Series 8 Miscellaneous Files, Mainly 1990s

Box 29 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1990-1993, Folders 1-52
Box 30 Internal Communications 1972-1992, Mainly 1990s, Folders 1-8

Series 8 Box 29, Folder 1  A  1991

11/25/91 DP thanking for 1992 AMVETS National Convention program which includes his picture as recipient of the Silver Helmet Defrense Award in 1973.  “I enjoyed the memories”

11/19/91 DP to Charles A. Anderson on death of his wife Betty and reminding him of their week at Tetachuck

7/29/92 DP to American Museum of Natural History, NY, expressing the view that he has “no respect” for the Environmental Defense Fund, sponsors of an exhibit on global warming.  “They are a sponsor of the ‘Cattle Free by ‘93′ movement in Idaho which proposes to overturn the historical tradition of multiple use of BLM land”

2/22/91 DP to Mary Ahlgren pleased she has donated many items of her husband’s collection to the Foothill College Perham Foundation.  “…I wanted you to know we have encouraged keeping the Museum at their present location”

Box 29, Folder 2  A  1992

11/25/92 article in USA Today where DP’s contribution to Pentagon procurement was praised by Norman Augustine

Box 29, Folder 3  A  1993


12/16/93 DP to Charlotte Asen on the death on her husband Robert Asen who “was a great member of our team and made a great contribution.”  He was principal of RMC, HP’s former rep company for NY and New Jersey

5/20/93 DP to American Jewish Congress saying that the US “should not become involved in Bosnia in any way.  It is now quite clear that they do not want us…It is a sad situation but we have to face the facts of life about what we can do”

4/6/93 Jack Brigham to Joseph M. Alioto concerning antitrust laws and the UNIX announcement

3/4/93 Thomas J. Perkins on Acuson case

Box 29, Folder 4  B  1991

10/7/91 DP to Robert H. Brunner concerning HP’s purchase of stock on the market; Brunner letter attached

6/12/91 DP to Bill Terry suggesting he stop while in Europe at Bruel & Kjaer who may wish to sell sometime

5/6/91 DP to Lydell Boyer, Yuba City, who wants a statement about HP’s expansion plans.  DP remembers her father, Dick Ponting, as “a very good friend and very helpful in the early years of our company.”  Ponting was chairman of the executive committee at Blyth and Co.

3/22/91 DP to Mrs. Paul Bradley, Redwood City, on the death of her husband who “will be remembered for the excellent graphics services he provided our various departments over some thirty years…”

2/20/91 DP to Mrs. R. William Bias who wrote reminding them of their purchases from her father Bert Mellen’s hardware store on California Avenue.  “In response to your letter…[we] did not start our company activities until 1939.  In 1934 we were both seniors at Stanford.  We did some repair work on radio equipment at that time, and may have bought some things from your father that year, but it was only a very small activity.  We did not have a repair shop on El Camino”

Box 29, Folder 5  B  1992

Box 29, Folder 6  B  1993

Box 29, Folder 7  C  1991

11/20/91 Gov. John B. Connally to DP reporting that he and his wife are doing well after the Kennedy tragedy

9/17/91 Shirley Gilbert and Mike Galane request DP to speak to Cupertino Chamber of Commerce at a time when HP is completing its 20-year plan for a site there. “We need the visibility of a David Packard to underscore our company’s history of commitment to the community to offset the various anti-growth elements in the City….Talking about it first-hand would make about the strongest statement we can imagine that our company has a history of enduring community commitment, responsibility and concern.”  At first DP asked about time schedule and then advised no.


5/13/91 DP agrees to serve as honorary chair of the 75th anniversary of Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Assoc.(CBEMA) and to introduce President Bush as the speaker.  A few weeks later, CBEMA donates $5,000 to the Lucile Salter Packard’s Children’s Hospital

1/10/91 WRH to Barbara Cummins, Neely Customer Education Center, Mt. View, thanking her for “your recent heartwarming message…[from which] we are able to learn that the programs which were instituted in the early years are still working (in your case, the Educational Assistance Program).”  He congratulates her on earning the MBA degree.  “We gave you the opportunity to further your education, but only your dedication and hard work made it happen”

Box 29, Folder 8  C  1992

12/8/92 on stationery for Coalition for International Security, Gen. Alexander Haig requests DP to sign a resolution urging action in Bosnia, in particular a meaningful peace.  He does

Box 29, Folder 9  C  1993

7/12/93 DP to Dick Anderson agreeing with his plans for the Page Mill fabrication shops.  In a 6/25/93 memo Anderson points out the options for these as changes in the Company’s business do not make this operation viable. Anderson’s best option is to sell the business to an outside firm who will employ the workers; he signed an agreement with Computer Cabinet Corporation(C3)to do this

Box 29, Folder 10  Carter, Jimmy 1990-92

Mainly reports from the Carter foreign trips; nothing between Carter and DP

Box 29, Folder 11  D  1986-91

6/8/90 HP turns down Digital Design’s “Secure Systems” product

9/6/89 DP receives James H. Doolittle Award

Box 29, Folder 12  D  1992-93

12/12/93 DP response to John Diebold: “There is a fundamental change that will have a major impact on the 21st Century that was not mentioned in your report on 21st Century enterprise.  The 20th Century technology was based on science that was generally in place by the middle of the 19th Century.  Its major feature was that the atom was the smallest particle in the universe and its nucleus was made of protons and neutrons.  The huge expenditures for high energy physics were made to keep ahead of the Soviets.  The work of these high energy machines demonstrated that an atom was made of ten different particles and it involved weak forces and strong forces.  This is what has made genetic engineering possible.  This new knowledge about the structure of the atom was made possible by the high energy accelerations on which billions of dollars were spent to keep ahead of the Soviets.  This is, in fact, the most important fall out of the Cold War.  We never would have spent anywhere that much just for science”


12/3/93 DP again to John Diebold: “I think there are some basic changes under way.  First, the oceans of the World are the most important frontier left.  My family foundation is operating a state of the art study using unmanned underwater operated vehicles, ROV, and with limited depth we have already seen some important activity that has never been seen before.  We have an ROV that will go to a depth of 12,000 feet with a SWATH mother vessel which can go from Monterey to the Hawaiian Islands without refueling.  That means we will have the capability to operate anywhere in the world.

