Series 1 Earliest HP Files, 1937-1953

Some personal David Packard files; chronological, folders 1-14; then alphabetical A-Z, folders 15-31

Series 1 Earliest HP Files, 1937-1953
              Box 1  1937-1953, Folders 1-31
              Folders 1-14, Chronological; Folders 15-31 A-Z

Box 1A DP Lab Notebook, 2 vol. 2/25/39 – 4/21/41, 1941; DP Notebook on Stanford course “Partnerships & Corporations”


Series 1  Box 1  1937-1953  Folders 1-31

These early files are a combination of DP’s business and personal files.  Some of the personal files relate to family affairs.

Box 1, Folder 1  Correspondence 1937-1938

Several letters to DP from “Ed” [Noel Porter] at General Air Conditioning, Sacramento, concerning relays, amplifier and radio; mentions getting married and other friendly comments; acts as if WRH, DP, and he are to be in business together

DP replies to above describing his research “winding a variac,” vacuum tube voltmeter, etc.; announces that Lucile is coming here in April; “The way things have gone this winter it looks as if we would be much better off not trying to break away and start until we have something definite to go to. I do not want you to feel that this move on my part precludes that I am no longer interested in the proposition for I am more interested than ever now.” More on his fears and expectations

DP to WRH and Ed on the equipment he is gathering;  “I think the way to get things going is to have Bill and I go ahead and build some things for Ed to sell”  [More of same 12/7/37]

8/12/37 DP memo on interview with Terman who “felt with me that we might do fairly well with merchandising radios if we located somewhere on the peninsula”

8/23/37 memo on discussion between WRH, DP, and Porter on business venture including specific products

Letters mention working with Lytton, Frank Varney, John Kaar; talk on prices, product distribution, business space, sending WRH to IRE

6/8/37 DP to WRH and Porter discussing business prospects but also planning a fishing trip including prospecting

5/8/37 WRH on “equipment that is in construction or that is already made, I have built up a Hay’s bridge for the measurement of incremental inductance…Spring skiing has started in earnest with fine snow and better weather.  I could not get a bed when I got up to Norden (the Sierra Club lodge) so I spent the two nights in a cave in the snow. It was quite warm and comfortable in my new two-pound eider-down bag–my pride and joy.”

Box 1, Folder 2  Correspondence 1938-July 1943

5/17/41 J.S. Lamson, accountant, drew up proposed partnership agreement; also 10/19/44 letter trying to equalize capital accounts for DP and WRH

Undated, “confidential” letter, John Tomlinson (Shell) concerning ignition oscillator which DP and HP employees helped produce

12/4/[?] John Fluke [DP friend from Schenectady days] to DP concerning his job in DC with Bureau of Ships [Navy]; also asks about welding control he and DP worked with; sees hp ads in “electronics”; writes “I just happened to get acquainted with the Admiral when he was inspector of Naval Machinery in Schenectady.” [Archivist’s note: seems the engineers from GE were well known by the military service officers who were able to bring them into research jobs in DC]

7/16/43 “Norm” to DP concerning Army Air Service Command:  “I’m really learning a great deal on this job.  Fortunately the circuit chasing practice I’m getting plus the teaching of army personnel which is part of our job is really getting me well set up on many items that are basic in your equipment so I’ll be in a good position to really understand and explain H-P units when the war is over.”

2/22/43 DP in NY to Glenn Zieber concerning meter deliveries, etc.  “We have the possibility of doing some restricted work for the Navy, and I want you to make sure the gates are hung in the back of the building and provided with locks right away…make sure that you have at least one gun on the premises.” [DP on a trip to Wash DC and NYC; great letters concerning business in Palo Alto]

10/6/42 Chancellor at Stanford reappointing DP as “Lecturer in Electrical Engineering,” without salary

5/10/42 WRH to DP concerning his war work in the office of the Chief Signal Officer:  “I have an entree into most of the laboratories of the country and have an excellent opportunity to meet on better than equal ground, as I am a representative of the War Department, the men engaged in research as well as those directing it. Furthermore, it is my business to know of all research that is being carried on in the country as it applies to the Signal Corps excluding RADAR (aircraft warning) and airborne radio communication. I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity to make these contacts and that they will be of great benefit to us after the war. I find that I can no longer take a detailed interest in projects and have to deal with them in their broader aspects alone. This is quite new as at the Company so much of our work was detail.”  [letter includes personal details such as Flora pregnant]

6/26/42 DP to “Dear Mother,” in Pueblo, enclosing a check for $1517.10 “in payment of the three notes that are outstanding together with the interest…This money has been of great assistance to us in our struggle to get things going on a good basis, and we thank you for it.” [See also 7/16/41, 2/18/41, 2/15/41 (great letter from his father), 9/18/40, 7/16/40, 7/10/40, 3/20/40, 3/7/40]

4/25/42 DP to L.H. Lynn, GE concerning lack of delivery of voltmeters, also “the lack of engineers and the problem of trying to work 50 people in a space designed for 15, all confronting us at once, it is rather difficult to promise anything definite.”

