Miscellaneous Speeches – Packard Speeches

Box 1, Folder 35D – HP Management


1954-1963,  Miscellaneous Speeches


These are several talks given mostly to HP audiences, managers, engineers, sales people, new employees, trainees, and so forth. Some are dated, some are not. Many are handwritten by Packard. The speeches are listed below giving such relevant information as is available, such as date, subject and audience. A digest of  text may be given.


Undated, Handwritten text titled: “The Management Structure” – Packard explains the need for, and benefits of, an organizational structure


Undated, Handwritten text titled: Divisions – Evidently written about the time HP was beginning to decentralize, Packard sets forth his ideas of the benefits of doing this: “decisions required can be made better by the people responsible for doing [the] job,…. not possible for management people to know enough about any operating area to make any rational decisions on detailed operating problems,”


Undated, Handwritten text titled: “Systemic Approach to Systems.” Packard discusses problem definition, feasibility studies, planning, boundaries, performance requirements, facilities and equipment.


Undated, Handwritten text titled: simply “Conference of Engineers.”: Packard says the purpose of the meeting is to, “Help keep you informed about things going on – how well, or badly, the Company is doing, and to discuss some aspects of the things engineers are expected to do.”

Box 2, Folder 25A – Department of Defense


Miscellaneous Department of Defense Related Speeches



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