“I do not think we need a manned space station.  It is not possible for man to survive a trip to Mars and essentially we are wasting a lot of money for nothing.  Our space program should be limited to unmanned remote operated vehicles.

“Our leadership in technology will be highly dependent on attracting the brightest young men and women to commit to a career in research and teaching at our major universities.  Our foundation also has a program directed to this problem and it is working better than I hoped.

“Finally I don’t believe it will be as important in the future as in the past to have a technical lead.  We are part of a world wide system and we can benefit from what other nations do”

11/9/93 DP to Scotland Manager of Digital Equipment noting that he has “known Ken Olsen since the early 1960s and he has done an outstanding job of leadership of Digital [as founder]…The world is going through a watershed change…exciting challenges and opportunities for your younger people…”

10/16/92 DP to Chairman, Diversified Financial Management, Coconut Grove FL: “…I thought you would be interested to know our Hewlett-Packard employees in Miami were quick to offer aid [after Hurricane Andrew in Miami] in the form of needed supplies and money, such items as diapers, food, bottled water, cleaning supplies and roofing materials.  Their help took other forms as well: taking people into their own homes, picking up a prescription, giving youngsters an outing, or spending the weekend helping cover the gaping hole where a roof had been ripped off.  In addition to providing such personal support they have set up a bank account to collect and dispense funds for their fellow workers who suffered the greatest property loss”

Box 29, Folder 13  E  1991


3/15/91 E. J. Epp, Kenora Ontario, offers HP an old audio oscillator “originally used at one of the long established radio stations in Winnipeg.”  DP writes: “We already have several early models for our Company museum.  While we are not actively looking for more, if you do not want to keep the oscillator we will pay for the transportation to have it shipped to us here in Palo Alto”

12/27/90 Morton Goldman, Chairman, ELEK-TEK, INC.: “…The first order we wrote [founded in 1979] was for the HEWLETT-PACKARD calculators and little did we know then what a magnificent business relationship began with that order”

11/80 – 10/84 chart of DP donations to Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship

Box 29, Folder 14  E  1992

12/10/92 press release announcing joint venture of HP and Ericsson, the Sweden-based telecommunications company

4/8/92 DP to Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr., President, Economic Strategy Institute: “I have discussed the position of ESI with John Young and with other people here at HP.  They all recommend against supporting ESI.  I would not want to indicate in any way that I am not fully supporting John Young and the Council on Competitiveness…”

Box 29, Folder 15  E  1993

12/6/93 correspondence about HP and Varian’s legal case concerning property and business damage to animal hospital in Palo Alto brought on by Drs. Robert Agramonte and Cecil D. Behunin

Box 29, Folder 16  F  1990-91

7/24/91 Colburn S. Wilbur letter describing the Packard Humanities Institute which is working with the Founding Fathers Project

2/20/91 DP in response to someone writing about HP doing business with Iraq, a perpetrator of violence.  “All business of the Hewlett-Packard Company with Iraq was in strict accordance with U.S. Government policy.  Our company has no way of knowing enough about situations like this to be able to make a rational decision, and we must and do rely on our governments [sic] policy”

11/13/90 obits for Nathan C. Finch from Peninsula Times Tribune and Stanford Lawyer

1/9/89 correspondence concerning Paul Freedenberg’s position with Commerce Dept.

11/22/88 Marius Furst, Siltek, on South Africa, noting “business is a major catalyst in this reform process” of making “an equal and just society for all South Africans.”  Furst left HP a year ago but hopes to stay in touch with DP

11/17/88 DP is pleased with the progress of the Electronic Museum at Foothill College but is not contributing financially.  Attached items on Museum

Box 29, Folder 17  F  1992-93


8/7/93 DP to Mrs. W. Parmer Fuller III on her husband’s death at age 80: “I want you to know my thoughts are with you.  Parmer was a good friend since I enrolled at Stanford in 1930.  He was helpful to me in many ways…”  Obit of former Stanford trustee president 1967-71, graduated in 1934

7/7/93 rejection of acquisition of John Fluke Manufacturing

3/4/92 John B. Farrow to DP: “…I used to work for Mrs. Packard cutting apricots some 30 years ago.  I have very fond memories of growing up in the house we rented from you at the other end of the orchard.  My parents are retired and living in Oregon.”  He is looking for help in changing work

Box 29, Folder 18  G  1990-91

9/20/92 Ann Getty’s request for an HP Faxitron system for archaeology at site of Lucy.  DP sends letter on to Rod Carlson with note “I think this is something we should do”

Box 29, Folder 19  G  1992-94

1/7/94 DP to man wanting entree to Ronald Reagon: “I think you have an interesting plan but I cannot help you.  When I supported President Ford a few years ago Nancy Reagan put me on her forbidden list and I am not able to even get a message to President Reagon”

1/19/94 Jeff Greenberg writes Margaret Paull about a proposed biography of Bill and Dave as “new employees coming into the company will not have the same feeling about the company and its significance despite our best efforts to keep the HP Way alive.  One thing that could go a long way to resolving that issue would be a biography of Bill and Dave and the company…”  He wants help in approaching DP

1/6/94 Adolph Gross, Showcase of Success, asks to paint a portrait of DP (among other HP leaders); DP agreed and purchased it; an exact copy is for the Showcase of Success

5/8/92 DP, Walter H. Shorenstein and George P. Schulz chair an event for President and Mrs. Mikhail Gorbachev at the Ritz Carlton; DP did not follow up with contribution

Box 29, Folder 20  H  1987-91

8/14/91 retired (1983)HP employee Glenn Herreman: “Many thanks for the stock option program for employees and the generous retirement program with health benefits.  Before I joined HP and even after I had been with HP for many years, never in my wildest imagination did I ever dream that I could retire with the security, comfort and peace-of-mind that Clara and I are enjoying…”  Good description of work making a progressive die for the Pacific Press, etc.