4/29/42 WRH in Arlington VA to DP: “I have just learned that Bendix is in a bad way and has recently gone through two reorganizations.  They are requesting an advance payment from the Signal Corps on several million dollars worth of orders and it looks as though they may not get it. In view of our recent order from them for 100 205A’s, I would deem it advisable to check up on them at once. If anything looks fishy I see no reason why we shouldn’t be hard-boiled about it and send the stuff C.O.D. or at least if possible on sight draft.”  He adds:  “I do not know how wise it would be for you to keep this letter in the file.”

5/21/[?] WRH in CA to DP at GE concerning “heartiest congratulations to both you and Lucille [sic]. Everybody knows that it is an idea[l] match. I saw Lucille just before she went east, and was she excited.” He tells Dave that he has his name on a paper with Terman as one of the collaborators on feedback as applied to laboratory equipment referring to linear amplifiers, etc.  7-page letter mainly on “a new type of oscillator that have no inductances. I am going to give a paper on this at the Pacific Coast convention of the IRE.”

Undated, WRH to DP saying he rented a place with a cabin for himself.  He will pay $15 for the small house and part of the shop (garage) which “is concrete floored and has a work table in it already.”

“Friday” DP in Chicago to WRH: “Crossley has done a wonderful job as we have suspected…The gang out at Motorola is really swell. Norn Underlich who is acting as Galvin’s right hand man took us down to the lab where Prof. Noble is in charge…the group at the Engineer’s Club was quite small last night but they were the fellows who count.” [Much more]

“Sunday night,” DP in Pueblo to WRH in PA: “The talks in Chicago went over quite well judging by the response we had and I think it will do us a lot of good. Crossley is quite fired up about the square wave proposition and the 320 analyzer as well as the 300A and so we should have some more results from his district…I am very encouraged about the whole outlook for us in the east. We seem to have done a good job in putting over our story and with the exception of a few minor details here and there our equipment is well accepted. I am convinced that this trip was well worth while for the information we received to indicate what to do as the next step and how to do it.”

1/14/40 DP in NY to WRH in PA concerning his visits in DC “where we saw the CAA group and the Navy.”  Much info on people he saw and what they were interested in from HP.  “The IRE show was quite a flop as far as attendance but I think it was really swell for us because everyone was interested in our line.”

Undated, DP to WRH: “I called on Federal today and they are getting hot for their oscillator–I sure hope we can get that done shortly and do a good job.  If we don’t it is going to do us a lot of harm here in the east because nearly everyone knows we are doing the job.”

1/17/41 WRH in PA to DP in East concerning HP production orders, etc.  [Good detail]

1/10/40 DP in NY to WRH in PA concerning good response from people he is meeting.  “Things are going in very swell shape here and I am sure the trip is going to be worth a great deal to us…Our stuff is having a very excellent reception and we have had as much or more interest at our booth as anyone even including the big boys. Burlingame is a swell fellow and I believe he will do an excellent job for us here in the long run. I sure wish you could be with me and hear some of the fine things that are being said about your oscillator.”  DP writes about visiting the National Research Council and asks for info the Navy wants to know. “I have seen a lot of the boys from G.E. and they are very enthusiastic about the oscillators…we have a very good chance of getting in at R.C.A.!! I have met a lot of that group including some of the big shots and they all seem to think they could use some of our stuff over there.  In general if everything turns out the way it appears to be going we will be completely swamped with business this year.  In general the whole affair reminds me very much of that IRE convention we attended in SF the first summer.  Everyone has heard something good about us and are very interested in knowing more about our activities. As I said, I certainly wish you could be here.”

1/7/41 WRH in PA to DP in East concerning HP business.  Bauer is working out quite well, and since the cost of sending the lit and instruments to the IRE was $79.37, “you had better bring them back in the upper berth!!”

