1998 – Video and CD Index

1998   Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance Hosted by Walter Cronkite

Produced by the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association

VHS   PBS 90 minute version   Label on tape reads copyright 2000.

2 Copies; Copy 1 is sealed.

[1998]            Chuck House and His Views: HP Labs, R&D, and Technology Transfer

61353RBE   VHS   54 mins   Internal Use Only


[1998]            Agilent Technologies “Positioned for Growth”

Ned Barnholt talks about Agilent’s market leadership and growth opportunities.

Copy 1: 630A   Betacam   15 mins   Video Master   Agilent Restricted   Handwritten note on tape: January ‘00

Copy 2: 630   VHS   15 mins      Close (sic) Captioned   Agilent Restricted   Handwritten note on tape reads: 1998


1998   Hewlett-Packard in Automotive Video “B-Roll” version 2.0

No sound except brief, incomplete narration at start. Lots of close up shots of auto nameplates, animation, etc.

VHS   Running Time: 20:00


1998   Hewlett-Packard in Automotive Video Presentation version 2.0

HP ‘s place in the automotive industry: Attract video, presentation, closer. Includes images from B-Roll of same name

5966-4934E   VHS   Running Time: 9:40


1998   Getting Started at HP

Overview of HP Benefits & forms that must be completed by new hires at HP.

S-2432   VHS   17 mins   Internal Only


1998   Hewlett Packard Self-Made in California

K2 Communications. “HP Story” was featured on CNBC’s Self-Made in California Program on 01/18/98.

VHS   approx 24 mins   2 copies


01/98  Lew Platt on the HP Way

VHS   TRT  10:00


05/20/98        A Visit by Bill Sullivan at Fort Collins, Co.

VHS   45 mins   Internal Use Only


05/29/98        Hewlett-Packard Genesis IV Animation

ICBD Powers Up for Lift Off to the Next Generation. Animation & music only.

4954   VHS   approx 5 mins   Final Draft for Approval


07/08/98        Cutting Edge: LED Lighting Revolution

KABC Ch. 7. ABC World News Tonight 6:43 PM



07/09/98        “The Innovators Dilemma”

HP Labs Presentation – Prof. Clayton Christensen

VHS, TRT 170:56


07/29/98        Hewlett Packard Profile

CNBC Business Center

VHS   TRT: 6 mins