1976 – MEASURE Magazine

January 1976 They Chose Freedom

  • America’s bicentennial year, a reminder that freedom didn’t come easily; HP employees who chose freedom and immigrated to the U.S. 2 7
  • New Santa Rosa, Calif., plant open house; facility fulfills HP pledge to blend architecture with environment. 8 9
  • YHP employee uses abacus, which outperforms adding machine and calculator. 10
  • HP boy scouts go to Yellowstone Park; raised money in part from cleaning HP picnic grounds. 10
  • Inside a “division review,” which evolved from R&D or product review; division “report card.” 11 13
  • New, low-cost digital multimeters introduced. 14
  • New desktop 9825 A calculator debuts with features only previously found on minicomputers. 14
  • Bill Terry, vice president and general manager of Instruments Group, elected chair, Western Electronics Manufacturers Association (WEMA). 14
  • Annual report theme based on four dimensions of HP responsibility. 14
  • Hewlett discusses energy saving, conservation. 15
  • Packard photo during his time as tight end, Stanford football team. 16

February 1976 Coaching the HP Team

  • Hewlett discusses employee education and training, and management development programs. 2-7
  • Training the trainers -– management development program. 8-10
  • What qualities do you look for in an HP supervisor; comments from employees. 11 12
  • Coaching managers — comments from Packard on the executive seminar, management development, and a pragmatic approach. 13 15
  • Quote on goals of management training by Bill Nilsson, manager of Corporate Training and Management Development. 16

March 1976 The Old World Sets a Fast New Pace

  • HP’s eleventh annual European management meeting in Montreux, Switzerland; Packard discusses goals of HP in Europe; other topics include government intervention, European economy, streamlining finances, production, ordering in Europe; divisional status reports on HP Europe. 2 9
  • Messages European managers most want to communicate to U.S. product divisions; communication gaps. 10-11
  • Workshops on Europe held at Montreux about management by objective and improving sales productivity. 12 13
  • First-quarter results report 11 percent increase in sales; 18 percent decline in earnings. 14
  • Makro ordered 21 minicomputer systems; largest single computer order. 14
  • Maurice Merkt, former director of HPSA, dies. 14
  • Hewlett discusses first-quarter results. 15
  • HP 2000F used for TEL-CATCH, a program for home learning via cable TV for handicapped children. 16

April 1976 New HP Hometown: Boise

  • HP’s Computer Systems Group in Boise, Idaho, is featured. 2 7
  • Diversity of electronic test and measurement products adds vitality and continuity to HP’s line of traditional instruments. 8-11
  • Contrasting lifestyles of HP employees in Holland. 12 13
  • Building site Fort Collins, Colo., chosen. 14
  • Site preparation for new building addition starts in Avondale. 14
  • Bomb explodes outside the Deer Creek laboratory of HP Labs; two phoned warnings from self-identified revolutionary organization. 14
  • Hewlett discusses bomb incident at Deer Creek lab, security, and safety measures. 15
  • School bus with educational TV programs for HP commuters. 16

May 1976 Wake of a Killer Quake

  • Guatemalan earthquake kills 25,000; medical director at Waltham, Dr. Sanchez, born in Guatemala, flies to that country with medical supplies. HP employees worldwide provide relief. 2 5
  • New HP 1080 liquid chromatograph introduced in Munich; first all-new design of a major product by HP’s first wholly-owned overseas acquisition. 6
  • HP data sheet is indispensable sales tool; literature distribution center in Palo Alto highlighted. 7 9
  • HP’s small (replacement) parts business; corporate parts center maintains 61,000 parts in inventory. 10 13
  • HP-27 calculator introduced; first pocket calculator to have built-in math tools. 14
  • Texas Instruments supplies multimillion dollar order of semiconductors for HP-21 MX minicomputers. 14
  • Hewlett discusses stock split. 15
  • Million dollar club — products that account for more than a million dollars in orders. 16