8/2/40 John Fluke to DP (Gussywussy)–full of wisecracks showing the friendship of the men who worked at GE

6/27/40 “Vorras” [from “house of Gus” in Schenectady] at Kearny Generating Station to DP; much info on war industries [other personal letters with work stories from this group and good newsy responses from DP, especially concerning the problem of patents, and the move to larger quarters in Feb. 1940. These letters begin around March 1940]

6/29/39 DP to his father re patents, selling foreign rights to WRH’s oscillator, etc.  “During the last week Bill and I have been up at the I.R.E. and A.I.E.E. conventions in San Francisco…very profitable week…things look very promising. Last week we filled the order for the Walt Disney people.”  [Father responds that DP needs a local attorney, 7/4/39; he calls WRH “your pard”; also a very personal note on his mother’s “hopelessly suffering heart”]

Box 1, Folder 3  Correspondence 7/43-12/31/44 [some earlier]

10/19/44 J.S. Lamson to DP, draft of partnership agreement

Undated, listing of “Value of Equipment Contributed by D Packard” which comes to $152.00

Undated, Ed [Porter] to DP: “as far as our hopeful business is concerned, I’ll really give all the help I can.  The control panel business has developed into something which I really feel will be a steady source of income. Of course Kaar has been doing all the work on this in the past and it will be a little difficult to break away but that can be handled. As far as I’m concerned you can count on it. The volume of this business for next year should at least be 2000.00.” [Ed and WRH have spent a weekend at Tahoe]

12/11/38 “Fluke” [John] from Bridgeport CT to DP, teasing personal note with remarks on relay circuits and DP’s return to Stanford

11/28/44 DP’s membership in Engineers’ Club of SF approved

10/24/44 Ed Porter in Arlington VA to DP: “Took Bill down to our test station last week to witness tests under actual fire conditions.  He enjoyed it and particularly the Navy meals on the ship.”  Note on Hewlett’s children being christened

20/28/44 DP reappointed as Lecturer in Electrical Engineering for 1944/45, without salary

1943-44 DP notes with figures on business loads, etc.

9-10/44 half dozen telegrams to and from DP on trip to DC; also letter from Frank Cavier concerning quotes “on prices for Navy 200B specials”

8/14/44 HP quotes on oscillators for Chief of the Bureau of Ships, Radio Division

Undated, employee Fredric Stanton to DP complaining about treatment on job

8/21/44 Myron Smith in Concord MA to DP concerning Herman Scott who is leaving General Radio

8/44 several letters from former employees thanking DP for help including 8/15/44 from Cort Van Rensselaer whom DP helped in college and in securing a commission in the Navy

4/3/44 WRH to DP re life in unidentified place near the equator. “My trip over here has I believe been a success and I have in part achieved the objectives I discussed with you when you were in Washington. There is much to be learned here about conditions that we have little information on and local problems for which we have already worked out the solution.” Censorship of letters mentioned

4/9/44 Bruce Burlingame to DP describing his life in India as an American officer; several letters from Stanford classmates who are now in the military; one from Wesley Shellhammer: “Thanks to you & Bauer for the things you taught me, they come in dam [sic] handy.”

3/13/44 Ed Porter to DP: “Good going on the 1300 totalizers for Alabama Ship.  That is a good sale as we shouldn’t have any trouble with the simple totalizers. How are relays available for same?  Could we use up any of the old ones, etc.”

3/4/44 WRH to DP, detailed letter about his travels and hopes to spend some time in Palo Alto soon: “I am inclosing a letter for WATT’S CURRENT that you might look over, and if you see nothing contrary to the policies you have set or the situation as it actually is at the Company, I suggest that you pass it on. I want the employees to feel that I am interested in the company and in them.  In the past I am afraid that I have neglected them as badly as I have you. Give my best to all the old gang, Al, Tom, Terry, Glenn, Harvey, Bill, Pete, Brunton and all the rest.”

20 women in the Attenuator Department signed letter of appreciation for “$5 War Savings Stamp. It not only provided an extra incentive in the bond drive; but it gives us somewhat the feeling of a bit of unexpected wealth which is quite delightful. So we say ‘Three Cheers for Mr. Packard'”

2/5/44 Ed Porter to DP: “Heard Admiral Land on the radio the other night and noted his remark about Shipbuilding Program falling very short of expected production in January. This should be a sign that USMC better get off the dime and provide for arc time totalizers. I surely do hope we sell some soon.” [other letters 2/14, 2/12, 2/1, 1/14; apparently Ed met with the HP gang at the IRE meeting as well as some of DP’s old buddies from Schenectady]

Some thank you notes from employees who received gifts from Lu and DP

12/13/43 Norm Neely to DP: “The experiences I’m having [in the army] and the people I’m meeting will be life long assets, I’m sure, in addition to the educational and financial benefits.”  Also, 11/13/43, 8/22/43; Mel is carrying on the business in LA

Undated, WRH to DP; he’s about to be sent to Australia; “I certainly want to thank you for all the dope on the ‘E’ presentation. It must have been a wonderful show.  The company deserves all the credit in the world, and by the company I mean you and the employees.”  He encloses an analysis on the capacitive commutator

