Record Box #19 – Hewlett Record Boxes

Peace Memorial Corporation, Palo Alto 1972

  • A Palo Alto organization established to make bronze castings of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. bust, Sascha Schnittmann, Sculptor; bust at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco 1972; agreement between WRH and the sculptor; financial records
  • Seal

WRH Lab Notebooks, 5 vols.

  • Stanford University, “Pyrometallurgy of Iron and Steel,” Mining Engineering 105, n.d.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computation Book, Course 6.69, n.d.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering, Course 6.561, “Characteristics of Composite Filters,” Laboratory Problem, 15 Dec. 1935; Report by Hewlett, Kingsbury
  • Stamped: Hewlett Packard Co. – William Hewlett [crossed out on cover: C.E. 130] , n.d.
  • Volume: Stanford Law Note Book; scientific annotations, n.d.