3/3/89 Harry Hall: “From 1965 to 1977 I owned and operated the Mobil Service Station on Page Mill Road and El Camino Real.  Hewlett-Packard was one of my first regular customers.  My station serviced all Hewlett-Packard company cars and some gasoline until you put in your own service facilities.  Remember 1973?  The gasoline crisis? …special hours were set for Hewlett-Packard cars to be fueled without waiting in the long lines…”

7/27/90 Santa Clara Division sends DP and WRH a numbered lithograph by artist Steve Voita

5/30/90 Kenneth Krohncke to DP with copies of the only known photographs of Harold Helwig of Helwig Iron Works

1/4/90 Maynard L. Hill, H-Cubed Corporation, Columbia, MD, in response to the enthusiastic letter DP wrote about using RPV’s in ocean research. “I’d like you to know that I was quite aware of your [DP] interest in RPV’s during your tenure at the Pentagon.  It was because of Johnny Foster and Dave Heebner that I first started working on RPV’s at APL…”

11/27/89 Frank Carrubba to DP on Len Cutler’s newly created position at HP Labs

11/21/89 Ned Barnholt to DP on death on 11/17 of Bill Harrison who headed HP’s former Harrison Division which began as Harrison Laboratories, Inc. which he co-founded and headed as president; became part of HP in 1961; after retirement he became professor at UC, Santa Barbara, etc.

2/25/88 DP to John A. Hooper, Woodside: “I am in complete sympathy with your note of February 8 about the President’s position on abortion.  I think it is terrible and I do not support it in any way.  I hope this policy can be changed by the leadership of the Republican Party in the near future.” Attached is a letter by George Bush on his views.

Box 29, Folder 21  H  1992-93

8/2/93 Shirley M. Hufstedler to DP thanking him for the delicious gift of dried apricots

12/18/92 DP correspondence with G. Mackson Hemphill, a teacher who lived in China

8/31/92 Dorcas Higashiuchi writes that she is celebrating the start of her 30th year with HP.  She is a second generation employee, her family having served HP for 59 years

Box 29, Folder 22  I  1990-92

8/22/91 The IJ Company, Foodservice Distributors

Problem of equipment redundancy; DP passed this on to John Young

7/31/91 Institute for International Economics requesting financial support for the study of US-Canada-Mexico trade issue; DP decided not to provide support

12/1/89 Insystems writes to DP with new semiconductor wafer inspection equipment

Box 29, Folder 23  I 1993


3/29/93 DP to Pres. George E. Mueller, International Academy of Astronautics: “…I would not be interested in participating [in your Academy] because I believe the oceans of the world are a much more important frontier and I am supporting a number of actions in that area..”

Box 29, Folder 24  J 1990-93

7/14/93 DP to Belton K. Johnson concerning the Southwest Foundation who are interested in partnership program

9/2/92 DP to Roger K. Jarvis who had sent a proposal about improving California’s education system: “Until we can find a way to get teachers who understand the subject they are teaching there is little hope for improvement”

2/21/92 DP to Gwen Justis of Just Strategies who have a new concept for a TV show: “I have always had a negative view about the value of institutional advertising, so perhaps you have asked the wrong person to advise you on your proposed project”

1/10/92 G. Johnson to DP complaining about the loud music,  run-down look, and mal-functioning burglar alarm of the HP building off Portage Ave., San Carlos

Box 29, Folder 25  K 1990-91

4/15/91 Howard S. Klotz, Echo Group, to DP concerning a new inexpensive compact mobile data radio

4/29/91 former employee Brenda Kovacevic to DP concerning the Optoelectronics Division where the workforce has been demoralized through the handling of the excess program and the policies of the new leadership; reply 6/4/91 from Mary Inman, OED Personnel Operations  Manager, responding to each point in Kovacevic’s letter

4/22/91 Doug Carnahan to Kimberly-Clark Corp. who had complained about HP’s product packaging: “We share your concern for the environment and have already been taking action to improve the packaging…It will take some time for the entire industry to move to recyclable or biodegradable packaging, but we believe it is an appropriate direction…”

2/14/91 DP to Donald M. Kendall, Pepsi Company, who is being honored at Stanford when DP has to be in Wash DC

10/26/90 DP to James A. Kenyon II who wanted him to invest in Pueblo Bank and Trust

7/19/90 William R. Kimball to DP: “I want to thank you for a favor you did for me when we were on the Galapagos Stanford Alumni trip.  I’m sure you don’t remember, but one day we were talking about the strange evolution of the Ford Foundation and how far the Trustees had drifted from the Ford Family objectives.  You indicated that this was influencing you to give more while you were alive not only to direct the giving, but also to enjoy it…”


4/23/90 Jack Petrak to Margaret Paull informing her of the death of Malcolm Kerr in Melbourne at age 49 of cancer: “Malcolm was a true international pioneer at HP, joining the company from the Sample organization in Australia in 1964 as a T&M sales rep.  He later became the first Computer Systems sales manager at Intercon.  Continuing his Intercon career, he became Singapore general manager, and in 1981 was named the first general manager of the newly-formed Far East Region.  In 1985 he returned to his native country as Australasia Region general manager, where he served until March of this year…”