11/9/43 telegram from W.F. Cavier to DP in Arlington VA concerning government’s decision about increased salary allotments

Undated, WRH to DP concerning estimated income for 1943

9/23/43 DP’s nomination to be in the national inventory prepared by the Signal Corps Cost Analysis Agency, qualified as a scientific and technical worker of a professional grade and engaged in full-time research and development work on instruments of war and associated activities

Box 1, Folder 4  Correspondence 1945

12/8/45 to DP from his mother in Pueblo concerning Christmas presents; DP to her, 11/30/45; Lu not well

11/7/[45] Noel Porter to DP: “I would like to know if you have had time to give any further thought to my situation. I still want to join the HP gang. A little more dope from your end would be helpful as it would assist somewhat in my planning.”

11/26/45 Anglo California National Bank to DP concerning real estate loan

11/16/45 WRH to DP recommending Capt. Charles Vollum for HP  engineering group

11/19/45 DP to join advisory board for Palo Alto office of the Anglo California National Bank

Several letters from Noel Porter concerning getting out of the navy and his thoughts on the redesigned starter

8/3/45 DP to Thomas D. Church concerning landscaping plans and retainer walls for property in Los Altos; see also letter to San Jose Steel 11/30/45

8/21/45 Clark Cahill to DP concerning job offer made by DP 8/11/45

Undated, grading and resurfacing for DP’s property by Orvill V. Freeman

7/17/45 DP request for telephone service at new property

6/28/45 Dean H.H. Skilling of Stanford School of Engineering thanking DP for generous gift; complements him on home in Robleda Heights district “where the best people live”

Box 1, Folder 5  Correspondence 1/46-6/30/47

12/46 “Proposed Professional Engineers’ Registration Act for the State of California,” a printed pamphlet

Annotated by DP, “Report on Conditions of Hewlett-Packard Company as of November 1946” 6-page report; very satisfactory progress has been made during 1946, finishing up war production activity, settling outstanding war contracts, increasing development program made possible 1) by obtaining additional engineers with a great deal of experience in design and development of electronic measuring instruments, and 2) considerable design and research activity for the armed service has been continued.  These contracts are outlined. Problems with material shortages and rising cost in labor and material are difficulties faced.  A price increase of about 15% was necessary

Undated organization chart [early]

3/12/47 DP memo on Bureau of Ships visit

DP memo on visit to RCA Camden

DP memo on visit to Federal

DP memo on visit to Westinghouse, Lansdown Plant, Baltimore MD

4/1/46 Neely Enterprises, No. 2-B Regrettor Specifications

Undated, “Responsibilities and Duties of Production Manager”

annotated by DP, 3 pages

6/10/47 memo on conversation between DP and Parker, Bureau of Ships

5/7/47 Bruce Burlingame to DP concerning Tiny Yewell and “my organizational headaches”; see also DP’s letter on Charlie Sargeant; [Archivist’s note: good example of problems with sales]

5/1/47 “Employment Policy for Hourly Production Employees” by WRH and DP

3/25/47 DP describes HP’s decision to drop membership in N.A.M. “because we felt we could not subscribe to the politics and methods of the organization, particularly as exemplified under the leadership last year”

2/25/47 DP wrote to Palo Alto City Council concerning safety at the railroad crossings at Page Mill Road, signed by many employees; later letter agrees to safety arms

12/26/46 Bruce Burlingame outlines problem of the 18 model 400-As sold to Western Electric Company. He outlines the complicated system of approval of quotes which needs improvement [2-page detailed letter showing problems of sales reps]

12/23/46 telegram from DP’s mother concerning her arrival date from Mayfield; also 8/14/46 her arrival in Denver

3/22/46 form letter from Donald K. Lippincott to DP re meeting of some 45 representative members of the electronic industry held in NY on 3/8/46 “to discuss the desirability of forming a cooperative, non-profit agency for licensing manufacture under electronic patents and collecting and distributing the royalties thereon to the respective patent owners.” [2 pages with survey form, not filled out]

10/14/46 DP missed 4 consecutive Rotary luncheons and was dropped from membership; he apologized and gave excuses

10/8/46 DP’s father to “Harry and Dwight” concerning Aunt Dora’s health and assets [family matter with DP receiving a carbon copy of this 4-page letter]; earlier letters from DP’s mother and between Dora and DP

10/2/56 DP to his parents concerning Aunt Dora, also Lu’s recovery from the new baby named Susan. “Mrs. Salter doesn’t think very much of that name.”

