1996 – Video and CD Index

1996   Bright Solutions – LEDs for Traffic Management

VHS in presentation box with papers (The Components of Transportation, etc)   approx 12:35 mins   2 copies   (Copy 2, without presentation box & papers, ends with brief piece on Aids Hotline, copyrighted 1992, probably left on tape from previous recording)


1996   HP Video Magazine 1st Quarter 1996

“The Color of Fear.” Diversity Training. Swisscontrol, CopyJet, ATC (Atlantis/Mir Docking. US/Mexico Environmental Testing Forums, Tottenham Hottspurs). San Diego Team Building.

S-2368   VHS   15 mins   Internal Only


1996   HP Video Magazine 2nd Quarter 1996

A Tribute to Dave Packard

S-2370   VHS   18 mins   Internal  Only


1996   HP Video Magazine 3rd quarter 1996

Customer Satisfaction – New Era; Customer Turnaround; Sterling Commerce; Measuring Customer Satisfaction; Retirees; ATC: Hachioji Facility, Lew Platt/Alan Bickell in India, InkJet Supplies Exhibit, Giant Mickey Mouse puzzle, customer Reflections on HP.

S-2369   VHS   17 mins   Internal Only


01/02/96        William R. Hewlett Obituary

For news media: narrated obituary, soundbites, B-Roll   Copyright 1995   2 copies

Copy 1: Betacam   DUB

Copy 2: VHS   approx 9 mins


03/29/96        Lew Platt’s Eulogy for Dave Packard

90747T   VHS   PAL   7 mins   Internal Use Only


03/29/96      David Packard Memorial Service & Tributes

Stanford Memorial Church

90746T   VHS   48 mins       2 copies, one is SECAM


04/01/96        MXD Farewell to Dave Packard