2/14/90 Ed Karrer to DP on Instruments for Biotechnology with a detailed summary of activities in HP Labs: “Four years ago in the analytical portion of our lab we decided to change our research emphasis from classical analytical instruments to instruments for the emerging biotechnology industry. This change required a complete turnover of personnel…”

2/5/90 Dr. Erwin Klingsberg, formerly a research chemist at American Cyanamid, to DP describing his age discrimination legal case.  DP’s reply: “I cannot understand what has happened to business management over the last decade or so.  I am semi-retired from the Hewlett-Packard Company and our managers here are doing some of the same stupid things that you have experienced at American Cyanamid. The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology will want to consider problems like this…”

1/8/89 Richard B. Katz, Colorado Springs, to DP describing a fellow-worker taking credit for his ideas and his supervisor saying this “was common practice at HP and was a sign of aggressiveness and competitiveness.”   DP’s reply: “…[this] is just plain dishonest and it is not the HP Way…”

Box 29, Folder 26  K 1992-93

12/6/93 Sherrill Kushner to DP wanting to write a book on partners and include DP and WRH.  Dave Kirby replied, 12/20/93, that he was working with DP on “his own project of writing a brief history of the early days of Hewlett-Packard and a description of his management philosophies and principles”

Box 29, Folder 27  L 1990-91

12/20/90 Carol Galvan memo to HP management on new Lotus product, a database of CDROM of 120M US households

12/19/89 Egon Loebner’s two-page letter “To My Friends at HP,” written a year before his death; sent to DP 12/12/90: “…It was my great fortune to be selected by Dave and Bill twenty-eight years ago to become part of what was then and to a large extent continues to be one of the world’s extraordinary social innovations, the Hewlett-Packard Company…If I wish for a legacy…it is to have somebody at HP pick up my torch of a loyal critic and occasional dissident to slow down the slide by which HP is turning into a company like most other companies…”


7/5/90 Sidney C. Hubbard to DP asking for help with the up-coming bond issue to raise funds for expanding the Los Altos library.  DP’s statement of support is attached: “A well-equipped library is a good investment–in ourselves, in our children, and in our community.  It pays off in expanded knowledge, available information, aroused curiosity, and shared wisdom for all segments of our population…”

4/7/88 Egon Loebner to DP enclosing letter from Japanese friend who works at Sony’s Research Center in Yokohama concerning  US/Japan relations in the R&D community where young Japanese researchers are no longer welcome in US universities; Loebner’s obit is attached; he died 12/30/89; see also in same folder invitation to HP Labs’ celebration of The Selected Papers of Egon Loebner, published 1991

7/28/88 Kun-Hee Lee, chairman of the Board, Samsung, to DP thanking him for sending “Mr. Platt over to Seoul just to convey your words of strong willingness for future cooperation between our respective companies…” and hopes for closer relations

11/23/87 DP to family of Roger Lewis, former assistant Air Force secretary, president of Amtrak, trustee of Stanford, etc. on his death on 11/12/87 with Washington Post obit: “I had the good fortune to know Roger and to work closely with him on many occasions since we both attended Stanford in the 1930s.  He undertook many challenging assignments during his long and fruitful career.  He always addressed a challenge, no matter how difficult, with an unusual sense of enthusiasm and confidence.  It was good fun to be with him…His contributions in business, in government, and in private life added a substantial measure of quality to whatever involved him….”

Box 29, Folder 28  L 1992-93

3/17/93 DP to Julia Justus, Governor’s Appointment Secretary, recommending Ted Laliotis for appointment to State Public Utilities Commission

8/5/92 DP to Jim Rundle, Spokane Division, concerning the Liberty Lake Sewer District

Box 29, Folder 29  M 1990-92

11/8/91 DP to Dean Morton concerning a request from James Clerk Maxwell Foundation.  “I think it might be appropriate for HP to do this.  Maxwell’s work was certainly important to us and our presence in Edinburgh, Scotland…”

8/8/91 DP to W. Robert Morgan concerning the Pacific Rim Cultural Center at Gavilan College: “I do not think there is any logic whatsoever in this proposal.  There is no need for such a program…”


7/10/89 John Minck to DP concerning his January Manager Talk.  Minck thought the “timing couldn’t have been better”; also DP’s comments on Golden Rule were “very appropriate.”  He pointed to problem for people at lower end of the pay scale when there was the payroll changeover to giving pay 6 days after the first of the month; he suggested a better plan might have been to give an advance to help people get through the first week.  “I believe that part of the problem may be a growing elitism in the management ranks.  People tend to forget their roots…Your comment about using some of the $800 million profit to help our HP people struck me as 100% Bill and Dave thinking…comments like your ‘growth of bureaucracy’ really do have an impact.  You and Bill always had the greatest knack for coming out with those statements at the right time.  Please keep it up.”  DP sent Minck’s letter to John Young (and cc to Executive Committee): “Dear John, You questioned my remarks about the growth of bureaucracy at the General Managers meeting. I think we all should take John Minck’s remarks seriously”

5/2/90 request that HP again present calculators to the

winners of the USA Mathematical Olympiad

8/1/89 memo on retirement of Charlie Marshall after 21 years; has served as Personnel Manager for the Manufacturing Division and later for the Southeast Asia Region, based in Singapore

12/27/88 George F. Metcalf, Portland OR: “I am sure you remember your time working in the Vacuum Tube Engineering Department of General Electric Company’s Research Laboratory.  I am not sure you will remember my working there or our climb up Mt. Marcy and our stay at Adirondack Lodge, or our mutual friend, Jack Hutchins, whom I have seen frequently over the years.  Last week at a meeting of the Directors of the Good Samaritan Foundation, Mr. W. Calder McCall told me of your visits to his camp in British Columbia and your subsequent purchase of it…” goes on to ask about medical research [see also folder 30, 9/23/92]