June 1976 1776 Bicentennial

  • HP hobbyists participate in bicentennial minutemen reenactment of American Revolutionary skirmishes. 2 5
  • HP gas chromatographs, mass spectrometers and automated systems used for drug testing of athletes at Montreal Olympics. 6 7
  • HP 3000 Series II computer introduced; highest priced, largest HP computer product. 8 9
  • College scholarships for HP employees’ children; program begun in 1951. 10 11
  • New building at Boeblingen, Germany. 12 13
  • First-half profit sharing was $9.6 million, a 7 percent decrease from previous year. 14
  • San Jose site optioned for purchase for future plant. 14
  • First-half results show 13 percent increase in sales, 1 percent decrease in earnings. 14
  • Hewlett discusses first-half results. 15
  • Hewlett and Packard receive Vermilye Medal for outstanding accomplishment in industrial management. 16

July 1976 Stock Purchase Plan

  • History of HP’s stock purchase plan; common stock first occurred in 1947, with public sale in 1957; employee stock plan introduced in 1959. 2 4
  • Corporate Micrographics/Records Retention department; records put on microfilm in 1974; effort to have uniform system of records retention. 5 7
  • Employee vacation stories; importance of getting completely away from job each year. 8 13
  • Addressing conference on Consumer Electronics, Packard calls for business honesty; says problem is business managers not living up to their responsibility. 14
  • APD offers three new calculators, HP-25C, HP-97, HP-67. 14
  • Terman award goes to Dr. Stephen Director. 14
  • HP Olympian hockey player Jorge Fabregas, Spain. 14
  • Hewlett discusses coping with growth. 15
  • HP philanthropy, school for Navajo in Birdsprings, Ariz. 16

August-September 1976 After the Flood: Report from Loveland

  • Loveland flood aftermath — how HP affected and helped. 2 8
  • Bomb explosion at HP Labs, Deer Creek, and employee reactions; HP security precautions. 9 13
  • Third-quarter results report 13 percent increase sales, 9 percent decrease earnings. 14
  • HP products on Viking spacecraft on Mars. 14
  • Hewlett discusses poor third quarter and APD performance problems. 15
  • Santa Clara building dubbed Hertz (Hz) Castle. 16

October 1976 Second Time Around

  • HP discusses rehiring people who left the company. 2 5
  • What constitutes a “big deal” (big sale) for HP; big deal can mean big dollar amount or big impact on production. 6 7
  • Norm Neely retires; HP bought his firm in 1962; pioneered marketing approaches in electronics industry. 8 9
  • HP computer business 10 year anniversary; history of the HP computer. 10 13
  • Paul Ely elected vice president. 14
  • Hewlett is United Way chairman. 14
  • Disc [disk] Memory Division formed in Boise, Idaho. 14
  • Hewlett gives UK and Germany status report. 15
  • HP-65 programmable calculator used to spelunk in Kenyan lava caves. 16

November 1976 Intercon Team

  • Intercontinental operations in 14 countries; administration, management, marketing, manufacturing, cultural stereotypes. (diversity) 2 13
  • San Jose site optioned for purchase; new site for Microwave Semiconductor Division. 14
  • HP 1000 computer introduced. 15
  • Hewlett reminisces about death of Noel Porter, vice president. 14 15
  • Singapore and Malaysia “Big Walk” encourages physical fitness. 16

December 1976 Affirmative Action Challenge

  • Affirmative action and recruiting minorities and women; HP sets aggressive goals for getting larger-than-average share. (diversity; women) 2-7
  • Emergency number (222) and importance of clearly and calmly reporting emergencies. 8-9
  • HP in USSR; Bob Creager, HP’s first permanent representative in USSR, recalls challenges. 10-12
  • Statistical probability that Santa Claus is not a myth. 13
  • Year-end results; strong fourth quarter, highest sales in HP history; profit sharing is 7.28 percent. 14
  • HP protests IRS tax proposals; IRS seeks additional $7.5 million. 14
  • Hewlett discusses year-end results. 15
  • Seasonal greeting. 16