8/12/46 John H. Hutchings of Continental Electric Company to DP concerning products and friendly exchange of family “dope”

5/17/[46?] The Stevens Chicago to DP: “the show was very worth while; the interest was high in the 330B and in the 410A. So far there has been very little response here on the 610 Signal Generator” and other info on Crossley

5/46 form letters from Duck Hunters Assoc. of CA

2/15/46 “Fluke” to DP concerning voltmeter; 8/5/46 memo, Porter to DP saying Fluke “is out of monkey suit since 28 June”

1/22/46 DP to Glenn Zieber [carbon copy]: “I appreciate receiving the production data. It indicates that your production tests and shipments are fairly well in line. I am a little concerned, however, about the amount of material that is getting to Production Test because the figures you have shown will not come close to supporting your intended production schedule for this month.”  DP asks for update to be sent to NY and careful consideration of “better deliveries…The situation still seems to hold throughout the Industry that deliveries are very, very important, and we are probably losing some business by not being able to make better deliveries on these various items.”

1/22/46 DP to Brunton Bauer giving interim report on the results of the trip “to give you some guidance on your laboratory program…It appears at this time that the Diode Voltmeter is one of the most urgent items as far as the sales program is concerned…If you are having some particular troubles, get as much data as possible on them, so we can decide what to do when we return.”  [More info included]

3/8/46 E. R. Lovett concerning water meter for DP’s home

2/1/46 “Fluke” to DP concerning proposed venture

1/25/46 DP from NY to Glenn [Zieber]:  “In view of the steel strike & the strike at Peerless I suggest you get either the group at Oakland or Gardner or someone else started on 200B transformers and especially try to see that some lamination steel is reserved for these requirements. I do not like to go through the problems with another new group but I do know that something must be done.  Will you see if arrangements can be under way for some action by the time I return?”

1/25/46 [Glenn Zieber] to DP in Wash DC asking him to pick up ordinary enamel magnet wire and Litsz wire; production coming off the assembly line is not very high; all new designs; [Archivist’s note: calls DP’s trip “one of your shopping tours”; more detail on production]

1/18/46 John Cage to DP: “I was made manager of the Industrial Electronics Division here at Raytheon. As you may know, Raytheon expanded enormously during the war and is now trying to expand its lines accordingly. I find beautiful talent here–and a terrific problem in organization”

1/6/46 Fluke and Porter to DP concerning plans to meet at IRE Convention [Archivist’s note: very friendly teasing letter and response from DP]

1/46 friendly letters from old friends concerning new jobs with DP’s responses

Box 1, Folder 6  Correspondence 7/47-12/47

Undated, “An Electronic Patent Program,” 14-page document

4/8/47 Donald Lippincott to DP concerning plan for cooperative administration of electronic patents

12/47 Karl Spangenberg to DP, personal note thanking DP for his participation in IRE Convention; specific details

12/6/47 Edward J. Demson to DP concerning his move to Palo Alto

11/6/47 thank you to DP for speaking at Purdue Univ., IRE Student Branch; invitation came earlier from John Cage; DP’s reply said he helped Stanford students with thesis subjects

12/8/47 DP told Michigan State student “the best preparation for work in an organization such as ours is provided in the general college courses which cover the more fundamental aspects of engineering training”; suggests they avoid too much specialization

10/7/47 DP to Alfred Crossley concerning set up of booth at the National Electronics Conference in Chicago where DP gave a paper, “A Pulse-Counter Type FM Station Monitor”

9-10/47 letters from Crossley and Burlingame concerning change from partnership to corporation

6/25/47 Jim Wilcox replying to DP’s job offer

7/7/47 California Manufacturers Assoc.’s president’s plea for freedom from government

1947 HP Proposed Annual Budget for Advertising [Archivist’s note: misfiled in folder 3; moved here]

Box 1, Folder 7  Correspondence 1948

12/27/48 F. E. Terman to Members of the Regional Committee, Region #7; Terman’s term as regional director expires and he suggests rotating position

12/28/48 W. P. F. Brawner, president, SF Chamber of Commerce, invites DP and WRH to the first Northern California Research Conference emphasizing “the increased need for applied and basic research in industry to keep pace with the rapid growth and expansion of northern California’s industrial economy.”  Both accept

12/27/48 DP to Anglo California National Bank on his personal financial statement; his net capital, representing the current value of his stock, is $733,561.38

11/21/47 C. V. Litton sends DP an 11-page anti-communist document

12/15/48 DP sends Magnavox Radio Phonograph to his parents in Pueblo for Christmas [cost $298]

12/13/48 DP agrees to serve on the Exceptional Student Committee of the Stanford Associates

12/9/48 DP resigns from exec board of Stanford Area Council of Boy Scouts of America

12/6/48 Warren G. Watwood, Editor of PTM (Past Test Men), GE to DP asking for contributions to revive PTM