Box 29, Folder 30  M 1992

11/17/92 DP to President James D. Ebert, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole MA, declining his invitation to become a member of the Council of Visitors of the Lab but asking to be informed of their activities

9/23/92 book announcement from George F. Metcalf, Making Waves in the Information and Space Age: Creativity and Management in the Electronic Era, with note: “Dave: If you don’t remember G.E.  This will help.”  Metcalf is a former GE Vice-President [see also folder 29 for 12/27/88 letter from Metcalf]


11/18/91 James C. Miller III, Council on Paperwork and Regulatory Responsibilities, letter to DP asking for help in supporting amendments to the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1980; DP sent the letter to John Young suggesting HP endorse and send money; JY sent to Bob Kirkwood who wrote DP outlining why HP should not get involved.  DP wrote Miller that HP cannot help right now “but keep me posted on what you are doing.  We might be able to provide some support at a later date”

2/24/92 DP to friends Deane and Eleanor Malott about the hearing aids he uses; adds “I am thinking of you both for another reason. I am to receive an award from the Garden Club of America for some work I have been doing in restoring the original native grasses, plants and trees in the area around the Monterey Bay.  I recall that you two were among the leaders of the Garden Club for many years and I feel very flattered to be honored by such a fine organization”

3/2/92 DP letter to Ruben F. Mettler who had written to congratulate the Packard Foundation for selecting another Packard Fellow at Caltech; Mettler added a handwritten note hoping DP had some influence with President Bush “as regards defense and economic policy.”  DP replied: “I assume you heard the President’s State of the Union speech.  I found it very discouraging, particular when it is simply a continuation of what Reagan started in 1980.  Since then the federal debt has gone up fourfold despite a two or one improvement in the GNP.  Bush’s program has a deficit that is over 6% GNP, whereas it is around 1% in most other countries.  The answer is that we did not have any influence whatever on President Bush’s economic policy”

7/2/92 Roger Myers to DP noting that his late father, Lewis R. Myers, Employee # 244, had worked in Electronic Maintenance for Frequency and Time, Santa Clara Division.  “I was looking at some of the old HP picnic pictures he had…He used to tell me stories of you and Mr. Hewlett saying ‘Hello’ and ‘How is everything going?’ on a daily basis”

Box 29, Folder 31  M 1993

7/19/92 DP to Rod Carlson and Cole Wilbur recommending that HP support the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation which recently purchased the Maxwell House in Edinburgh, Scotland, a project DP has supported

3/17/93 DP to Ray S. Morton: “I do not have any useful access to the administration in Washington because I did not support Governor Clinton. Also, they have not been able to establish their final policy in areas like this and are trying to do so by the end of this month.”  Morton has developed a proprietary process, etc. which he thinks the US government would support but is not getting through

1/6/93 DP memo to Mark Kanefsky about dealer authorization for Microland of Rockville

Box 29, Folder 32  Mc 1988-91


3/4/91 DP to Prof. Paul W. McGracken, U. of MI: “The outcome of Desert Storm could not have been better in any way.  I believe there is now a real possibility that the next century can be what people everywhere in the world have been hoping for for many thousands of years”

10/22/90 DP to student working at HP-Colorado Telecommunications Division responding to her request of what it has taken to be a successful leader: “I have often been asked the question you asked…I find it hard to give you an answer except to say do the best you can in everything you do and always follow the golden rule…”

11/23/91 Neal K. McNaughten to DP reminding him “years ago, I asked you what basic policies you followed in developing your successful company–the one policy I recall clearly was that you never bought anything you didn’t need. The Pentagon boys who sign-off purchase orders might well use this policy as a test before signing anything”

12/21/87 DP to HP employee in England who is concerned that HP medical equipment was used to verify the execution by the state of Miss. of a convicted murderer: “…You asked whether our company has a policy which precludes our providing equipment to law enforcement agencies (in this particular case), or to other organizations which could conceivably use the equipment for purposes considered by some to be inhumane or otherwise undesirable…we do not have such a policy…our company has never felt it appropriate to try to regulate, or to dictate to our customers, the end use of our products.  Such a policy would be impractical, if not impossible, to implement.  More importantly, it would require us to engage in moral judgments, and impose them on our customers, when such judgments are appropriately left to society as a whole” [Dave Kirby wrote first draft of this letter on HP policy]

10/7/87 Peter McBean to DP on death of Lucile: “…such a very fine lady. I remember her great humor when the Academy of Science board came down to Monterey for preopening of the aquarium.  Her modesty when we wanted her to become a board member of the Fine Arts Museums was convincing and stopped all further persuading on my part. Finally when ill she worked so hard for the Childrens Hospital at Stanford and what a very great place it is, due a lot to her”

2/14/91 obit for John Alex McCone, former head of CIA, with a collection of correspondence between McCone and DP, mainly his asking for support of the Monterey Institute of International Studies

1987-92 packet of correspondence with Robert “Bud” C. McFarlane, a long-time friend of DP, mainly on defense topics and in later years on his business interest in South Asia

Box 29, Folder 33  Mc 1992-93


11/12/92 DP to Scott McClendon who had retired after working 32 years at HP.  McClendon wrote DP, 10/28/92, about his letter printed in the newspaper “and subsequent responses about John Young and other executives supporting Bill Clinton. I totally agree with your position and have one more reason to admire and respect you.  I am sickened each time Bill Clinton makes reference on National TV to his support from Silicon Valley….As much as I still love and admire HP, it has become a company of too many people worried primarily about themselves and their careers rather than what is best for the company.  There is too much travel among HP entities, too many meetings jockeying for product charter and too many difficult decisions left unmade.  I fell out of favor with Dick Hackborn triggered by a letter I wrote disagreeing with a major decision he made about four years ago.  Dick is very bright and effective, but he operates with a small select group who do not question him”

