1974 – MEASURE Magazine

January 1974 2001 – The New Ice Age

  • HP 3000 computer measure Earth’s atmosphere; speculation about greenhouse effect and new ice age. 2 6
  • Bill Dudley wins ambulance design contest sponsored by Grumman Corp. 7
  • Elaine “Cookie” Cook with the company for 30 years. 8 9
  • Employee attitudes toward work highlights employees’ low use of sick time. 10 13
  • 5245 L-Replacement Electronic counter makes cover of Electronics magazine. 14
  • Second-half profit sharing is $6.7 million. 14
  • HP 3850A electronic distance meter for surveying introduced. 14
  • Hewlett discusses involvement of Barney Oliver, Len Cutler and Dave Cochran in solving a problem for Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). 15
  • HP European soccer champs. 16

February 1974 The Inner-Space Race

  • Hewlett, Paul Ely and Linda Stanley answer questions about affirmative action; equal opportunity workshops. (diversity) 2 6
  • HP minority employment figures. (diversity) 7
  • HP 1703 oscilloscope aids in identifying cars. 8
  • HP to build more than 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space. 9 12
  • Plant engineer at Loveland, Colo., conserves energy. 13
  • New HP-65 programmable calculator solves complex problems. 14
  • Semi-annual dividend on common stock of 10 cents. 15
  • Hewlett discusses HP operation in Europe. 15
  • 1973 sales and earnings. 16

March 1974 The Heart Menders

  • HP 7830A ECG heart rate monitors role in recovery of coronary patients. 2 5
  • Employee, Roosevelt Mallory, writes novel, “Harlem Hit.” 6 7
  • Energy crisis and HP energy conservation program. 8 13
  • First-quarter sales up 49 percent, earnings up 67. 14
  • HP 970A multimeter probe offered to employees at discount. 14
  • Hewlett explains reversal of decision to incur long-term debt instead of a pay-as-you-go system. 15
  • HP helps earthquake and flood victims in Mexico. 16

April 1974 Your Share in HP Profit Sharing Growth

  • Profit-sharing program is a philosophy and a formula; all divisions share equally. 2 7
  • Employee on dialysis is kidney transplant recipient. 8 9
  • HP donates instruments to academic institutions. 10
  • COMSYS, HP’s electronic mail system, is cheap, efficient way to communicate. 11 13
  • Lew Platt named Waltham General Manager. 14
  • New minicomputers 2105A introduced. 14
  • New 5830A gas chromatograph combines functions of separate machines. 14
  • HP-45 calculator used in Sahara by UN relief team. 15
  • Riverside flood control district orders HP 3000 computer. 15
  • Microwave Components, OEM component organization, joins HPA. 15
  • Minicomputer education software named TOADS (terminal-oriented administrative data systems). 16

May 1974 HP Private

HP confidentiality explained and security of new products. 2 4
Handicapped employees’ stories highlighted. 5 8
Len Cutler, Don Hammond, and Paul Stoft comment on role of HP Labs. 9 13
Hewlett discusses HP economic, financial status. 14 15
HP reduces price for HP-35 and HP-45 pocket calculators. 14
HP Communications Products team helps transmit educational satellite broadcasts to isolated schools. 16

June 1974 Where Have We Come From?

Management meeting discusses reasons for debt as opposed to the traditional pay-as-you-go method. 2
Hewlett discusses financial status, developing management capabilities. 2
Packard discusses future leadership, corporate objectives. 3-4
Ralph Lee comments on HP financial performance. 4-5
John Doyle presents necessity of long-term planning in slow-responding areas of business.
John Young talks about product trends. 6
Bill Terry discusses new products, HP spirit. 7
Dean Morton and Emery Rogers make predictions based on business environment. 8-9
Alan Bickell and Phil Scalzo discuss accounts receivable. 10
Bob Boniface discusses long-term planning. 12-13
Workshops focus on marketing, manufacturing, personnel, finance and international topics. 14
Ray Wilbur, vice president of personnel, describes HP’s affirmative action effort. (diversity) 15

July 1974 Ringside at a Renaissance

North Sea oil discovery in U.K. helps economy and HP in Britain. 2 5
HP products number 3,360. 6
Hewlett and Packard discuss seven corporate objectives. 7 10
Consolidated air shipments; Air Consolidation Program (ACP) improves efficiency. 11 13
Corvallis, Ore., purchase for Advanced Product Division. 14
First line printers shipped. 14
Antonie Knoppers, M.D., elected to board. 14
Hewlett explains review and revision of corporate objectives. 15
5062C cesium standard atomic clock measures exactedness of 21 timekeeping centers in 11 nations around the world. 16

August-September 1974 HP’s Uncommon Market

HP gambled on the viability of the planned European Economic Community in 1957. 2
Hewlett discusses 15th Anniversary of HP in Europe. 3 5
History of HP Europe and challenges of language barriers, finance, local currency. 6-9
European marketing and sales; HP country organizations strong because they employ and develop local people, serve national interests. 10-13
Sophisticated European customers who use HP technology. 14-17
HP Europe manufacturing operations began in Europe 15 years ago. 18 22
How the HP Way works in Europe; European employees. 23 27
Interview with Dick Alberding, director of European operations, on HP future in European. 28 31
Misspellings of Hewlett Packard. 32

October 1974 Your Annual Evaluation

Annual employee evaluations; personal growth and recognition are unequivocal part of corporate objectives. 2 3
Success of flexitime and an 18-month follow-up report; survey results. 4 5
Multicultural team develops calculator marketing in Europe. 6
Corporate re-structuring changes due to growth of company. 7 10
5950A electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) spectrometer and potential applications. 11 13
Blind and deaf employee receives rehabilitant of the year honor. 14
HP calls itself leader in minicomputer. 14
Hewlett rationalizes reasons for corporate structuring. 15
Calculators help learning. 16

November 1974 Heart of Heart

HP interface bus and international standards for computer communications. 2 5
Europe employees’ achievements. 6-7
HP Labs on Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, opens. 8
Security analysts meeting in Palo Alto. 8
Neely sales office opens near San Jose airport. 9
HEART, new centralized, computerized system for European order processing. 10 13
Hewlett discusses 1974 performance and outlook. 15
Spectrum analyzer and 5830A gas chromatograph voted among 100 most significant products of the year. 14
New HP Europhysics award. 14
HP 572-page sales catalog of over 900 products. 16

December 1974 The Quiet Activists

Stories of HP volunteers helping others. 2 7
John Young, Bill Hewlett and Bruce Wholey assemble 2640A CRTs. 8
New product review includes 5830A gas chromatograph, 5453A transmission parameter analyzer (TPA), 78220 Cardiac Monitoring system, 21 MX computer, 1772A oscilloscope, 970 Multimeter probe, HP 80 business-finance calculator. 9 13
Sales increase fiscal year up 34 percent and earnings up 66. 14
Hewlett discusses asset control, profit sharing, year-end review. 15