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Oliver, Bernard M.
[Technical Advisor to the President]:
– Booklet called BARNEY, includes: “Bernard M. Oliver 1916-1995” by David Packard; “Galactic Colonization and Other Flights of Fancy” by

Bernard M. Oliver
“What is Electrical Engineering?” Sorenson Lecture at Caltech, November 1980 by Bernard M. Oliver.
– TRIBUTE TO BARNEY OLIVER, including remembrances from Frank Drake (SETI), Hewlett, Packard, Birnbaum, Cutler, Hammond, Bagley, Cavier, Finnerty,  Tom Pierseon (SETI), Jill Tarter (SETI) (9 pp of Oliver quotes), Kent Cullers (SETI), John Pierce (Bell Labs), Gretchen More Oliver, William Eric Oliver, Karen Newton Oliver, John Billingham (SETI), Carrubba, Tom Clark (NASA), Arthur C. Clarke, Chapin Cutler (Bell Labs), Dugan, Fazarinc, John Linvill (Stanford), Dick Madigan, Alan Patrick (SETI), Rogers, Stan Runyon, H. Paul Shuch (SETI), Herb Stansbury, Robert B. Yonts Jr.

– New York Times obit, 11-28-95

Oliver, Bernard M. “Barney”
[Technical Advisor to the President]:
– “Bernard M. Oliver, Technical Adviser to the President, Hewlett-Packard Company”;

– Oliver named 1984 Write Prize for Interdisciplinary Scientific Achievement

– Oliver retirement, press release 2/4

– “Conversation Between Bill Hewlett & Gordon Brown, Subject: Barney Oliver,” April 1981

– Hewlett speech at Oliver’s farewell

– Biography, patent list (1942-1973), bibliography (1948-1975), publications list (1948-1965)

– Oliver receives National Medal for Science, 3-12-86

– Oliver letter to IEEE (5-23-72) recommending Hewlett and Packard for IEEE Founders Award

– “Memories of Dave & Bill” by Oliver

– Oliver elected to HP Board

– reprints by Oliver: “Role of Microelectronics in Instrumentation & Control,” “View from the Starship Bridge & Other Observations,” “Electronics”

– “Skytop Talk”

Oliver, Bernard M.
[Technical Advisor to the President],SETI/Cyclops:
– newspaper clippings and articles (including “SETI’s Grand Old Man, Barney Oliver” and “Barney Oliver: Engineer’s Engineer”

  1. articles by Oliver: “Metrification Oversold?,” “Windows of SETI,” “Search for Life Must Not Die,” “First Picture from Another Planet”

See Also Oral History Collection

Osborne, Tom [Engineer]

1994 letter to Barney Oliver,from the Barney Oliver papers, recalling the Green Machine, U.C. Berkeley, ca. 1962; work with SCM (Smith Corona Marchant)on calculators; HP9100 calculator; HP35. Reminiscences for Packard’s HP Way book. Reminiscence about the development of the HP35

Overacker, Horace E.
Founder, HP Associates]: obituary, 11/20/74;

Owyeung, Karen
[General Manager, Optoelectronics Division]: résumé, incl. internal news memos;