4/8/92 John S. McLucas to DP on the Trimble Navigation Technical Advisory Council

Box 29, Folder 34  N 1991

12/11/91 newsgram on HP and Novell announcing strategic relationship; also newspaper clip

11/6/90 Norman B. Neely to DP encouraged “that you will be more active in management.  Hewlett-Packard stock is our major asset and we have been sorry to see the low market prices, more importantly however, is my interest in the continued success in the company I was fortunate enough to join at the beginning”

7/16/90 DP to Erich Bloch, National Science Foundation: “…I do not think the problem can be solved by giving preferential treatment to minority scientists and engineers.  One action that should be taken is to give more support to the traditional ‘Black’ colleges and universities…We can also get much more leverage by doing what we can to encourage more minority students to study math and the sciences at the high school and even grade school level…”

3/1/89 DP to Richard F. Neblett, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, reporting why he is not donating to them.  “…NACME is at best only applying a few band-aids to the problem….Our family foundation has been giving extensive consideration as to how a better job might be done to help the young men and women in these minority groups obtain the education and motivation to become the scientists and engineers our country needs…Toward this end, our foundation is committing $1,000,000 to 10 of the so-called Black colleges; $100,000 to each to be continued for several years…”  Frank Roberts thought this two-page letter “was perfect”


Correspondence concerning company and DP personal donations to National Bureau of Economic Research, National Strategy Information Center, and the New England Aquarium

Box 29, Folder 35  N 1992

1/14/92 quotes by DP and WRH on women at HP for the New England Technical Women’s Committee Conference, Waltham Lab, 9/17-18/92; see also folder 46, 3/6/91

Box 29, Folder 36  N 1993

12/15/93 Lew Platt on National Information Infrastructure Testbed, an industry-led consortium, founded 10/15/93; several pages by Bill Murphy updating info

Box 29, Folder 37  O 1992-93

4/21/92 DP to Michigan State Univ. in support of Bill Onsted for Distinguished Alumni Award; Onsted founded The Private Sector Council

Box 29, Folder 38  P 1991

8/20/91 DP to Foothill Electronics Museum: “The proposal to acquire the railroad station in Los Altos does not strike me as a very good idea for the Perham Foundation museum…”

5/6/91 DP to Henry L. McIntyre, Population Resource Center:  “…I am pleased to let you know the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology already has population control high on the agenda to prepare a position paper for President Bush…”

2/16/90 Helena Wager, Pueblo CO, who claims to have worked with DP’s father; also news clip on DP attending Pueblo reunion of Centennial High School in Pueblo

3/26/90 DP to Carol Parcels in HP Communications: “I do not want to proceed with the advertisement suggested by Fred Pinkham…In the future I do not want any photographs taken of me unless HP has all rights for use of the photographs”

9/11/90 Bartholomew Lee to DP concerning housing of Perham Foundation at Foothill College

chart of DP/HP financial donations to Pacific Institute for Public Policy Research, San Francisco, 1980-87

Box 29, Folder 39  P 1992-93

3/12/93 DP to Lew Platt: “Here are the books I mentioned to you and Alan [Bickell].  I suggest you go through the Microcosmos book first.  You do not have to read all the detail, but just get the general idea.  Then you should read the Dragons of Eden and the Medusa and the Snail…”

3/18/92 Norman E. Brown, formerly from Pueblo CO, to DP informing him that Lloyd Penrose had died: “…I remember vividly one thing Pen told us (a group of fellow Ham’s) about you and your mother.  He said that your mother gave you the greatest gift anyone could receive.  She taught you how to study…”


12/17/91 letter speaking of Karel Vavruska, an HP employee in Czechoslovakia who began a relationship with HP twenty years ago when he received the first HP 9100A calculator in Zilina.  Being the only one in the office to read English, he followed the manual and found it was “true, not in principle but literally…this fascination made me stay with HP…”

Box 29, Folder 40  R 1990

1/4/90 Jean Ritzenthaler, Geneva, to DP reminding him that twenty years ago he had sent a paper on business problems in Switzerland to twenty top executives at HP.  “You, Dave, were the only one who dropped me a note.  In appearance, not worthy to be mentioned, but my experience has shown, that just such little things decide between success and unsuccess…”

2 letters in 8/90 to DP describing unhappy HP 3000 user community over HP dropping its IMAGE Database Management System; DP asks John Young for explanation

Box 29, Folder 41  R 1991

6/12/91 DP to President Roland W. Schmitt, Rensselaer Polytch, on academic overhead charged to grants: “…I have been involved in this issue actively since about 1985 when we began the work of the committee with Dr. Bromley.  Actually I was involved when Fred Terman returned to Stanford in 1945, and his program started here with support by ONR…The sub-committee on Science has prepared legislation close to my recommendations…I have also discussed the situation with Chuck Bowsher, head of GAO, who is an old friend who I hold in high regard…”

2/14/91 DP to Lila Ruiz: “In your Good Morning [HP employee news sheet] desk message dated 2/11/91 you mention our sale of audio oscillators to be used in the sound system of Fantasia.  Our oscillators made no technical contribution whatever to Fantasia.  Bud Hawkins, the sound engineer for Disney, was planning to buy audio oscillators from General Radio for about $400 each.  We sold him our oscillators for less than $100 each.  Our only contribution was a saving of something over $2,000 to the Disney Company.  We should stop propagating the myth that we made a technical contribution to the production of Fantasia by that early sale”

Box 29, Folder 42  R 1992-93


12/6/93 Tala Ritucci, aged 80, to DP: “…I was hired by Frank Cavier on March 15, 1951 and had to discontinue in March 1953 because of illness.  For a short while I did some secretarial work for both you and Mr. Hewlett.  I often recall, with fond memories, being there at the time of Noel Eldred, Noel Porter, Bruce Wholey, “Cookie” Carol Pierce, etc.  Those were the days our beloved Mrs. Packard selected gifts for the newborn of our H-P employees, and I delivered them.  When I left, there were about 200 employees (a close and devoted group) at the old Page Mill plant…”

