1994 – Video and CD Index

1994   The HP Way

Introduced by Lew Platt

Copy 1: S-2146   VHS   19 mins   Close Captioned   Internal Only

Copy 2: S-2146   VHS   19 mins   Close Captioned   Internal Only


1994   The HP Way Version 2.

Same as The HP Way but opening sequence is two people having a heated discussion about

what The HP Way means. Prod/Dir: J. P.

VHS   19 mins  DUB Internal Only


1994   PR Footage Assembly Reel

Shots of interior/exterior company locations, products, persons, history, for news media. No


S-2167   VHS   12 mins


1994   HP Video Magazine 1994 – 3rd Quarter

Project 2000, Koalas, Sonoma Wine Lab, Around-the-Circuit: Goodwill Games, Air Force Brain Waves, K-12 Symposium, St. Luke’s Probe, and Cleveland Indians.

S-2101   VHS   15 mins   Internal Only

1994   HP Video Magazine 1994 4th Quarter

Ergonomics; Forensics; Renault/CA; ATC: HP Access; Starlink; Celtics; “Side Effects”; and Peregrine Fund

S-2102   VHS   15 mins   Internal Only


01/24/94        1994 General Managers Meeting, Santa Clara, CA

Reception Honoring Dave Packard

S-2133   VHS   57 mins   Internal Only   Company Confidential

1993 – Video and CD Index

[1993]            Silicon Run II The Sequel

The Companion Tape to Silicon Run I. A Ruth Carranza Production in collaboration with the Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford University. From fabricated wafers, through testing, packaging and assembly, live industrial footage and animation show how integrated circuits are used in today’s computers.

VHS   35 mins


1993   HP Video Magazine Fourth Edition 1993

Includes: Packard Retires, Rhine Basin Program, Omnibook, Around the-Circuit and White Fang.

S-1954   VHS   15 mins   CC   Internal Only

10/93  The Santa Clara Valley Historical Association’s interview with Bill Hewlett & Dave Packard.

Interview with Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (late Oct. 93) for the Making of Silicon Valley video and book.

VHS   approx 40 mins


11/18/93        Dave Packard Retirement Dinner

S-2117   VHS   39 mins   Internal Only

1990 – Video and CD Index

04/11/90        Historical Photos

Still, historical photos

VHS   TRT: 30:00   3 tapes


[04/11/90]     Hewlett-Packard Historical Photos

Labels on box for #3 read: Chinese Leaders @ Merced Ranch, Calif 1980 [and] Includes photos from 5/2/95.

Betacam   3 tapes


08/15/90        Dave Packard site visit to Loveland Colorado

Copy 1: VHS: TRT: 31:00  Internal Use Only

Copy 2: VHS: TRT: 31:00  Internal Use Only


1989 – Video and CD Index

1989   Highlights – A Global Celebration

Acknowledging H-P’s First 50 years with an emphasis on “Looking Toward The Future” and the challenges facing the Corporation World-Wide.

90309T   VHS   20 mins   Internal Use Only

 [1989]  Hewlett-Packard 50th Celebration

Garage Dedication Speakers

90309T   Betacam   DUB


1989   Bill & Dave Look Back

Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard reminisce about major milestones in the company’s history.

Copy 1: VHS TRT 15:00  Internal Use Only

Copy 2: VHS TRT 15:00  Internal Use Only


1989   The HP Story

An informative narration hi-lighting the purpose and products of HP’s first 5 sectors. Produced for new and existing customers.

90269T  VHS   TRT 5 mins   Customer Viewable

1989   The Making of One Day

A behind the scenes look at HP’s employee magazine commemorating the company’s 50th Anniversary. Includes letter from Jay Coleman, Editor of Measure Magazine.

S-1159   VHS  TRT 5 mins.


06/10/89   HP 50th Anniversary Celebration: Colorado