Transition Collection

This collection documents the 1999 realignment of the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) into two new companies, a computer and imaging company, which retained the HP name, and a measurement company, Agilent Technologies.   From March to December 1999, materials were collected from the general press, Transition Steering Committee, Literature Distribution Center, and HP communicators.  Agilent web sites, particularly intranets, also provided a wealth of newsletters, executive interviews, and information about people, businesses, functions, countries, programs, and events.

The collection is divided into two series. Series 1, Transition, documents HP’s transition from one to two companies. This series primarily addresses HP’s internal and external communication issues, as well as infrastructure questions. Series 2, NewCo/Agilent Technologies, documents the birth and early life of Agilent, including the naming and marketing of the new company.  Both series also contain a wealth of information about each companies’ developing organizational structures. As a whole, the collection shows how HP and Agilent handled the immense task of quickly dividing the company, while continuing to conduct business.

Important dates: Lew Platt announced the strategic realignment and appointed Ned Barnholt CEO of the new measurement company on March 2, 1999; Carly Fiorina was named president and CEO of HP on July 19, 1999; Agilent launched its new name on July 28, 1999; “Day 1”, the date on which the two companies began to operate independently, was on November 1, 1999; Agilent began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on November 18, 1999.