1/7/92 Franco Mariotti to DP concerning visitors from Romania

Box 29, Folder 43  S 1991

6/10/91 DP to David DeLazzer, an HP employee: “…I would not recommend that Hewlett-Packard, or anyone else, should support the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund”

Box 29, Folder 44  S 1992

11/3/92 San Francisco Symphony writes DP to inform him of the new location of his special plaque [for donating to building of Davies Symphony Hall]; plaque moved because of acoustical renovations requiring the addition of two central aisles.  New location is in orchestra level, row X, seat 106

11/4/92 DP to Frank Drake, President of SETI Institute, thanking him for copy of Is Anyone Out There?, a gift suggested by Barney Oliver

3/24/92 retiring employee Grant Summers thanking DP and WRH for promoting the HP Way

Box 29, Folder 45  S 1993

11/15/93 DP to Spalding Sports Worldwide who has sent him a basketball in celebration of HP’s ads featuring their products: “…Today I received a package…It makes me wish I were able to play basketball again…”

8/5/93 Bob Kirkwood to HP management on Ron Gonzales’ opposition to the recently proposed Santa Clara County Transit District

3/9/93 Margaret Paull to Charles Staley: “Enclosed is a booklet on Model 5246L Electronic Counter.  We could not find one on Model 5248L but one of the engineers tells me this book should be helpful to you”

Box 29, Folder 46  T 1988-91

5/21/91, DP to Emeritus Professor Robert Tannenbaum, Carmel: “I worked for a lone, hard rock miner on the road to Cripple Creek [CO] one summer vacation, while I was attending Stanford in 1932.  Other than that short experience I had no involvement in Cripple Creek activities”

10/26/89 letter informing DP of health problems of Stella and John Terry; an early HP employee, John died in early 1990

2/16/89 DP correspondence in support of a Presidential pardon for W. Paul Thayer, whom DP worked with on issues relating to National Defense as well as having a business relationship

2/25/88 DP to Under Sec. of the Army James R. Ambrose recommending a Global Positioning Satellite that was started here at the HP Labs and has been taken over by Trimble Navigation, Ltd. and suggesting Ambrose meet with Charles R. Trimble

Box 29, Folder 47  T 1992-93

3/19/92 DP receives invitation to lunch with Governor Pete Wilson; calls in regrets


3/9/92 President of U.S.S. Yorktown CV-10 Association thanks DP for contribution which helped establish The National Memorial to Carrier Aviation; enclosed book The Unknown Memorial

Box 29, Folder 48  U 1987-91

8/30/88 DP to Greg Bishop, HP Sales Rep, who updated him on his work with the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service

chart on DP/HP donations to United Negro College Fund, 1980-87

Box 29, Folder 49  U 1992-93

7/13/92 Eugene V. Rostow to DP on U.S. Institute of Peace

Box 29, Folder 50  V 1992-93

Box 29, Folder 51                                                    W  1988-91

11/26/91 DP condolences to Ray Wilbur on death of his wife Martha R. Wilbur; obit attached

5/14/91 John Carl Warnecke to DP commenting on the good design of the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital: “Sometime in the near future, I would like to spend a few moments with you as we did on that Lincoln’s birthday in the mid-1950s when we set the course for Stanford’s architecture for over 30 years with the post office and bookstore.  Time has proven we were pioneers in contextural design, an environmental approach to design that protects historic and natural environments, which is developing into a major design trend in architecture as was Modern and Post-modern design…”

5/31/91 DP sent Katharine Graham an article for the Washington Post’s Outlook, “The Health of U.S. Research Colleges and Universities.”  In her rejection note she suggested that everyone agrees that government support is reasonable but the question is how much overhead costs should government pay.  She added this personal note: “Please forgive me.  I’m such a big fan.  I’d run anything and everything you say.”  Proposed article attached

Box 29, Folder 52  W  1992-93

9/23/91 Carl Bowin, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, correcting caption in Measure, Sept.-Oct. 1991 article on the history of HP’s first computer customer.  He notes that “the shore-side leased computer operations referred to were actually for further data analysis (not processing of unprocessed shipboard measurements)…”  Request for funds for Woods Hole

12/21/91 DP to Dick Warmington congratulating him on new assignment within Geographic Operations; he’s returned from Korea after four years as GM of Samsung HP


Series 8 Box 30  INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS 1972-1992, mainly 1990s

Box 30, Folder 1  Advanced Products Division (APD), Cupertino, Ray King


7/11/77 WRH to Bob Olson on “doing an excellent job of managing APD during the Cupertino close-down”; also complimented him “on a most effective performance in placing 569 employees”

1/11/77 HP employee Mike Gilbert to WRH suggesting he begin a program at HP on drug and alcohol abuse; WRH responded 1/26/77 saying HP is “taking an interest in this.  John Doyle and I have discussed it and we will probably be taking some preliminary steps in this area”

11/18/76 WRH receives full report on dismissal of HP employee, engineer Razmik Gharakhanian

8/17/76 Ray King to management on new product review meeting

and Chung Tung’s presentation

6/2/76 Ray King’s list of handheld calculator reviews in print including Home Furnishing Daily and Gnostic Concepts; also R. Kestnbaum [sic] and APD Market Analysis

5/7/76 Ray King announced Chung Tung as R&D Manager

4/2/76 Ray King announced Jay Mellies’ appointment as Division Controller

3/29/76 Ray King announced Ed Shideler as Components Operations Manager in Corvallis

3/29/76 small claims settlement with customer Craig Halverson; see also Folder 2 for Iowa court record on this case

