1977 – MEASURE Magazine

January-February 1977 New Products Take Wing

  • 100 new products launched for 1976, a successful year in turbulent economic conditions: smart instruments using microprocessors, new generation of HP 3000 Series II, HP 97 calculator with printer, high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLCs), 78331A and 78333A battery-operated ECG monitors, portable automatic electrocardiograph (ECG). 2 5
  • Company growth and The HP Way; is there still a place for individuality — employee opinions. 6 9
  • HP organization and descriptions of each facet of HP, including philosophy, corporate administration, research and development, president and board. 10 11
  • Corporate organizational chart. 12-13
  • Management meeting focuses on policy on retirement, company performance, affirmative action (diversity), financial, cost-reduction goals, marketing strategies and managing research and development. 14 21
  • 1976 month-by-month review. 22 23
  • Instrument group introduces 76 products in 76. 24

March 1977 Employment Trends

  • Employment stability in tough times; HP’s concern for people expressed in objectives and policies; employee loyalty. 2 6
  • Sambo’s Restaurants Inc. energy conservation efforts monitored by HP 3050B data acquisition system. 7
  • Extensive upgrading of manufacturing division in Palo Alto. 8 11
  • HP’s 2000 car fleet and automotive expenses. 12 13
  • First-quarter results show 27 percent increase in sales and 73 percent in earnings. 14
  • Gene Stiles, manager of southern sales region, retires; joined HP in 1942. 14
  • OED product, HDSP-2000 LED, named product of the year by Electronic Products magazine. 14
  • Flora Lamson Hewlett, wife of Hewlett, dies. 14
  • Andover, Avondale, Cupertino, Boise open new facilities. 14
  • Hewlett explains first-quarter results. 15
  • How Bill Blohm, a deaf employee, would use three days of hearing. 16

April 1977 New Proof of Einstein Theory

  • Use of HP atomic clocks helps prove general relativity theory – that time warp effects are real; comments from Len Cutler, physicist and a director at HP Labs. 2 4
  • Renegotiation act or “Minish Act of 1977” is explained; drawbacks and effects of the Act on HP, with commentary by Packard, Schofield and van Bronkhorst. 5 7
  • HP finds ways to give employees greater responsibility, which leads to increased productivity, efficiency; HP philosophy compared to old, authoritarian methods. 8 12
  • HP European ski recreation and ski race for employees. 13
  • James D. Hodgson, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, joins board. 14
  • Corvallis opens second building for calculator business. 14
  • Cardiovascular products manufacturing transferred to McMinnville, Ore., from Waltham, Mass. 14
  • Hollywood movie, “Cassandra Crossing,” uses HP medical and analytical equipment. 14
  • Hewlett discusses new roles and responsibilities of the board. 15
  • Schottky diodes used in almost every brand of pacemakers. 16

May 1977 ICs the HP Way

  • HP integrated circuits (IC) revolution, semiconductor technology, and the predictions by John Young on semiconductor capabilities and IC production. 2 6
  • Glossary of IC terminology. 5
  • Revised statement of corporate objectives. 7 10
  • The role of individual enterprise in the development of HP; excerpts from a speech before the Scottish Council’s Seventh International Forum by Packard. 11 13
  • Hospital demonstration of an HP 8030 fetal monitor responsible for the delivery of Janet Lynn Moore of Yates City, Ill. 14 15
  • Retiree Lloyd Baker turns backyard into playground. 16

June 1977 Your Electronic Future

  • Electronics and its effect on you and future; technological revolution; role of the computer in the information revolution, electronic mail, interactive computing, networking; energy conservation through the use of computers; predictions on the future of computing. 2 6
  • HP introduces Comsys 2026 communications for HP internal communications such as electronic mail. 7 9
  • Board of directors profile and responsibilities. 10 13
  • First-half earnings report sales up 22 percent, earnings up 35. 14
  • Profit sharing distributes more than $16 million. 14
  • Four scientists earn honors: Hewlett, Oliver, Eb Rechtin, and Don Hammond. 14
  • Microwave Semiconductor Division begins new construction in San Jose, Calif. 14
  • Hewlett discusses first-half results and new deferred profit-sharing program. 15
  • HP receptionist in charge of HP mail-order study program in electrocardiography for ECG operators. 16

