 26 percent, earnings up 9. 14
  • HP 8020S new fetal telemetry monitor introduced. 14
  • John Young discusses third-quarter results and order quotas. 15
  • Van pooling program at HP. 16

October 1978 Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action

  • Equal opportunity and affirmative action policies at HP emphasized in company’s fifth and seventh objectives; HP international organizations meet in Geneva for first European personnel administration seminar, including equal opportunity seminar. (diversity) 2-9
  • Ed McCracken, general manager of General Systems Division, discusses HP’s commitment to business computers; information-managing machinery; HP 300 computer system. 10-13
  • Lew Platt, general manager, Waltham Division, washes cars to promote United Way giving campaign. 14
  • Manhattan sales office opens. 14
  • Sales and credit consolidate to form Treasurer’s Dept. 14
  • Microwave Semiconductor Division moves from Palo Alto to San Jose site on Trimble Road. 14
  • John Young discusses salary administration system: competitive industry-wide comparisons and merit component. 15
  • HP 67 used in Atlantic Ocean crossing by balloon. 16

November 1978 Class of ‘77

  • Class of 1977, HP college recruitment, and their first year on the job. 2 6
  • European business and science journalists given detailed overview of HP in three-day press visit. 7
  • Worldwide personnel manager’s meeting; Packard, keynote speaker, discusses HP’s basic personnel policies. (diversity) 8 10
  • HP works with car makers at the Detroit automotive conference; HP tells how electronic technologies can improve productivity and quality assurance. 11
  • Communications lunches at HP used to hear speakers, discuss topics of concern in a relaxes setting. 12 13
  • Micromouse-Harvey Wallbanger, a robotic rodent, entered in IEEE-sponsored race contest. 14
  • John Young discusses product assurance and quality control. 15
  • Double eagle balloon Atlantic Ocean crossing used HP-67 calculator. 16

December 1978 Action in the Community

  • HP employee volunteers in community involvement and social responsibility; involvement in nonpartisan community representation. 2 13
  • Year-end sales up 27 percent, earnings up 26. 14
  • Fort Collins, Colo., builds third building. 14
  • Second Roseville, Calif., site optioned to purchase. 14
  • Comsys e-mail system saves company $20 million in postage and wire charges. 14
  • Dividend declared for quarterly cash dividend on HP common stock. 14
  • John Young discusses year-end results. 15
  • Solar heating at Sunnyvale, Calif., plant is world’s largest industrial solar heating system. 16