3/26/76 and 1/13/76 disgruntled customers wrote WRH

2/26/76 discussion of changing reject letter to unsolicited dealer inquiries

Box 30, Folder 2  HP Calculators, Correspondence 1976: 21,22,25,45,55,65,80,81

9/1978 cover of Keypoint, A Publication of Corvallis Division, with excited people around HP Calculator

6/1976 pamphlet “Getting the Most from Continuous Memory”

announcement brochure for HP-91, Scientific Printing Calculator

9/11/76 Mike Ward to WRH telling him of the “torture test” APD performs on the HP-91s: “Thanks for visiting APD. I certainly enjoyed chatting with you”

series of complaint letters from customers; answered by Ralph E. Lee, HP Executive Vice President

5/3/76 Carol D. Mortimer, Equity Service Corp., to WRH applauding the HP-45, including her poem written about it, “My Best Pal”

4/30/76 HP offer to employees for buying calculators at special price

series of customer complaints answered by Charles T. Comiso, HP Marketing Manager

1/13/76 arrangements for WRH to meet Oregon Governor Robert Straub; WRH in East so DP met

1/12/76 WRH to Harold A. Wheeler, Hazeltine Corp., concerning his integral solution of J n(x)

Box 30, Folder 3  CALCULATORS 1988-92 (mainly early 1990s)


correspondence with customers

1/8/92 newsgram from HP Communications Dept. announcing that HP is marking the 20th anniversary of the HP 35, the company’s first handheld calculator, with a reception on Jan. 9 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas…Bill Hewlett has had just about every model of HP’s pocket calculators, and admits they are his favorites among the company’s many products…”

more letters of complaint from customers; and some of praise

9/6/91 HP news release announcing HP donation of calculators to 14 schools in Bay Area “as part of a program to increase support for K-12 education in communities where HP is located”

5/31/91 Carmen West, HP Corvallis Division Marketing Manager, explains that a trade-in program was analyzed and rejected; “Market tests in Spain and the U.S. indicated such a program would not be successful”

Box 30, Folder 4  CRICKET HP MODEL 01 WATCH 1977

3/77 “The Incredible HP-01 from Hewlett-Packard; A Great New Adventure in Time”

5/31/77 Chuck Camas to DP (and others) outlining HP-01’s six major functional capabilities

news release on HP-01

organization chart for Corvallis Division, N.D., with Ray King at top

1/11/77 Ernest C. Arbuckle to DP with his comments on HP-01, mainly problems such as the watch is not readable in sunlight:  “This is really a fantastic product, and it might just catch the public fancy–but I still think market would be small and not sustained–and very risky…”

12/1/77 HP Authorized Jeweler List [printed]

9/26/77 DP personal order of watches

11/18/77 Juan Jose Rovira, Spanish Embassy, thank you for watch, a personal gift from DP: “The watch has been received in Madrid and the King was so pleased with this interesting new development that he has requested another exactly the same…”

12/20/77 DP to Boys’ Club of America who requested discount on HP-01: “…our marketing policy on these watches is to distribute them exclusively through jewelry outlets…”

Box 30, Folder 5  HP BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING 9/20/91, Boise ID

schedule and agenda

Box 30, Folder 6  HP BOARD OF DIRECTORS, MINUTES 1990-91

11/16/90, 1/18/91, 3/15/91, 5/17/91, 7/18/91, 9/20/91


  4/14/91 Jack Brigham to Committee on Succession: Harold J. Haynes, WRH, DP, Donald E. Petersen, T. A. Wilson, John A. Young; nine-page written report of HP Labs sent out over signatures of Barney Oliver, Al Bagley, Zvonko Fazarinc, Bob Brunner, Don Hammond; report gives history of HP Labs; the following recommendations were suggested [full report]

1. HP Labs’ funding should be stabilized…

2. Simplify top level reporting mechanism…

3. Increase HP Labs autonomy in program selection…

4. Increase longer term advanced research activity…

5. Better define HP Labs’ role in computer research…

6. Plan and manage a timely and smooth entry of the Superworkstation…

7. Start planning research on computer architectures…

8. Streamline the reporting processes within -hp- Labs and between -hp- Labs and the rest of HP…

9. Conduct a critical review of the University “science centers”…

10. Re-establish HP Labs as a rich source of division R&D and other managerial positions.  The need to go outside for computer leadership has passed

8/27/90 Newsgram “HP Board to Develop Management-Succession Plan”

7/19/90 Rosemarie Thomas to DP: “…could you please let me know who the Chairman of this Committee [on Succession] will be”; DP’s handwriting: “I will be chairman”

8/24/90 DP to Jack Brigham who had sent him the 7/19 Board meeting minutes: “Shouldn’t the minutes report that a committee on succession was established…”

Box 30, Folder 8  DOYLE, JOHN 1991

1/21/91 John Doyle to WRH and DP: “Since our discussions started I have been trying to think of a more persuasive measurement system that would guide our many entities with more precision.  Your remarks about the HP Way being gone gave me an idea about starting with the attributes that are actually mentioned in the corporate objectives in the hope that this would provide the smallest set that would encompass successful HP behavior…”; two-page listing of objectives and how to measure them


10/22/90 DP to John Doyle, cc to John Young: “I want to schedule some meetings with you and the various people who report to you to decide how to reduce some of the bureaucracy which has been built up over the last several years.  I want to begin with a review of all of the activities that report to you.  I want to know the budgets, the numbers of people involved, and a list of consultants your people have hired…I want also to have a list of all of the reports that you have requested…I want to know what the tape entitled ‘1992′ sponsored by the Engineering Applications Group cost…From these discussions, I will make some decisions about what should be done.  We will discuss this with John Young for his advice and counsel, but I intend to oversee the implementation for him”

5/1990, “1992″ video background

slides made to explain John Doyle’s reports