July 1977 The HP Way

  • Description of “the HP Way,” the working philosophy of HP, including personnel policies, emphasis on education; employee experiences with the HP Way; management by objective explained; how to continue the HP Way; quotes from Hewlett, John Young and John Doyle. 2-16

August 1977 The Turbulent Money Market

  • Turbulent world money market and managing the company’s money; HP treasury department stories; corporate cash management. 2 6
  • Manhattan computer service van-team; servicing customer computer installation by radio-controlled vehicle. 7 9
  • New HP facilities built to harmonize with environment; Singapore first HP facility with escalators. 10 11
  • HP France encourages upward mobility, internal promotion from within; “growing” people. 12
  • HP3810 surveying instrument; Hewlett with calculator watch. 13
  • Two scientists win HP-sponsored awards – Europhysics award and Terman award. 13
  • HP college scholarships given to 106 children of HP employees. 13
  • Hewlett discusses South Africa; says South Africa HP facility fully integrated, except restrooms for the offices rented in public buildings. (diversity) 14 15
  • Optoelectronics Applications Manual to be published by McGraw-Hill. 16

September 1977 The New-Era HP Athletes

  • Physical fitness activism and HP. 2 7
  • Profile of Bob Schaeffer, a General Systems Division (GSD) supervisor; 24 years with HP. 8 9
  • Language barriers at HP and the nuances of international communication. (diversity) 10 12
  • Centrex phone system with electronic switching replaces switchboard at corporate. 13
  • Third-quarter results report sales up 23, earnings up 65; incoming orders highest in HP history. 14
  • HP 3000 Series II computer network used to test Project Prelude, a NASA Communications Technology Satellite (CTS). 14
  • Hewlett discusses third-quarter results and the execution of Flora Hewlett’s estate. 15
  • Inner-tubing on the Boise River in Idaho. 16

October 1977 HP Headquarters Style, 1977

  • HP corporate headquarters photo tour; new “openness” office partition system — no-door policy and its relation to informal communication. 2 7
  • On-campus recruiting and hiring process; HP reviews its recruitment program and makes recommendations. (diversity) 8 11
  • Unique customs arrangement at HP Germany; international shipping, import export. 12 13
  • New corporate management team; John Young elected HP president. 14
  • John Young elected HP president; Dean Morton elected executive vice president. 14
  • Hewlett (last message as president) discusses new management team, rationale behind naming John Young president; farewell postscript. 15
  • Packard’s 65th birthday party. 16

November 1977 Middle East Business: A Special Report

  • HP in the Middle East: Morocco, Greece, Iraq, Saudi Arabia; establishing a new region; Arab countries begin race to industrialize. 2 8
  • HP’s information network and “distributed” data processing, and sharing information; computer networking; Comsys internal phone system; chart of the HP information system; remote job entry. 9 13
  • Dick Alberding named general manager of the Medical Products Group; Franco Mariotti named director of HPSA. 14
  • John Young’s first message from the president’s desk in which he introduces himself. 15
  • Yokohama HP baseball team. 16

December 1977 Recreation Areas

  • HP recreation areas burgeon in number and popularity; nine off-plant recreation facilities. 2 7
  • European corporate organization; profile of new managing director Franco Mariotti. 8 9
  • St. Louis Bank sets up HP atomic clock as a frequency standard. 10 11
  • Bob Burnett and Gus Valadocchia, profile of two veteran managers in medical products. 12 13
  • Strong year-end results report sales up 22, earnings up 34. 14
  • South Dakota State University names engineering lab after HP applications engineer; Marv Willrodt receives award. 14
  • Illinois town awards HP certificate for environmental enhancement of new Midwest Sales Region building. 14
  • John Young discusses year-end results. 15
  • New Year wish and pledge: “no more war, no more waste, no more want.” 16