DP recommendations for John M. Kaar, W. W. Eitel, Jack Arlington McCullough, Arthur F. Deming for State Board of Registration for Civil and Professional Engineers

9/24/48 DP’s handwritten entry for Who’s Who on the Pacific Coast

9/4/48 auto accident insurance form; DP driving 48 Buick Sedan in Placer

7/13/48 Wagon Wheel Ranch in Wagon Wheel Gap, Colorado reservation for seven for fishing trip in August; visiting his parents; two-bedroom addition to his house [La Paloma Rd., Los Altos] being built at this time

8/31/48 telegram from Eldred: “Pappy please return hunting application or shall we forge your signature”

8/20/48 registration of DP as a Professional Engineer in the branch of Electrical Engineering in state of CA; copy of WRH’s listing of his experience; later in the folder are more documents on this

5/21/48 nine-page essay by DP on “Measuring Equipment and Techniques for FM and AM Broadcast Transmitters”; a more complete copy later on in the folder

3/17/48 copy of DP’s will; Nathan Finch witness

7/30/48 approval of roofing for the addition to DP’s home

6/28/48 DP agrees to serve again on the Committee on Electronics of the Amer. Institute of Electrical Engineers

5/7/48 Donn B. Tatum, President of Stanford class ’34, appoints DP as class rep at upcoming reunion; also suggests 15 year reunion since they missed the 10 year because of the war; additional correspondence in 1949 re class reunions

5/7/48 DP missed five meetings in a row of The Rotary Club of Palo Alto and writes to explain

4/30/48 DP expresses interest in Cal St Poly College’s new engineering major

4/15/48 DP and WRH purchase Winchester Model 70 rifles, 270 caliber through Marshall Field & Co.

3/16/48 DP and WRH and Lucile and Flora are going to New York for IRE convention; plan to see J. M. Fluke; great letter from Fluke 12/30/47 describing work at Anderson-Fluke Engineering Co., Springdale, CT; [see also 2/19/47]

2/11/48 DP elected Board of Directors of the Institute of Radio Engineers

Christmas present to friends from HP is wine

8/17/48 photo post card from DP to WRH and Noel of summit of Pikes Peak: “We made it to the top with the dynaflow–only needed three tow cars to help [signed] DP”

G-E Ignitron blueprints and photographs; studies with notes

Box 1, Folder 8  Correspondence, Misc. 1947-1949

10/18/49 legal agreement between HP and M.P.H. Industries concerning development of machinery for thinning row crops, commonly known as “Marihart Crop Thinner”

4/16/48 DP memo to WRH concerning meeting with R.S. Baldwin, Navy Dept., Bureau of Ships, Code 934 on the progress of the development contract 30101; HP has not been as specific as the Bureau wished; DP agrees; 3/17/48 letter to Bureau on this

4/14/48 DP memo on talk with Bureau of Ships concerning their radiation program

4/48 DP memo on conference with W.J. Polydoroff, consulting Engineer concerning his proposal to develop magnetic amplifiers

4/48 DP memos on visit to Wright Field concerning the result of the humidity test and also reviewing their test equipment

4/16/48 DP memo on his visit at the Sperry Gyroscope Co. concerning their microwave development program

7/21/48 DP memo to Ray Demere concerning his upcoming visit to Wright field and Philadelphia and what he should see

3/6/47 WRH to DP in New York; two-page report on the FM monitor situation, etc.; “Things here are going pretty well and I suggest you take as much time as necessary to clear things up in the East.  It certainly is great, however, to have some one to heckle back there.”

Box 1, Folder 9  Appointment Book 1949 [In DP’s handwriting]

“Things To Remember” book; notes letters received and sent, calls made, checks sent and arrived

Box 1, Folder 10  Correspondence 1949

10/19/49 Louis Johnson, U.S. Sec. of Defense, to Sperry S. Packard in Pueblo refusing speaking engagement but showing a warm acquaintance with DP’s father; original letter sent to DP by Pueblo Savings and Trust Co. man who thought DP might want it as a souvenir: “The work your father did for us as Chairman of our Advisory Council was greatly appreciated by all the members of our [Naval] Reserve Unit and his death was a great loss to us.”

12/14/49 DP’s correspondence concerning sale of Pueblo home at 2909 High St.; it sold for $9500

11/29/49 C. V. Litton to DP concerning jeep policy in national forests

6/12/49 auto accident insurance claim; DP driving 48 Buick Sedan

5/12/49 carbon copy of warm letter, Sperry S. Packard [DP’s father], Pueblo, to U.S. Sec. of Defense, Louis A. Johnson, close friend: “Ever since the Portland, Ore., National Convention, where I first met you and gave you my vote for National Commander…”  Detailed letter concerning his contribution to World War II representing “the Quick-Way Truck Shovel Co., which manufactured the portable truck shovel which did such good work on the Alcan highway and in loading ships and on airfields including those in China.”  Also, his brother, Dr. Harry P. Packard, who was sent by Sec. Hull “with the diplomatic mission to Iran, where he was in charge of health matters.”  Also short bio of DP’s war contributions [according to his father, the author of this letter]: “My son, David Packard, a Graduate of Stanford, was engaged in Electronic Precision instrument work at Palo Alto.  He was on the WPB, and furnished many precision instruments for the Armed forces, including the Leopard device used by the Battleships in defense against the Japanese Kamakatze suicide plans.  Their Oscilating device helped jam the radios of both the Germans and the Japs.  He also did much radar work.  Captain Taylor, U.S.N. who was inspector stationed at S.F., said to me that his work was so outstanding that he was doing more good than if he had been in uniform.”  Purpose of letter is to suggest that he and Pres. Truman come to Colorado this summer.  “Our good Mountain air might give you both a new lease on life.”  This copy has a handwritten note at the top: “Dear David; I thought you might like to know of this. As ever, Your Partner”

4/22/49 DP chairs lecture for Stanford Alumni Conference on “America’s Policy in East Asia”

3/9/49 Fred W. Terman to DP concerning Tau Beta Pi

1/14/49 John Fluke to DP, fun letter concerning DP [Gus] and WRH

Box 1, Folder 11  Correspondence 1950  [Mainly marked personal]

Copy of Palo Alto Times, 11/20/43, with article on “Army-Navy ‘E’ flag flies over local warplant”

10/12/50 DP to A.E. Jurs of Berkeley [last folder had a letter from him after a hunting trip] concerning a loan of a couple of milliammeter and a personal matter concerning Earl Schafer, a former HP employee who is in jail.  [Marked Personal]

8/28/50 form letter concerning GM’s contract with its workers giving them a cost of living index; Philip Cortney says this is destructive of the competitive market

5/2/50 abstract of DP’s speech at the IRE on “New Instruments for VHF Antenna Measurement”

2/6/50 excerpts from Warren Atherton’s letter to Harold Buttner concerning Jackson Lake as a recreation area

1/9/50 Rotary Club of Palo Alto accepts DP’s resignation

Box 1, Folder 12  Correspondence 1951 [Marked Personal]

9/10/51 DP to Fred Smith of Wooley Camp, Siskiyou County concerning water installation at camp; several letters for the next years on Wooley Creek Assoc.

11/24/51 Morey Bernstein from Pueblo to DP; funny letter about ex-Puebloans

8/16/51 DP to David Woodley Packard, Kennolyn Camp, Soquel

7/24/51 DP to Vorras Elliott, friend he invites to stay with him and Lu; VE is working on a new wind tunnel drive for Moffett Field

6/22/51 San Francisco State College sponsors conference of the National Education Association; DP spoke on “The Mathematical Needs of Industry”; outline of his speech is here

2/28/51 real estate correspondence on the former Louis Oneal Ranch, located on the Northerly side of the Skyline Boulevard and Westerly of Page Mill Road, especially water rights; original ranch was 1200 acres

3/16/51 DP reappointed Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Stanford Univ., without salary

3/7/51 Robert Littler to Ludwig Teller, Attorney in New York, introducing DP; Littler and DP are on the Palo Alto Board of Education together, trying to put over a four million dollar bond issue; RL didn’t get to meet with LT because of trying to represent a client accused of associating with a Communist in 1940; “hysteria on the subject” is great; also says he had dinner with Clark Kerr and John Dunlop “before the revolt of labor broke out into the open”

Undated, DP memo on grass/hay/alfalfa planting on permanent pasture

Box 1, Folder 13  Correspondence 1952

12/18/53 news to “the Lonesome Mallard Duck Club”; [several letters throughout this and the next folder]

1/25/52 Bohemian Club membership request for DP; request went in 11/15/46

A half dozen or so letters describing ranches in California for sale

8/18/[no year] Tiny Yewell of Burlingame Associates on party at DP’s where trick “steak” was served to Tiny; boys’ talk; see also 8/14/53 DP to Tiny

July 1952 trip to La Paz with Albert Jurs and family; DP thanks them for good fishing

Box 1, Folder 14  Correspondence 1953 [Archivist’s note: DP secretary through these years seems to be Mrs. Mickie Ayres]

10/10/53 R.F. Wilson, Coolidge Lab, GE, Milwaukee concerning L-2 Crystal in a glass cell; also death of his young son

8/6/53 DP to Nathan Finch on water agreement covering property DP is purchasing in Los Altos; two-page detailed letter

7/16/53 DP to son David Woodley Packard at camp

2/19/53 DP reappointed Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Stanford, without salary

Several letters from people in Pueblo who have borrowed money from DP; late in payments but do pay

3/2/53 update of DP’s entry in Who’s Who in Engineering

Box 1, Folder 15  Bohemian Club, Grove Play (Personnel Committee)

Copy of 1957 Grove Play, “Devil’s Mountain”

Box 1, Folder 16  Downtown Club (Mt. Hamilton Deer Club) 1952-54

Membership lists and expenses

Box 1, Folder 17  Security Analysts Society, San Francisco, July 1952

DP speech stressing growth of small businesses and HP has no plans to sell stocks

Lletters of appreciation

Box 1, Folder 18  DP Speech “Management Problems of a Growing Enterprise,” Stanford Business Conference, 7/20/53 [similar speech given 4/14/52, Society for Advancement of Management, SF Bay Chapter]

Box 1, Folder 19  U.S. Dept. of Defense, Munitions Board (Transmitting Tube Subcommittee of MB Electronics Equip.Ind.A.C.) 9/25/51

Box 1, Folder 20  U.S. Dept. of Defense, Munitions Board, Electronics Equip. Industry Advisory Bd. 1951-53

HP Company Government Contract Numbers, 1950, 1951;

3-page discussion of problems, esp. suppliers

Box 1, Folder 21  National Assoc. of Broadcasters (NAB) 1948

DP presents on “Measuring Equipment and Techniques for FM and AM Broadcast Transmitters”

Box 1, Folder 22  Ella G. & Sperry S. Packard Estate [personal]

Bios of each, info on their Pueblo house; estate inventories; insurance records for:

DP’s mother: Ella L. Graber Packard, 9/13/1880 – 8/31/1950

DP’s father: Sperry S. Packard, 2/26/1880 – 11/18/1949

Box 1, Folder 23  Palo Alto Public Utility Dept. (Bond Fund Requirements) 3/14/51

Box 1, Folder 24  Varian, Board of Directors, Minutes 1952-56

Box 1, Folder 25  American Institute of Electrical Engineers (A.I.E.E.), Committee on Electronics 1947-48

Box 1, Folder 26  A.I.E.E., Committee on Electronics 1949-50

Box 1, Folder 27  A.I.E.E., Committee on Instruments and Measurements 1946-48

Box 1, Folder 28  A.I.E.E., Committee on Instruments and Measurements 1949-51

Box 1, Folder 29  A.I.E.E., Committee on Television and Aural Broadcasting Systems 1949-51

Box 1, Folder 30  A.I.E.E., Joint Subcommittee on Telemetering 1951

Box 1, Folder 31  A.I.E.E., Publicity Committee, Conference on High Frequency Measurements 1950

Box 1A

DP Lab Notebook, 2/25/39 – 4/21/41

DP Lab Notebook, 1941

DP Notebook from Stanford course on “Partnerships & Corporations”


Box 1 Organizations, Other Outside Interests (Iron Mt #G60662) – Series I Office Files 1985-1998

1/1       America’s Cup – Golden Gate Challenge 1986-87
1/2       American Academy of Achievement 1986-92
1/3       Astronomical Society of the Pacific – General Correspondence 1990-94
1/4       The Bancroft Library, UC, Berkeley 1973-89
1/5       Colorado Altitude Research Institute 1991-93
1/6       Conservation International Science Advisory Committee 1992
1/7           “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “     ”       1993
1/8       The Diebold Group, Inc – General Correspondence 1985-93
1/9       Earthquakes – General Correspondence 1985-89
1/10     Hunting – San Felipe Ranch/Idaho 1986-93
1/11     International Advisory Council – Wells Fargo Bank – Speeches
1/12     Lick Observatory Quadrangle, California 1993
1/13     Lowell High School Reunion 10/18/80
1/14     Marconi International Fellowship 1981-96
1/15     Memberships/Honors Declined 1992-95
1/16     Political – Miscellaneous 1986-95
1/17     Price Waterhouse – General Correspondence 1985-93
1/18     Records Retention (HP) 1988-92
1/19          “     ”     “     ”     “    1993
1/20          “     ”     “     ”     “    1994
1/21     Rocky Mountain Institute 1993
1/22     Russia 1970-91
1/23     San Francisco Opera – Correspondence 1982-92
1/24     San Francisco Symphony – Correspondence 1991-92
1/25          “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “       1992-93
1/26          “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “       1994
1/27          “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “     ”     “       1995
1/28          “     ”     “     ”     “     ” – Notes by Mail 1990-93
1/29     Varian Associates – General 1991